Top 10 Best Selling Htc One M9 Cases And Covers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Htc One M9 Cases And Covers in The Market 2017. The HTC One M9 is as popular as ever and whilst it is satisfying customers all over the globe and comes jam packed with loads of features and designs that will excite and please, it needs protection. Just like anyone who has a tendency like me to drop my phone, it’s no wonder new mothers don’t trust me with their babies, a case will help prevent phone breakage.

So we’ve sought the Top 10 HTC One M9 cases and covers and given them a run for their money. Let’s see how they scrub up.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Htc One M9 Cases And Covers in The Market 2017

10. OtterBox Defender Case for HTC One M9

OtterBox Defender Case for HTC One M9, Top 10 Best Selling Htc One M9 Cases And Covers in The Market 2017

This is one rigid case for the phone that is dropped, played with, sucked on (babies do that) tossed on tables and just getting damaged by typical wear and tear. You can keep a pristine phone in this case that gives you three layers of protection with the all important addition of a built-in screen protector. The port covers are rubberized for impact disbursement, whilst protecting your phone jacks from dust and moisture. It comes with a clip holster for personal carriage, a kickstand for movie watching and it comes in a range of colors to suit most tastes.

Usually retailing at $30 it is selling at half price on Amazon at the moment.

9. HTC One M9 Case, rooCASE

HTC One M9 Case, rooCASE Top Most Popular Selling Htc One M9 Cases And Covers 2018

Most attractive is this robust case with a scratch-resistant backing in a metallic look protected by a clear rear cover. Included is the built-in screen protector and this sleek looking case comes in various colors. With front protection as well, there are also shield covers for the volume and power. Impact resistant, the shock of a drop will disburse giving your phone better than wear and tear protection. An investment that is well affordable, it does have a dual layer case but is not waterproof.

8. HTC One M9 Case, Terrapin

HTC One M9 Case, Terrapin Top Popular Selling Htc One M9 Cases And Covers 2019

This is one very good looking case with an etched floral design giving the case a textured embossed leather feel. Inside the protection of this case are a series of pockets for cards and maybe a little folding cash. The closure is a magnet keeping your case secure when you’re not using it. However, this case is a little bit bulky so would suit a handbag rather than a pocket. It features a removable wrist strap and comes in black.

7. TUDIA LITE TPU Bumper Protective Case


If you like purple, this case is of a light-weight design and is attractively slender. Soft to touch, it is highly affordable. It is made of high-quality Thermoplastic Polyurethane hence its softness and is durable whilst offering a comfortable grip. The case has raised edges that help to protect the display screen leaving it less likely to scratch if the phone is placed face down. The case is easy to remove for battery replacement while access is simple for all buttons and ports without having to remove it. Although very cheap, it is not waterproof.

6. HTC One M9 Case, [Armorbox] i-Blason

HTC One M9 Case, [Armorbox] i-Blason Top Best Selling Htc One M9 Cases And Covers 2017

Heavy duty protection is Armorbox. And it has headphone and micro ports, speakers, IR and camera and is all easily accessible. Stylish case with a built-in screen protector in tempered glass. The case also has a flexible inner lining made from thermoplastic Polyurethane and absorbs the shock of impact or if the phone is dropped. Corners are all reinforced, good to hold and the grip is true. Affordable but not waterproof. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Htc One M9 Cases And Covers in The Market 2017.

5. HTC One M9 Case, SUPCASE


Very attractive and water resistant. This case is only compatible with the HTC One M9. Due to it’s precise design other phones may not fit properly, therefore hindering full access to phone ports, buttons, and jacks. Made with the protection of TPU, the case has a built-in screen protector, is shock and impact proof and has little port covers protecting them from dust. Back covers are fitted snap on and either gray, silver or gold and is affordable with a bonus of three for the price of one.

4. HTC One M9 Case, Magnetic Closure Leather Flip Wallet


This is for the girls; a two design to choose from a case with a feminine air about it and it comes with all the expectations. Slender and attractive, a dual layer hybrid that is shock resistant. It offers a precise cut-out for your camera and is very conveniently fitted with a wrist strap. Not waterproof but does have a magnetic closure. Very affordable at about $10 including shipping from Amazon.

3. LK Sports Case


For a hand’s free experience this is a specialized case for those who like to work out or run while using their smart phone. With an inbuilt key pocket for convenient house or locker key storage, the armband case is adjustable to fit your arm size. Case are available in five colours to suit both genders.

2. HTC M9 Case Artech 21 Holy Bible Leather


This case is full grain leather bearing the Holy Bible on the spine. Beautifully made, it is a wallet style case that houses pockets for credit cards and cash. It comes with a stand for those who like to watch movies and it features a somewhat slender design that is not bulky. With a TPU case inside the leather, the case protects as well as looks great, however, naturally it is not waterproof. A little more expensive at $30 but well worth the investment. With the Artech 21 case being a large folio case it is of solid construction of thick, high-quality leather and other materials. The interior is lined with what appears to be nylon fabric. There is a TPU case to hold the phone in place and the wallet holds between five and seven cards. The magnet closure closes securely and the wallet isn’t bulky.

1. OtterBox Commuter Case for HTC One


Light-weight and slender, this is a two piece sliding case that gives protection against shocks and impact. It comes with a screen protector to guard against scratches and port covers that prevent dust from entering your phone’s ports. With five color options, the Commuter Series case is solid but has no built-in screen protector.

Affordable at around $35 it is a popular choice with its smooth texture and the case is shipped with adhesive screen protector. Over all, the cover is easy to take off and slip on a skin so that it can be put into a back pocket. While the m9 alone is quite slippery the case with the added rubber on the sides makes it easier to grip.