Top 10 Best Selling Hair Clippers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Hair Clippers in The Market 2017. While most men are not that concerned with their physical appearance they still must make it a point to keep themselves looking neat and/or professional. One of the best ways that men can keep themselves looking their best is by using hair clippers. The following list of hair clippers are some of the best in the market.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Hair Clippers in The Market 2017

10. Panasonic ER244S

Panasonic ER244S Top Famous Selling Hair Clippers 2019

The Panasonic ER244S is a great piece of equipment for cutting hair. It has a quick-adjust dial that allows a person to easily change the length of their clipper settings. This way they can do a quick trim for neat cut. They can also lower the blades for a close and tight hair do.

The ER244S does not need a cord and it can charge up. Once the unit charges, it can be used for a few hours. The stainless steel blades will not rust or corrode over time. This set of clippers are very durable and can handle many different grades of hair.

9. The Pure Enrichment TRYM II


The Pure Enrichment TRYM II is all about being slim, compact and powerful. This hair clipping unit is beneficial for cutting a person’s hair at a moment’s notice. When a guy needs a quick trim up this is the set of clippers that uses to complete the job. The slim design of the TRYM II makes it the perfect choice for storing in tight places. This unit is great for small bathrooms. Edging hairlines and trimming mustaches is easy with this unit.

8. Remington HC-5550

Remington HC-5550 Top 10 Best Selling Hair Clippers

The Remington HC-5550 is a modern day hair clipping unit that comes with a USB cable. A person can plug this baby up into their laptop or computer and charge it up on the go. A guy can even cut his hair while he’s watching the latest viral video or sending messages on his favorite social network.

The Remington HC-5550 is made out of a titanium material that is designed to reduce vibration. The Remington HC-5550 is a great device for cutting and trimming jobs just about anywhere a person can travel.

7. Andis 66360

Andis 66360 Top 10 Best Selling Hair Clippers 2017

The Andis 66360 is a sophisticated hair cutting device. It is designed for styling and tapering procedures. The unit is compact and is designed for easy use. The blades on the Andis are high-speed for precision styling. When a man uses this set of clippers he can give himself a quick edge job to keep his hair looking tight and well groomed. Fellas who want to trim up their beard on the fly can also use the Andis. This clipping unit is great device for quick trim jobs.

6. Hausbell RS


What makes the Hausbell R2 such a great hair cutting device is that it is designed to work with a person’s head and not against it. This set of clippers come highly recommended for parents with finicky kids who do not like to sit still for a haircut.

Hausbell RS provides stability and a smooth cutting motion. The blades are not easily caught within a person’s hair and they can handle different grades of hair from kinky, curly and even tangled. The unit comes with double attachments and other clipping accessories.

5. Wahl 8470-500


Light and powerful are the two adjectives that describes the Wahl 8470-500. This unit has a great cooling system that will keep the heat out of a person’s hand when they use it for a long time. The unit is great for chest shaving and for getting rid of hair under the arms. Wahl 8470-500 has great blades that are accurate and won’t vibrate. The unit does provide a steady cut and ensures that a guy gets the best cut possible. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Hair Clippers in The Market 2017.

4. Philips Norelco DIY


If you are a guy that likes to do it yourself then you need the Philips Norelco DIY clipper set. This clipper set has a 180-degree rotating head that can slice through coarse hair like butter. The rotating head helps to keep the blade from getting tangled inside of a person’s hair.

The Norelco DIY also has self-sharpening blades. Every time the blades are used they have built in technology that sharpens the blades while they cut a person’s hair. Guys should not worry about the unit cutting them while the blades are sharpened. This is a safe clipper set that even has a shaving attachment.

3. Riwa 760A


The Riwa 760A is a sleek hair cutting unit that has the speed to quickly chop through hair and the strength to tackle any type of hair grade that it encounters. The unit has 8 combs for styling. Some of the comb accessories can be used for a guy’s left and right ears. The Riwa 760A won’t rust, can run up to 2 hours on a single charge and the unit is even cordless which means it can be used just about anywhere a person can go.

2. Equinox International Professional


The Equinox is all about the accessories. This unit is loaded with them and they can be used to give a guy a professional style hair cut and trim. The accessories include styling scissors, guards, cleaning cloths and brushes and many more hair cutting items. The motor is exceptionally quiet and the unit does not leave stubble on a person’s head or face. Yes, guys can even use the Equinox for their beards. There are plenty of accessories for this type of use as well.

1. Oster Classic 76


The Oster Classic 76 has an amazing 9-foot cord that allows a person a lot of room and flexibility to move around. The unit is strong and is hard to break if dropped. It has a durable textured housing that is easy to grip and light on the hands. Users can do trim jobs, get a clean shave and edge up their do with little effort. This unit is easy to clean and even comes with accessories and a cover. This is a great device for cutting hair and for creating new hairdos.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Hair Clippers in The Market 2017. All of these clipper sets are useful for cutting, trimming, edging and shaving jobs. Each of them have updated technology and great features to give users the best cut possible.