Top 10 Best Selling Household Window Fans in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Household Window Fans in The Market 2017. A window fan will be capable of bringing cool air into your home or extract hot air out. The window fan design is different from the electric fan. The electric fan generally just sends a stream of moving air towards you to cool you down. The window fan is capable of cooling an entire room. Differences mainly in the window fan are if they are electronically or manually reversible to remove air or bring it in. These are the top 10 best selling household window fans 2017 for you to choose from if you are looking for a new fan this year.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Household Window Fans in The Market 2017

10. Lasko 2137

Lasko 2137 Top 10 Best Selling Household Window Fans

The Lasko is an affordable unit with snap-on feet so you can adapt it for the floor or table. This is a great fan to use in your garage or in a construction area. It will fit in almost any window measuring 22 to 34 inches wide and has expander panels for a more custom fit. This fan has two speeds and can be positioned for either exhaust or intake. There is no assembly needed when you purchase this model. The Lasko 2137 has a slim profile and operates with a quiet, energy-efficient motor.

9. Air King 9155 Storm Guard


This is an energy-efficient fan with a permanent split capacitor motor made from high impact styrene housing. This model is capable of taking a lot of wear and tear and is even strong enough to handle commercial use. It can circulate air whether in a residential or work environment and can fit a variety of window openings. There is a powerful motor in this unit making it the perfect cooling solution and will give you instant air circulation.

8. Bionaire BW2300

Bionaire BW2300 Top Most Selling Household Window Fans 2017

The Bionaire has an adjustable thermostat so that it can turn it on and off to your desired temperature. The fan has a remote control for more convenient use that will work up to 15 feet from the unit. Panel extenders allow for a more custom fit to your window size. The double side to this fan allows for it to perform two functions at the same time. It can draw in the fresh cool air while sending out the exhaust and can be operated both manually or automatically. There are three speeds, electronic controls, and an LCD screen to show you the selected and present temperature.

7. Lasko 2155A


The Lasko 2155A is a sixteen-inch electrically reversible window fan. With this unit, you can open or close your windows without having to remove the fan and will be able to properly close your home up for the season or during bad weather. This unit will fit windows 26.5 inches to 34.5 inches wide with a height up to 22 inches. There are three 16-inch paddles in this powerful fan and has extendable side panels to give you a custom fit.

6. Nature’s Cooling Solutions ECO


This unit provides you built-in temperature and humidity sensors that will continuously monitor your indoor and outdoor conditions. It will turn on as the outside air gets cooler and dryer than your inside air. This fan turns your window into a smart, cooling window. Normally during the summer months, it gets cooler outside during the night while you are asleep. The ECO fan will sense this and automatically turn on. This fan features; adjustable temperature setting, rain guard, three-speed motor, along with its sensors for humidity and temperature.

5. Holmes HAWF2021

Holmes HAWF2021 Top Most Popular Selling Household Window Fans 2018

The Holmes is an affordable fan with six-inch dual blades. It has a control switch on both sides so you are able to send hot air out and bring fresh air in. You will love having this unit in your kitchen as it will send hot, stale air out and bring in cooling fresh air. It has been designed to fit in all slider and double hung windows and comes with an adjustable extender screen and panel to help you secure the fan in your window properly. The motor in this unit operates very quietly and provides you with two speeds and the manual reverse air flow control. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Household Window Fans in The Market 2017.

4. Air King 9166F

Air King 9166F Top 10 Best Selling Household Window Fans 2017

Air King 9166F will circulate air in any room including home or work environments. It will fit in openings between 27-inches and 38 inches and measure up to 26.25 inches tall. The Air King is perfect for all rooms as it has a front-mounted rotary control for you to choose the desired speed. With this fan, you get industrial grade air circulating solutions making it great to use in a warehouse, office, school, or hospital. The powerful motor inside this unit will continue to work all day long for years to come.

3. Holmes HAWF-2041

Holmes HAWF-2041 Top Famous Selling Household Window Fans 2019

This fan is so quiet it is ideal for use in your bedroom to receive full ventilation during the night. If you want to save energy, you can turn off one of the dual fans and only run the one to cool you as you sleep. The dual blade twin window fan can draw in the cool outdoor air or exhaust the hot, stale air. It is a quiet and efficient operating fan that is great for living rooms and bedrooms. The extender side panels will help you adjust the fan in the window securely and properly.

2. Holmes HAWF-2043


This unit has a thermostat and gives you the option of just running a fan independently, or you can set it to have one bring in cool air while the one works as an exhaust. It is constructed with lightweight plastic to make it easier to handle and has six blades measuring 8.5 inches in diameter. With the water resistant motor you can use this fan during rainy weather and it is designed to fit in most double hung or slider windows. There are extender panels that will allow for you to increase its size to 35 inches.

1. Bionaire BWF0522M

Bionaire BWF0522M Top Popular Selling Household Window Fans 2018

This unit is ultra-thin and 25% more compact than other window fans on the market. It will fit in a shallow window with some added support and has three fans that can be turned off and on depending on how you set them. They are capable of dispersing revitalizing and invigorating coolness throughout the room. The Bionaire BWF0522M will get rid of old stale air and replace it with nourishing and renewing cooler air. It operates with 40% more air velocity than other models on the market.

The top feature in the window fan is its ability to provide cool refreshing air from outside and remove old, stale air at the same time. These fans will provide you incredible air circulation to clean and cool the air in your home or office. These are the top 10 best selling household window fans 2017 so you can choose the model that fits your needs.