Top 10 Best Selling Halloween Decorations in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Halloween Decorations in The Market 2016-2017. When October rolls around, people started getting scary. They begin to think of the best way to dress up their homes to give others the creeps and chills when they look into windows or over the fence into a yard. The creepier the better when it comes to the Halloween season. Some like to go for the jump scare that will make people jump back and scream, others like to go for ‘psyche them out’ effect and others to just give someone a really creepy feeling about passing their home. These are the top 10 best selling Halloween decorations 2016-2017 that were meant to accomplish one or all of those effects.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Halloween Decorations in The Market 2016-2017

10. Mega Yard Spider Web

Mega Yard Spider Web Top 10 Best Selling Halloween Decorations

This spider web is so large it would cover the size of a Smart Car. You attach it to your gutter with the included hook and stake it into the ground with five stakes that are also provided. Spiders do not come with the web but you could purchase one separately to add to the horror of those who are afraid of spiders. You could even use a bit of imagination and place a victim inside the web who would represent the size of the web and how large a predator the ‘unseen’ spider actually could be.

9. Fog Machine

Fog Machine Top Popular Selling Halloween Decorations 2018

What could be better than turning your yard into a ghostly graveyard or unknown swamp? The fog machine is the perfect unit to turn your lawn into a creepy unknown area. They will be afraid to enter when they aren’t sure what lurks within the fog swirling around. This machine will cover any terrifying creatures that might be ready to attack its next victim. It comes with a strobe light to give it an even scarier appearance .

8. Animated Corn Stalker

Animated Corn Stalker Top 10 Best Selling Halloween Decorations 2017

The Corn Stalker is a fearsome creature all by itself, but when you add animation it becomes downright terrifying. This figure measures seven feet six inches and will give you more fun than you’ve ever had when it comes to scaring your visitors. One great idea is to hang it from a rope and slowly lower it above the heads of the unsuspecting. The scream scenes are endless with this horrifying creature.

7. Digital Decorations by AtmosFEARfx


These DVDs are able to provide you with sinister movements crawling across your walls and appearing to be looking for their next victim. There are several themes and all are sure to instill fear in your visitors when they believe a ghostly apparition is about to capture them. A monitor or TV will work to create these illusions, however; a projector would give you a creepier outcome.

6. Halloween Music and 150 Scary Sounds

Halloween Music and 150 Scary Sounds

Sometimes the things that scare us most are the unknown. Not knowing what is making a terrible sound can often be more terrifying than actually seeing the creature. With these soundtracks you will be able to create some of the worst suspense your visitors can experience. When you place speakers around your other terrifying visuals, this evil music will have your visitors running for the exits. It’s all about the atmosphere and this is the item that will put all your hard work into good scares.

5. Seasons Pose-N-Stay Skeleton (Crazy Bones)


Halloween wouldn’t be the same without a scary skeleton. This 63-inch full sized skeleton will bring your scene together with its poseable knees that lock into position. You can lean it against any wall or it will sit in the perfect location for unsuspecting visitors to come across. An extra you could purchase to go with this chilling skeleton is its companion dog that would complete your scary scene. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Halloween Decorations in The Market 2016-2017.

4. Hanging Phantom (72-inches)

Hanging Phantom Top Famous Selling Halloween Decorations 2019

A hanging Phantom is even spookier than a skeleton with motion-activated sounds of it moaning. This terrifying creature will begin moaning when your visitors pass by it, or if you get creative can make it come floating out to greet them. Its arms are poseable so you can even make it appear as though it were reaching out to grab them. When its eyes light up it may be the last straw for those unsuspecting visitors and they may flee screaming without even grabbing their treats.

3. Sinister Pumpkin Fogger (9.5 inches)


Fog adds the right touch to any scary, creepy Halloween scene and this hideous looking pumpkin with fog emitting from it is the final touch to a perfectly ghoulish atmosphere. Place it in a dark place where visitors will get a glimpse of its glowing horror as it spews forth fog to cover other unknown terrors in your yard. An alternative to the pumpkin design is the skull version which is also sure to scare the candy right out of your trick-or-treaters bags.

2. Cocoon Corpse (72-inches long)

Cocoon Corpse Top Most Popular Selling Halloween Decoration 2018

Many people are afraid of our eight-legged friends the spider. When they see you have a corpse wrapped up in what appears to be a large spider web, they will think twice about entering your area. The webbed corpse is well-mummified and measures 72-inches long. You can suspend it from a tree, shroud it in a corner, or maybe even have it fall into place as you try to open your door. The possibilities are endless on how many ways you can scare the little ones with this corpse.

1. Bag of Bones

Bag of Bones Top Most Selling Halloween Decoration 2017

The bag of bones is a Halloween classic and can be spread around your yard to give it the appearance that many have died there. There are over 28 pieces of different bones for you to scatter about and have your visitors wonder why so many have died at your place. Seeing bones laying around with perhaps an overturned gravestone or two will make them wonder what has caused those bones to become uncovered. Use your imagination and these will create the perfect Halloween scare for your visitors.

Halloween is always good scary fun. Adults will know what is real and not, but it’s that element of surprise when something is creepy or chilling that has them wondering for that split second of fear. These top 10 best selling Halloween decorations 2016-2017 are sure to provide you the best scare for your money.