Top 10 Best Selling Halloween Costumes For Teens

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Halloween Costumes For Teens 2016-2017. Halloween is a favorite holiday for teenagers and kids. Children love this holiday because it’s all about spooky fun and eating lots of candy. Teens like this holiday because they can still dress up and have a good time even though they are getting older. There are plenty of Halloween costume styles that are suited for teenagers.

By the way, classical Halloween costumes such as Dracula, Vampires, ghosts, Wolf Man and Frankenstein are starting to lose their position as Halloween favorites. They are slowly being replaced by movie styled characters and cartoon characters. Yes, you will still see a few teens wearing these types of costumes but they will not be as popular as they were in the past. The following list will describe the best selling Halloween costumes for teens in 2016-2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Halloween Costumes For Teens 2016-2017

10. D.C. Female Heroes

D.C. Female Heroes Top 10 Best Halloween Costumes For Teen 2017

D.C. comic book characters are starting to become household names thanks to the movie industry. For a long time, Marvel characters have been dominating the motion picture arena. Now, D.C. Comics is starting to make some noise.

D.C. Female heroes and villains such as Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn are appearing on screen. Many young teenage girls like these scrumptious looking powerful females. Wonder Woman outfits are going to be worn by a lot of girls during the Halloween season.

Harley Quinn costumes are going to be the in thing in 2016-2017. Quinn is just a hot and sexy vixen that is crazy and nuts; but that is why people like her and her look. Supergirl, Cat Woman and Bat Girl are other popular female costumes from the D.C. Universe. Be on the lookout for D.C. Comics hero and villain costumes. Many females will be sporting them.

9. Marvel Comic Costumes

Marvel Comic Costumes Top Most Popular Halloween Costumes For Teen 2018

Many teens are going to be sporting some type of Avenger or X-Men costume in 2016-2017. The most popular types will be Deadpool, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow and Spiderman. Other Marvel costumes that will also be seen on Trick-or-Treat day includes Wolverine, Apocalypse and Magneto.

Female Captain America and Spider Woman disguises will also be available. Young teen girls will also sport feminine versions of Thor’s costume and the She Hulk. There is even a Storm costume that will make an appearance in 2016-2017. Marvel Comic Halloween disguises are starting to become a traditional part of the Halloween season.

8. Scream Ghost Face Mask


Teens from each generation love the Scream movie series. This series was started back in the 90s and it is still a cult favorite because the ghost face mask from the film series is now a Halloween staple. Every year, people can find the ghost face mask at some type of Halloween shop or store.

The ghost face mask was worn by the killers in the movies because it is a simple mask that anyone could wear. This is why it was hard to figure out who was slaying all of the teens in the movie.

However, a young teen can put on the mask and then go have some Halloween fun; without murdering somebody. This mask if easy to afford and it is just a great mask to creep around in on Halloween night.

7. Queen of Hearts


Alice in Wonderland costumes are going to be sported by some females during the Trick-or-Treat season. These costumes will include the heroine Alice, the Mad Hatter and the legendary Queen of Hearts.

There are different versions of this costume. Some are elegant, conservative and fancy. Others are sexy, revealing and seductive. However, a young female teen will probably choose the right type that will compliment her. The Queen of Hearts costume is a perfect disguise for teenage ladies because it was made specifically for them.

6. Elsa

Elsa Top Most Halloween Costumes For Teen 2017

Frozen was one of those films that literally altered our culture in terms of entertainment. So many young females like the Frozen characters, franchise and merchandise. The leading character, Elsa, is the most recognized personality from the film. A lot of teens love Elsa because she is young, very pretty, conservative and elegant. They also love her because she is a princess.

Elsa costumes are going to worn by teenage girls because they like Elsa personality and style. Elsa can also sing and dance. She is the complete package and a good role model for young teens and children to imitate. She is the go-to girl in the Disney World and many female teens will be paying her homage by sporting her costume in 2016-2017.

5. Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters Top Popular Halloween Costumes For Teen 2018

Ghostbusters was a big hit back in the 80s and it is an even bigger hit in the 2016. In the beginning the men were the stars and for the film was headed by an all-female cast. So, Ghostbusters costumes for females will be the rave in 2016-2017.

The female Ghostbusters costumes look like the male versions except they have a more feminine appeal. They also come compete with proton packs for sucking up ghosts. Male teens can still sport the original Ghostbuster costumes for the guys but in 2016-2017 the ladies will have their own Ghostbusting fashion to show off.

4. Political Costumes


Most people don’t not like to talk about politics unless Donald Trump is involved. People might not like Trump but they sure get a big kick of out of him. Political costumes are going to be big in 2016 because it is an election year. Trump masks will be popular and so will Obama, Hillary and the former dead presidents.

Speaking of dead presidents, the movie Purge features a wide variety of them. Some of the people in the film series wear masks of dead presidents while they purge. I honestly do not believe that people will be stupid enough to “purge” on Halloween night but many people will wear a dead president mask in honor of this film. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Halloween Costumes For Teens 2016-2017.

3. Olympic Costumes

Olympic Costumes Top 10 Best Halloween Costumes For Teen

Michael Phelps, Ally Risen and Usain Bolt are just three of the former 2016 Olympians that competed in Rio. Many of these individuals are now household names and people all over America will be sporting costumes of the U.S. Olympic team and teams of other countries from around the world.

The U.S. gymnastic team outfits are going to be popular and so will the swimming and track and field uniforms. People will probably alter the swimming uniforms to make them more compatible with the cooler weather of the fall.

The point is that people were greatly influenced by this past year Olympic performances. They will be showing their love for team and country by wearing an Olympic styled Halloween costumes.

2. Minions

Minions Top Famous Halloween Costumes For Teen 2019

Minions are fun and lovable little bad guys from the Despicable Me film series. The Minions have slowly been creeping into mainstream America through the form of video games, merchandise, cartoons and films. There are even Halloween costumes for teens to wear featuring different versions of these funny little dudes.

Minion costumes are yellow and they come in the form of a body suit. They can also be worn as a minion look alike outfit. There will plenty of people moving around in Minion costumes on Halloween night in 2016-2017.

1. Star Wars: Fenn, Ray and BB-8


Star Wars is a permanent part of our culture and it is a make believe universe that is loaded with lots of heroes, villains and strong women. Star Wars Episode 7 features new characters such as Ray and Fenn. There is even a new version of R2D2 known as BB-8. Teens will love to wear these costumes because they can make believe like they helping to save the galaxy from the evil Empire.

Classic Star Wars costumes will also be worn by consumers on Halloween in 2016-2017. Expect to see various costumes of Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, Yoda and Chewbacca. Each of these costumes are great for people to wear and they will help them to become an unofficial part of the Star Wars Universe.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Halloween Costumes For Teens 2017. All of these costumes are really great and they provide a perfect way for teens to celebrate Halloween. Be on the look-out for other great costumes that have not been included on this list. They too will also be popular in 2016-2017.