Top 10 Best Selling Home Theater Subwoofers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Home Theater Subwoofers in The Market 2017. A subwoofer is just what you need to make your movie experience seem very real. A number of gaming enthusiast too use them to enhance the gaming experience as it makes the action sound like it is really happening in your living room or wherever you are using them. Also is you want to have a really loud party with high-quality bass music playing till the walls wobble and the neighbors start cursing, you need to find the best home theater subwoofers. With advancement in technology, more features have been added to these gadgets to make an even better experience. if you are looking to buy one, here are the top best selling home theater subwoofers 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Home Theater Subwoofers in The Market 2017

10. Polk Audio PSW10

polk audio psw10, Top 10 Best Selling Home Theater Subwoofers in The Market 2019

This Subwoofer has very powerful bass, it sits steadily on the floor and will deliver very strong sound yet it does not take up a lot of your power. If you want to add extra bass to your movie experience or gaming and listening to music, this is what you attach to your audio system and you will totally enjoy the experience. it is one of the top selling home theaters because it is reasonably priced and yet still produces sound that can be compared to a lot of those other expensive subwoofers. It comes highly recommended as an entry level Sub worth every penny you spend on it.

9. Yamaha YST-SWO12


Despite being just inches in diameter, the power that comes through is absolutely amazing. It is able to shake your living room and deliver ample bass with 100 Watts of power. On Amazon, it is highly rated by users in their reviews who say they are impressed by its output and pricing. The power code is long enough for you to place it at a good distance from the main system and give you the sound effect you are looking for or to keep it out of sight so all people do is hear the audio but cannot see where it comes from.

8. Sony SA-W2500


You will enjoy action movies with this subwoofer, it brings out every blast, every turn, engines racing, footsteps and all the sound effects that add to a lifelike movie experience and it is not just about movies, music too sounds way better with these strong woofers and they are one of the cheapest best-selling woofers in 2017 with real value for money and durability as major advantages.

7. Pioneer TS-SW2002D2


This subwoofer does not limit you to only using it in the home, it comes separate from the box so if you choose to, you can even install it in your car for a high-quality bass experience as you drive. It is able to take as much as 600 Watts of power which makes it very powerful. It was fitted with technology that gives it the ability to produce loud yet high-quality bass for a thrilling bass output.

6. BIC Acoustech PL-200


The PL-200 is nothing short of amazing, with 1000 Watts output, you are guaranteed strong and crisp sounding bass worth every penny spent. It makes watching movies and playing video games a lot more entertaining and real and it does not take up a lot of space. For a moderately sized house party, you will actually impress your guests with the sound output of this woofer. Many people also say it is quite durable and they like its shiny top finishing.

5. MartinLogan Dynamo 300


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Home Theater Subwoofers in The Market 2017. Do not limit your listening pleasure to just bass, this home theater can be connected to both bass and stereo systems to enhance the experience. it does not take up a lot of space since it is only 8 inches but it can give you n output of 150 Watt. The sound is really tight and even when it is low, it handles really well. Some reviews on amazon say it performs best when watching movies since it adjusts according to the sound effects.

4. Casablanca 21635 Wireless Subwoofer


The Appeal of this Subwoofer is its wireless feature. many people today like to have wireless technology and having a subwoofer that you can place anywhere and connect it to different receivers, makes it quite appealing. You can even connect to your phone. It is also quite durable and produces loud bass for a great listening experience.

3. Polk Audio PSW505


It is bigger than most of the subwoofers in this list of top 10 best selling home theater subwoofers 2017. It also produces more crisp sound than most of them with very little to no distortion in the bass. You can watch a movie with close to exactly what the sound editor intended for you to hear and the way you are supposed to hear it. They are reasonably priced so people who want great sounding subwoofers without having to spend an arm and a leg appreciate these ones and the size is an attractive aspect for many (12 inch).

2. Sharp HT-SB40 Wireless


Now this is one of the most versatile subwoofers on the market in 2017, it is compatible with a number of TVs and audio players and the fact that it is wireless makes it very convenient to use. Its output is pretty impressive as well and the surround sound makes watching movies and playing games even more interesting and real. They are really amazing if you used them to watch 3D movies.

1. Logitech Z906


This is the number one seller in 2017 with the ability for you to connect as many as 6 different devices and the use one central control to manage the sound that comes out. speaking of the sound coming out, these subwoofers will give you every detail of sound without distortion. The surround sound is what so many people want with their movies and it does not disappoint. Despite being a bit pricey, many people feel like they get value for money.

It is possible to get really good subwoofers at a budget friendly price as you can see from some of these here. This list cuts out all the research you may have to do when choosing the best for your home. Any of these top 10 best selling home theater subwoofers 2017 would serve you really well.