Top 10 Best Selling Hoverboards in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Hoverboards in The Market 2017. Hoverboards are equipments that are used for a personal transportation. They are also referred as airboards, swagway or a self -balancing scooter. At first, they were expensive toys for the children of rich kids, but nowadays, they are seen all over on TV and on the internet. They are equipments which are safe since they contain a smart balance mechanism for balancing people’s weights on two wheels. In addition, they are powered by rechargeable batteries. They work by the pressure from the feet that guide it through the way. There are several hoverboards in the market with different qualities, battery powers and price. This makes it a challenging task when choosing the best selling haverboards. Here is list that will help you make a perfect selection:

List of Top 10 Best Selling Hoverboards in The Market 2017

10. Powerboard by hoverboard

powerboard by hoverboard, Top 10 Best Selling Hoverboards in The Market 2019

This is one of the best selling hoverboards in 2017 with an easy usage. Learning on how to use it takes a few minutes as 5 minutes. Its battery power can aid one to travel at a speed of 10 miles in an hour in 6 hours when the battery will be run out. In addition, the battery is designed with an art battery control module that passes the UL 2272.This prevents it from overheating and catching fire.Moreover,it comes with a one year warranty. Powerboard comes in four different colors where one needs to choose from.

09. ANVL boards skatecycle


This is a new king hoverboard that does neither have a motor on its wheels nor any electric part. They are designed to use a different system that balances the weight. In addition, it has two thin wheels. The maximum speed of this hoverboard is determined by the physical conditions of the rider. Moreover, it has an innovative propelling system as well as one year warranty. Many people have reviewed it and they say that it has the easiest learning on how to use it.

08. Gold self-balancing hoverboard


This is among the best selling hoverboards in 2017 with an attractive design. It contains a band on its back. This allows people to carry it on their way. In addition, its wheels are incredible since they have a capacity of running on rough roads. Lots of people around the world are using it and they are impressed by its features.

07. Spaceboard Bluetooth speaker electric hoverboard


This is one of the best hoverboards with amazing features. It is equipped with a 4400 mAh battery that is powerful. With the spaceboard hoverboard, you can go 15 miles when it is fully charged. In addition, it has a remote and a Bluetooth. Moreover, it has a cheap price that makes it more affordable

06. HoverTech two wheel mini scooter


This is one of the best selling hoverboards that is globally tested. It is designed to feature a durable UL that lasts for a long time. In addition, it has a powerful battery and a stable rubber tires that have a plastic platform. Moreover, its UL charger is advanced for a self-balancing technology. HoverTech is comes with a warranty of one year. Many people in the world are using it and they all say that it is equipment that is recommendable.

05. Razor Hovertrax


This is an electronic hoverborad that is designed with an ultimate performance. Its maneuverability assures the user the user an excellent experience at all times. In addition, it has an incomparable quality from its superior technological design. Moreover, it has the certification of UL 2272 that proves its capacity and electrical standards. Its exclusive ever balance technology provides an intelligently engineered hoverboard experience with no worries when riding it.Furthrmore, it has a futuristic look that attracts customers. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Hoverboards in The Market 2017.

04. Hoverzon XLS self-balancing hoverboard



This hoverboard has a Bluetooth speaker and an anti-flip foot pedals that are wide.Hoverzon XLS is one of the durable hoverboard with a battery that is protected by several shock absorbing layers. In addition, it has an easy control that helps the new riders. The other advanced controls are accessible through the hoverzon App.Moreover; it has a LED light on its rear and front side.

03. Swagway XI hands-free smart board


This is among the best selling hoverboards with a superior performance. It is powered by a a powerful battery that can aid one to travel for almost 20 miles when it is fully charged. In addition, it has a speed of 10 miles in an hour. What is amazing with it is that it has a modern look that attracts many of its ciustomers.It is cut on its bottom side on the wheel arches, to give it a streamlined look.

02. Swagtron T1


It is a hoverboard that matches the competition because of its travelling g speed and time. In addition, it has a battery that offers 90 minutes with a LED display that shows the remaining charge. It is an equipment that is reliable and it has a fast sped of 8 mph. It is one of the hoverboards with the easiest riding experience for both the experts and the beginners.

01. Epikgo hoverboard


This is the best selling hoverboards in 2017. It is the newest model that has more fan. Being certified by the UL 2772, it has met all the regulations for its battery pack as well as that of its board. Although expensive, it works best. The most amazing thing with it is the large 8 inch wheels that help it to maneuver easily across the difficult terrain or small obstacles. In addition, it has 10 MPH top speed as well as front facing LED lights

These are all top best selling hoverboards in 2017 with amazing qualities. It is a list that may help you a lot when selecting the hoverboard that suit you. Make your selection now to enjoy the amazing experience.