Top 10 Best Selling Halloween Costumes for Men

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Halloween Costumes for Men 2016-2017. The name Halloween is just a shorter version of ‘Hallows’ Evening’. It is a three day celebration set aside for the remembrance of martyrs, hallows and all the faithful departed. It is believed that this ceremony, which is usually held on 31st of October, is believed to have Pagan roots although it has been Christianized over time.

The ceremony is characterized by many activities to honor legends and heroes. Such activities include: lighting bonfires, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions, watching horror movies, telling scary stories, and getting involved in Halloween costume parties among many others. In the Halloween costume parties people both adults and children wear clothes/costumes that make them pass for some celebrated public figures. In this field imagination reigns. However, not all costumes are made to mimic a specific person, some are made to look scary. The idea of the scary costumes is bring back the ghostly and haunting spirits. Below are the top ten best selling brands of Halloween costumes for men recommended in 2016-2017:

List of Top 10 Best Selling Halloween Costumes for Men 2016-2017

10. Ghostbusters Costume

Ghostbusters Costume Top Famous Halloween Costumes for Men 2019


This costume has been inspired by this year’s reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise. Despite it being an all-female cast there is still a men’s classic Ghostbusters’ costume complete with accessories such as an inflatable proton pack, a proton gun, name tags and a jump suit. Since it is available for both male and female clients, it is recommended for couples. The costumes are now available on Amazon online shopping.

9. Captain Phasma Deluxe Costume

Captain Phasma Deluxe Costume Top Most Halloween Costumes for Men 2018

Equipped with foam armor details and a belt, Captain Phasma’s costume is a unisex full-body jumpsuit. This costume is inspired by ‘Captain Phasma’ from the legendary movie Star wars. This is a complete disguise that includes a two piece helmet and a cape. The pack also contains a prop blaster for any interested customer. The prop blaster is however sold separately.

8. The Cowboy Costume


This costume has been there for ages and it is apparently here to stay. It is a popular outfit that is usually worn to celebrate the western culture. In most cases a pair of tight jeans, pair of boots, a leather jacket and the famous cowboy hat would do but the designers are not leaving anything to chance. The cowboy gunfighter costume comes with a western duster, a hat, holsters, a vest and dickey with cravat. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Halloween Costumes for Men 2016-2017.

7. Aladdin Sane David Bowie Costume

Aladdin Sane David Bowie Costume Top 10 Best Halloween Costumes for Men 2017

Remembered for his classics, Aladdin Sane’s memory will be preserved this Halloween with a simply designed suit coupled with a red wig and a little face paint. If done right, it is not hard to recreate Aladdin’s image. The loss of David Bowie soon after the release of the album, Black Star, was a mojor blow to the music world and there is no the better way to honor his memory other than to go ‘Aladdin’ this Halloween.

6. Men’s Pokémon Costume

Men’s Pokémon Costume Top 10 Best Halloween Costumes for Men

This set contains a kit made up of a pair of dark athletic shorts, a hoodie of one of the team colors, a visor hat, and a pair of fingerless trainer gloves with bracers. There are designs available for both men and women. Since they are handmade; a lot of work has been put in their production and that has influenced their prices a little bit. They are relatively costly but they will most definitely give you your money’s worth.

5. Alexander Hamilton Costume

Alexander Hamilton Costume Top Best Halloween Costumes for Men 2017

Lin Manuel Miranda’s latest Broadway sensation Hamilton, inspired one of the best Halloween costumes that have been featured before and will be featured again this year. It is characterized with a revolutionary blue colonial set up. Other pieces that come with this costume include: a tricorn hat, a cravat neck-tie, knickers-style pantaloons that have black boot covers.

4. Harambe Costume

Harambe Costume Top Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Men 2019

Harambe was a lowland gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo that was well loved but it passed on. Its remembrance has been incorporated into a famous design for Halloween costumes to ensure that he is never forgotten. Although his touching story has not been embroidered into this costume all the physical attributes of Harambe have been recreated with astounding precision.

3. Deadpool Costume

Deadpool Costume Top Popular Halloween Costumes for Men 2018

If you wish to go super-hero this Halloween then this is the perfect costume for you. This piece of Rubie’s collection is bold, colorful and popular, no one will doubt the person you will have recreated. It you have your own colorful leather jackets you can actually incorporate it in this design for you to have some aspect of originality.

2. Zombie Donald Trump Costume


Believe it or leave it, designers are want you to always stay up-to-date. Yes, the Zombie Donald Trump Costumes are out. They contain a head, a wig and a zombie make up. Predictions are that this will be a very popular costume this Halloween. It captures the presidential candidate Donald Trump in a scary and funny manner. Being person of interest in the most currents news in the U.S. these type of costumes will most definitely be flooding in the street come 31st October, 2016.

1. Purple Rain Prince Costume


Upon Prince’s demise in April 2016, the hearts of music lovers are still heavy with grief. To celebrate Prince as well as his legacy of eclectic rock music there is a complete costume that recreates the Purple Rain Prince for his fans and rock music lovers. It is a purple coat and the ruffled jabot shirt. You are encouraged to have your own shoes and wig to complete the look.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Halloween Costumes for Men 2016-2017. The list of celebrated heroes both living and dead is a long one. While many may not have been captured it this list, there are many diverse costumes in shops and as long as you know where to look you will acquire your costume of choice. Happy Halloween in advance.

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