Top 10 Best Selling Hose Nozzles in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Hose Nozzles in The Market 2017. A water hose alone is not enough for you to perform a number of watering tasks like watering the garden, washing the car and even playing around with water on a hot summer day. Adding a nozzle to the hose will determine the pressure of the water that comes out as well as the way it will come out. The best nozzles give you more than just one function and are easy to handle as well as last long, after all, no one would like to keep on spending on the same tool all the time. It is important that you have a durable and versatile nozzle. Here are the top 10 best selling hose nozzles 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Hose Nozzles in The Market 2017

10. Gilmour 573TF Metallic

Gilmour 573TF Metallic Top 10 Best Selling Hose Nozzles

If you are looking to save but also have a really good hose nozzle, then this one from Glimour would be your choice. Is goes for under 10 dollars which is why a number of people like it. But price is not the only thing going for it, the 573TF is quite functional. You can spray water all over your garden without having to move too far. There is a mechanism that can be adjusted to create high pressure so that you can reach farther but move less.

9. Rapsil Nozzle


Choose from 8 different patterns and adjust the nozzle according to the pattern you want. It is a well-designed hose nozzle with good grip and you can use it for a number of things like washing the car, watering the lawn, bathing the dog and so on. It is quite cheap which is why many people buy it and the fact that it comes with many of the functions the expensive ones have.

8. Crenova HN-01 Easy Flow control

Crenova HN-01 Easy Flow control Top Most Popular Selling Hose Nozzles 2018

It is designed quite well and has the ability to double the water pressure that comes out in comparison to what the main tap is feeding it. The HN-01 is leak proof and many people prefer it because of the leak-proof design and since it is metal, even when it falls, it will not break and one person says the tried running it over with the car but it still works quite well.

7. Bon-Aire


Firefighters use this kind of nozzle because of its ability to create a wide surface area when spraying so you will have with you a nozzle that not only cleans and waters the garden but that can also help you fight fires. It gives you a choice of 5 patterns and you change the pattern by simply twisting the nozzle. It has good grip and produces good water pressure.

6. Creston ZNC 838


The grip and the design on the handle are probably the first things that will get your attention. The ZNC838 is a well-designed hose nozzle with great grip and it is very easy to use. Even without reading instructions, you will get the hang of it and you will be ready to start cleaning and watering. It is also quite good for a fun water fight with its ability to spray jets of water quite far. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Hose Nozzles in The Market 2017.

5. Dramm One Touch Wand


This is ideal for watering plants that are high. The long wand gives you the extra length to get to the plans and spray them with much-needed water. If is quite easy to use and adjust. It is mainly for sprinkles of water so do not buy it and expect to wash your car when it is full of mud. The Dramm wand is a watering nozzle and provides the best results when used for that purpose only.

4. Vic Tsing USAA1 VTGECD019AG-VD


It gives you the freedom to choose from 8 different patterns that come in handy for different jobs. Use it for washing, watering cleaning the driveway and whatever else you may need to use your hose for. It is well designed and yet affordable. There is metal on the inside and then plastic and rubber on the outside for comfortable grip. The pressure is quite satisfactory.

3. Best Garden Hose


This is a clever name but it is not far off the mark. This nozzle does provide a very strong jet so if you have any cleaning that needs high pressure like getting mud off the floor or tires, then this is what you should consider. It is unbelievable affordable considering what it is able to do and it is also durable. It is a good bargain.

2. Amzdeal



The design of this hose nozzle is quite impressive, most people who have bought this in 2017 are considering making it their nozzle of choice. It produces impressive pressure according to the task you are performing and it is well constructed to be durable. Not so many nozzles can compete with the Amzdeal and yet it is not expensive.

1. Nelson Industrial Nozzle


Everything you would expect from the best hose nozzle, you would find in this one, you can change the patterns easily and when it comes to the need for high pressure, this one is unrivaled. It has a unique design as well that makes it easy to grip and it is made from hard zinc for durability it is indeed the best hose nozzle you can find in 2017.

The biggest thing to take into consideration is the tasks you will be performing with the nozzle and how long you want to own it before you need to replace it. Choosing any of these top 10 best selling hose nozzles 2017 would give you just the right functionality for your everyday nozzle tasks.