Top 10 Best Selling Hair Dryers for Women in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Hair Dryers for Women in The World 2016-2017. As a woman, there is one thing that you will hardly do without, a hair dryer. But the big question that we have for everyone is that how do you get a quality one? Most of the ladies always prefer to get one that is a salon quality one and not expensive. But things have never run out well because the critique that you will be required to follow to get it might be tiresome. There is one thing that you need to get informed of as you buy these machines, get one that has the best wattage as the heating element will be of great importance to the health of your hair all the time. many of you might never know but getting a product that has low wattage will always give you better results if your hair is short but for those that have longer, thicker or curly hair, then you need to get one that has a higher wattage. Remember also to investigate about style and design of the items before you buy any that you prefer.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Hair Dryers for Women in The World 2016-2017

10. Remington Shine Therapy
Price: £23.99

remington shine therapy, Top 10 Best Selling Hair Dryers for Women 2017

This unit is cheap but it is sturdy to give you salon result without wasting time and when it comes to power, it will packs a punch and it will dry your thick hair quickly and leave them nice and soft. It will prevent frizzing as well as static hair and leave your hairstyles conditioned and healthy look. It also look and even feels like salon dryer but it is quite heavy and it is good one for your big hair look. It will last you longer without showing signs of tear and wear. If you want the best hair dryer which will last longer, you better consider this one in your shopping list.

9. T3 Featherweight Dryer Lux
Price: £195

t3 featherweight dryer lux, Top 10 Best Selling Hair Dryers for Women 2018

Don’t ever purchase those flimsy hair dryers which will end up giving you frustration. This unit has powerful motor and it is always ready to dry your hair in fraction of time and it will add shine to your hair even when you rough dry. It is also easy on wrists and the lightweight design is great to reduce hand fatigue and it will last for several years even when you use it daily. The unit usually comes with ceramic styling brush and it operates quietly and you won’t wake your baby or your bedmate when you wake-up early to wash your hair. What you can expect from this hair dryer is salon results even when you have fine hair.

8. Babyliss 3Q Dryer
Price: £79.35

babyliss-3q-dryer, Top 10 Best Selling Hair Dryers for Women 2019

What you will like about this unit is that it features thin nozzles, fast airflow and brushless motor to give you silky smooth hair which is ideal after drying and you will never have to worry having wrist ache while drying your hair. What is cool is about its lightweight design and it is comfortable to hold even when you want to use it for long stretches. You will never sweat to death while drying your hair since heat remains focused. Don’t forget that the unit is also quiet and you will never wake your bedmate when you get-up early to wash your hair. It can fit easily in your luggage and ideal for holiday.

7. ghd Aura Hairdryer
Price: £125


Do you want to enjoy a stepped out of salon look with only simple step without taking ages to dry your hair? This hair dryer is ready to let you dry your hair strands in record time. It has focused air stream which indicates that when you’re dealing with one section of your hair, the other section will always remain undisturbed and it will give you more precision and also control. This unit is godsend for frizzy, flyaway locks and above all the best dryer for bobs!

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6. Toni & Guy Daily Conditioning Dryer
Price: £18


Several hair dryers which are found in this range usually get too hot and even lack power and leave your hair constantly frazzled especially if you wash and then dry your hair daily. But we don’t say that this daily conditioning dryer can do the same things to your hair, no that it not what you will expect from this dryer. This unit is an exceptional by being kinder to locks and it won’t take an age to do the work. It features soft-touch rubberized grip which will work well and the lightweight design is great bonus to reduce hand fatigue. This unit is the best for taking on holiday.

5. Label.m Tourmaline Black Dryer
Price: £46.95



You will never complain that you don’t have enough money to purchase hair dryer, look at the price of this unit? Any lady can afford it and the 2200W motor is great bonus because you will never waste your time drying your hair. Its lightweight design means that you will expect zero hand fatigue while drying your long hair. It features more power as well as heat which are huge bonus for taming frizz as well as for a sleeker and straighter look. What you will envy is that the unit is comfortable to hold with its anti-slip as well as anti-burn strips. Don’t forget that it has cold shot button which is pretty standard and it is nice and also easy to reach during those final fixing moments. It is available in white or black colors.

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4. Panasonic EH-NA65-K Smooth & Shiny Hairdryer
Price: £54.99


This unit will infuse several times more moisture into your hair than your typical ion hair dryers. It will also add volume to your hair and even reduce damage. Your dry hair will look less brittle and if you have greasy hair, you don’t even need to worry because this unit will make your hair look less oily and it will leave a glossy look that will last longer and so you need to forget about other hair dryers which can cause damage to your hair. It is lightweight but sturdy which means you will expect less hand fatigue when using your hair dryer. This is one of Top 10 Best Selling Hair Dryers for Women in The World 2016-2017.

3. John Frieda Luxurious Volume
Price: £24.99



Do you have long hair and want the best hair dryer which can give pleasing results in fraction of minutes? This unit is right here to give you pleasing results without damaging your long hair by overheating it and even when it is on its highest setting, the unit is not quite as hot as those hair dryers you have been using on their mid range setting. It has long cord to give you greater maneuverability and it comes with handy diffusers as well as curlers which is great bonus and it is great for boosting naturally flat hair.

2. Dyson Supersonic
Price: £299.99


The price of this unit is really eye-watering and you can afford it without breaking your bank and imagine that it gives pleasing performances and what you’ll notice is that it will dry your hair in half the time which you usually use and the results is shiny and smooth hair. The unit features ultra-powerful design which means that you will never waste your time when making your hair. The heat protection sensor is great bonus for your unit which means that your device will last you longer. It is very simple to use and it operates quietly don’t forget about that amazing features.

1. Parlux Advance Light
Price: £109.95


This is the best hair dryer which has been number one choice for professional hairdresser since 1970s. This unit has worn multiple awards due to its quality as well as designs which are sturdy. It is available in various colors and what you’ll envy is its heat-proof body, long lasting motor and don’t forget its ergonomic design. It also features wide range of easy to use and reach temperature controls. It is known to be among the quietest dryer and you will enjoy using the unit when you want to dry your hair. It is also lighter which means no hand fatigue. You can choose your preferred color and it will meet your needs and give you admirable services you have been craving.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Hair Dryers for Women in The World 2016-2017. The above hair dryers that we have given you will never let you down at all. Ensure that your hair is well
maintained as it always is part of your beauty each day that you wake up. Always make informed decision and that will always give you a chance of getting the best products. As promised, get the best from the above ones. Don’t rush for those that are going to give a lot of stress and headache to use.