Top 10 Best Selling Health and Wellness Products in The World

Below, you will read about the top 10 best selling health and wellness products of 2017. It should come as no surprise that these items are fitness and weight loss related as obesity has become a major concern in recent years. Every day new ideas, programs, devices, and more are introduced to us in order to get us out there, get us active, and get us healthy.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Health and Wellness Products in The World 2017

10. Mobile Device

mobile device, Top 10 Best Selling Health and Wellness Products 2017

I know that this is not technically a health and wellness product, but with a mobile device anything is possible. You can stream workouts from some of the below programs, track your activity from the devices below, and much more. So, in a way, your mobile device, whether tablet or smartphone, Android or ios, is your main tool to achieving a healthy and well-balanced life.

9. Nutrisystem

nutrisystem, Top 10 Best Selling Health and Wellness Products 2018

Nutrisystem is a nutrition program that takes all of the guess work out of eating healthy. When you order from Nutrisystem, you receive prepackaged, pre-measured meals for a specific amount of time. It doesn’t get much easier than that. You don’t even need to make a trip to the grocery store.

8. Weight Watchers

weight watchers, Top 10 Best Selling Health and Wellness Products 2019

Weight Watchers is a diet and nutrition plan that has been around for ages. It is proven to work and uses a point based system to track your food intake. Weight Watchers has meetings that you can attend to meet with others that are trying to stay fit and lose weight, so you have a support group behind you and know you are not alone. You can also join online, where there are other useful tools and trackers as well.

7. Beach Body on Demand

beach-body-on-demand, Top 10 Best Selling Health and Wellness Products 2020

Beach Body on Demand is perfect for those that don’t like to stick to the same routine everyday and don’t want to have a bunch of DVDs laying around. Beach Body on Demand is an on demand fitness menu. You sign up online, and login to view the different exercise programs that are available. They have may to choose from, as well as previews of premium programs such as Country Heat and 21 Day Fix. If you have purchased a Beach Body program already, those workouts will be accessible for you as well. If you are on vacation or on the go, you can easily access Beach Body on Demand, so you don’t have to miss out on your workout if you are not at home.

6. Amazfit Arc


Amazfit Arc is a wearable device that tracks your sleep and activity levels. It’s stylish and can be worn on a necklace, bracelet, or watch. It is water resistant, scratch resistant, and durable. The Amazfit measures your activity level, the amount of calories burned, your sleep levels, ad can let you know if you have an incoming call on a linked smartphone.This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Health and Wellness Products in The World 2017.

5. Daily Burn


Daily burn is similar to the Beach Body on Demand concept. You can stream over five hundred workouts and workout wherever you are. The workouts range from fifteen minutes to an hour so they accommodate even the busiest of schedules. A variety of different trainers are available, so you can find just the right fit and workout that meets your needs. You can personalize your fitness plan, watch from anywhere, and join the motivation and support community they have available to help you on your toughest days.

4. Shakeology


Shakeology is a shake powder mix that is proven to help you lose weight and get healthy. This unique shake blend has more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients than normal protein powders, It’s available in several different flavors, and can be mixed with water, milk, or in smoothies.

3. 21 Day Fix


21 Day Fix is a popular and best-selling fitness plan for 2017. It is a full fitness program that includes a diet plan and exercise plan that leaves out the guess work. The 21 Day Fix exercise plan is composed of t DVDs with seven thirty-minute workouts; one for each day of the week. There are five intense workouts and two active relief days, yoga and Pilates. There is also a ten minute abs bonus workout to help you get the six pack abs that you dream of. The meal plan gives you a list of foods you are allowed to eat, along with the amount you can eat each day, containers to measure and store those foods, and some recipes to try. This is a foolproof plan. All you need is the willpower to start and you will lose weight, get healthy, and get fit.

2. Fit Bit


The Fit Bit is a wearable device that helps to track your daily activity. It is wireless-enabled and measures your heart rate, amount of steps walked or climbed, your quality if sleep and more. All of this data can be viewed on an app so that you can track your progress. There are also challenges you can take on either by yourself or with friends to compete with each other and to try to reach your goals.

1. Athleisure Wear


Athleisure wear is a best selling type of clothing. What’s unique about athleisure wear is that it can be worn for your workouts, but also for lounging around the house, running errands, even to work. They are super comfortable, fashionable, and help to get you in the mindset that you need to get active. Many different companies, including Fabletics and LulaRoe, are coming out with new styles every day. You can order new outfits online to be delivered to your door, enroll in a monthly subscription, attend a party, or go to the store to purchase your outfits.
Although the outfits themselves do not help you get fit, they are the first step to getting you active in style.

There are many health and wellness products on the market today. The ten above are the best-selling for 2017. With these products, you can get healthy, get fit, lose weight, and look good while doing it. If you haven’t already, you should give one, two, or all of them a try. See what works best for you.