Top 10 Best Selling Headphones and Earphones in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling headphones and earphones in The World 2017. As some say music is the only way that you can express your inner most feelings. It is the same way that ca help you get out of the darkest moments in your life. Some people like different genres of music and the volume that we like varies from person to person and as a result we cannot all listen to music at the same time. Hence there is need for privacy when listening. This led to the creation of headphones and earphones. This give you privacy to what you are listening to or how loud you like it. The quality of headphones or earphones determines the price that you are going to acquire them. Expensive earphones means quality earphones or headphones. The sound quality from these is balanced. Here is a list of the top 10 headphones and earphones in the world.

List of Top 10 Best Selling headphones and earphones in The World 2017

10: Yamaha EPH-100SL Inner-Ear Headphone


Starting us from the bottom is none other but Yamaha. As soon as you are in the box, the sight that you behold will be an amazing one. The earphones are amazingly designed with quality exterior while the inner sound is also elegant. The exterior casing is made out of aluminium. The wire that encloses the wires from the device is reinforced for longevity purposes. At the ear level, the buds placed there are quite comfortable for the user. The sound on the other hand is one to die for with ample mid, low and high.

9: Skullcandy Uproar Wireless

Skullcandy Uproar Wireless Top Popular Selling headphones and earphones in The World 2018

The name skullcandy in the earphones and headphone industry is one that is well renowned. These are headphones that are Bluetooth operated. The best attribute that is associated with these headphones is the fact that they have a powerful bass. They also have the fact that they rarely distort any sound before the user hears it. The headphones are very light making them easy to carry around. For all this the price that you have to chip is relatively fair.

8: Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones for Apple devices – Black


For those that like to travel, this is one of those gadgets that is good to always have with you in person. The headphones are said to cancel the outside noise such that you can only hear what you are listening to. The sound that is expelled by the headphones is one that is amazing. To top this, this headphones despite the fact that they are meant for the apple devices, it is able to connect and play using most of the android devices.

7: Harman Kardon AE High-Performance In-Ear Headphones


On a more international level, the earphones that are said to be headphones that are in ear in nature are recognized as exclusive. The company Harmon Kardon are more renown for the quality and time that they put to make their products to be the crème of the industry. Generally the headphones are meant to be used on mobile devices for the purposes of listening to music but can as well serve the purpose of receiving and making calls. They can also be used in pcs and iPod generally.

6: Sony MDR-XB650BT

Sony MDR-XB650BT Top Most Popular Selling headphones and earphones in The World 2019

For those that love to listen to loud blasting music especially those that love to hear the subwoofer, this is the perfect headphones that you are supposed to shop for. They boast from the fact that they rarely distort the sound that is emitted from the source. No matter the volume that is set, the sound will always be the same at the output level. The headphones are also very comfortable when listening to them they do not press on to your ear making it uncomfortable. They work using the Bluetooth connectivity aspect.

5: Avantree Super Comfortable Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones with Mic, Wireless and Wired Dual Mode, aptX Hi-fi Sound, 40h Music Time Lightweight – Audition


The sound that I emitted by the headphones in topic is among the best qualities that there is in the world. The high, the low and the mid are all in sync to reproduce the initial input sound without distorting or changing the quality. The headphones can work with the wire or there is the provision to put the wire and with that you may be able to enjoy the music. The headphones has a battery life that can handle a minimum of 40 hours playing continuously.

4: Symphonized NRG Premium Genuine Wood In-ear Noise-isolating Headphones with Mic


The key feature in this earphones is the fact that the earbuds that are placed at the tip of the output are all noise isolators. They make sure that the outside noise is filtered and locked out so that the sound you hear is music alone. The wires are all enclosed in a fabric enclosure to ensure the longevity of the said earphones. The casing of the earphones is made of plastic that ensures the rigidity of the earphones.

3: JBL Reflect Mini BT

JBL Reflect Mini BT Top Most Selling headphones and earphones in The World 2017

The audio that is released by the earphones in topic, is a powerful and has the attributes that the bass that is produced is solid while the high and the mids are all elegant and crisp in nature. The earphones are made such that they are able to make fresh air pass by your ear making it really hard to find a drop of sweat. They also rarely absorb any sweat inside them.

2: LilGadgets Connect+ Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones with Share Port for Children – Pink


The earphones are built such that they will not be harmful to children as they are made with the Ears of children between 2 and 8 years in mind. Thus the maximum sound is 93 decibels. They are also enclosed in a pouch where they will be carried to ensure the longevity of the said earphones. The design is also really comfortable for the children and makes it able to use and carry all the time.

1: Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones

Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones Top 10 Best Selling headphones and earphones in The World 2017

The best thing about the headphones is that they are able to play media from most of the output devices no matter the make and model. The sound quality from the said headphones is one to die for while the exterior design is also one that is amazing to behold. As they are made for sporty activities, they are made such that they are sweat resistant.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Headphones and Earphones in The World 2017. Each day, there are new earphones and headphones that are developed and they all have different specs that make them better than another so it’s best to look at your pocket and get the best quality for the amount you have.