Top 10 Best Selling Home Appliances in The Market – Kitchens Appliance Reviews

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Home Appliances in The Market 2017. Replacing home appliances and gadgets can be costly. When you are ready to buy the various home appliances, please make sure that you know the size that will fit perfectly in your available space. Below is a list to get you started with your search for the top 10 best-selling home appliances.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Home Appliances in The Market 2017

1. Steam Generators

steam generators, Top 10 Best Selling Home Appliances in The Market 2017

Steam generators are similar to flash boilers since they are both forms of low water content boilers. They feature narrow-tubes meaning they are safe from explosions even at high pressures. The pump flowrate can be adjusted to the required steam quantity. The output of the burner is monitored to maintain a constant temperature.

As the quantity of water evaporates so is the output of the burner also varies. This can be altered by the open-loop control. In every household, you won’t miss to find an iron but rarely will you find steam generators. The steam generators are efficient and high performing systems. They aid in reducing ironing time by almost half, therefore don’t miss out on this home appliance.

2. Ash Vacuum

ash vacuum, Top 10 Best Selling Home Appliances in The Market 2017

This appliance helps you with your heavy chores by making it easy and saves on time. Ash Vacuum is like any other vacuum cleaner but the only difference is the special filters, motors and pipes. Ash Vacuum helps to clean out cold ash from wood burning stoves and fireplace.
Ashes continue being hot for hours or even days after the fire is put out. For any home that uses solid fuel, I’d advise you to buy an ash vacuum. This appliance is modern and therefore making buckets and shovels traditional and old fashioned.

3. Coffee Maker


This home appliance will always light your day any time you think of making fresh coffee. Coffee makers are of different variety with innovative features. They feature an automatic timer that prepares coffee each morning.

The coffee maker features a thermostat that turns off the heat in order to prevent overheating of the water. The process of making coffee can be enhanced by changing the aluminum construction of the coffee maker to copper, thereby making it superior.

4. Window Vacuum


This is a good and effective way to clean the windows. It cleans hard surfaces of your home with a lot of ease, most importantly windows, doors and shower screens. It is powerful in stain removal eliminating streaks of dirty water.

5. Kitchen Mixer


A kitchen mixer is able to do a dozen activities effectively that include whipping, straining, slicing, blending, grinding, mixing, cutting, chopping, grating, mashing, juicing and beating. If that is not enough it is also perfect at making ice cream, pasta and bread. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Home Appliances in The Market 2017.

6. Steamer


The best and healthier way to prepare your vegetables is by steaming. This allows the food to retain the nutrients, juices and flavors that is done in a better way than the alternative cooking methods. This home appliance is widely used in healthy oriented diets.
The steamer releases low heat and therefore you should worry less about your kitchen overheating during hot summers.

7. Steam Cleaner


A steam cleaner is a must have for any home. It has earned a lot of recognition due to its usefulness and versatility with any household chore. It is amazing how it is able to disinfect and kill bacteria without using detergents. The cleaning is done through heating water which will eventually produce steam and at that high pressure it is able to clean floors and surfaces. Steam cleaners are safe to use for your home and are pocket friendly. It is able to clean dirt left behind by steam.

8. Slow Cooker


Slow cooker is able to prepare food in such a way that it won’t lose their natural juices. It saves on energy hence efficient and economical to use. It really stands out since your dinner can be prepared while you are still at work.

Slow cookers can keep food warm for a longer period of time even after switching off the heat. Therefore, the food can be taken elsewhere to be eaten without the need to reheat. Rarely will you burn food since it uses low temperature.

Your kids won’t get a chance to ask you, mom is the dinner ready? Since the slow cookers will do all the preparation perfectly. This is a more efficient way of preparing food as compared to stoves.

9. Electric Buffet Server


This is a good way of carrying and displaying party food, from takeaways, barbeques and tea. The food prepared is covered nicely and kept warm for at least three hours hence efficient. With an adjustable temperature control, it sets the right temperature for a variety of foods that include gravy and mashed potatoes.

You will be notified that the server is ready to use by the power indicator light. Loads of food can fit since it offers three buffet trays giving you an ample space. An electric buffet server has a stainless-steel finish which enhances the appearance of the electric buffet server.

10. Air Fryer


An air fryer is able to deep fat fryer, for 1 kilogram of chips you just need to use a spoon full of oil. It is a healthier alternative since the texture and taste of the food is not compromised at all. The food is prepared by circulating hot airflow at high speed and not only can it prepare chips but also vegetables, fish and meat.

They mainly feature timer knobs and adjustable temperature allowing thorough cooking. The food in the basket should be consistently be shaken to allow even cooking. Since it uses less oil to fry, it is best healthier way as compared to traditional deep frying. This method of cooking lowers the chances of high blood pressure, cancer and obesity and other related diseases.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Home Appliances in The Market 2017. Make sure that all your desired needs will be met once you buy an appliance. The above listed appliances will help you cook and clean your home in a fast and powerful way. Avoid the stress with the loads of cleaning and cooking especially during holidays such as Christmas and thanksgiving; these appliances will ease your work.