Top 10 Best Selling Guitar Brands in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Guitar Brands in The World 2016-2017. We always have a passion for playing guitars and almost every person that grows up, at one point in their life, they might have tried to play them because they are astounding string instruments that will give the best sound and rhythm in your singing. But have we ever asked ourselves who is behind the make of these instruments? Sometimes it is a hard question to crack because we don’t know them, and maybe the ones that we know are few or even one that we have come across. Today we are going to walk far and wide to ensure that you have a variety of companies who are able to give you different types in the market. For others, you will realize that they have stayed a lot longer to be the best. Here is what we have for you.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Guitar Brands in The World 2016-2017

10. Dehradun Guitars

dehradun-guitars, Top 10 Best Selling Guitar Brands in The World 2017

This is a type guitar that is used by people that are truly passionate about music and that can never miss to be reflected in the guitars. Each of the guitars that they will use if supposed to be a masterpiece in their area of jurisdiction. That is why these types of guitars are made of high and quality Himalayan wood. To make it better and usable, they are handcrafted and the end product is a product that is super strong and also very smooth for use. What makes them better is their use but the price of also effective too.

9. HMI


Harmony Musical Instruments is a company that is leading in the production of guitars in Asia but the instruments have become widely known the world over because their uniqueness. You will get a wide range of guitars from them both the left hand side and the right hand side versions. They are also better known from the quality craftsmanship that is used to make them and they are also made by quality machines which are controlled by workers that are experienced. It has been nicknamed as value for money brand and has been nicknamed so, so that it can easily be used by beginners or intermediaries.

8. Signature

signature, Top 10 Best Selling Guitar Brands in The World 2018

This is an Indian guitar brand that has been made specifically for use in the weather conditions found in the place. They are reputed products due to the use of high quality material that is used to make them. To make them effective is also another better choice for them as they have a tone that is balanced in all the seasons that you will use it. Why we say that they are the best is simple, they have been made with people have 30 years of experience in the making and crafting of all kinds of guitars. The types that you will get here are effective in terms of their cost but they are sturdy and comfortable too.

7. Cort


The origin of this brand is from South Korea and it is a trusted international brand for guitars. You can get all variety of guitars which are much respected in the world. you will get largest variety as well as models of guitars and the interesting things is that their electrical guitars are what makes this company trusted since their guitars offers high performance. Some of the series of electrical guitars you can get are classic rock, aero series, Hollowbody series, G series, performer, VL and much more. If you’re musician and want sturdy guitars, Cort will offer you the best one.

6. Jackson


This company was founded back in 1980 and since then, it has been known for its high performance guitars. They have manufactured the best guitar that can meet and exceed the users’ needs. The trademark style of Jackson is shark fin. The world known this brand as the best company that can produce the best electric guitars. You will never experience any problem when using their product because their instrument are made of high-quality components which can withstand tear and wear. These are considered always as the best electric guitars that you will always get around the world.

5. Gibson


This is found in the US and most of those that love music have always found it a better choice when you compare with others out there due to its simplicity but efficiency in production matters. It was launched or established in 1902 and if your calculations won’t give you a wrong result, you will realize that they have almost 114 years of experience in these field. These are guitars that are known to produce awesome music and are also very comfortable. The signature series that they use has no match even when you walk around the world, most people say that they have high process but their output is all that makes them have a fan base that is growing day by day.

4. Fender


The brand of guitars that we have here are well known for their development of acoustic guitars that range for use by beginners and for professionals too. They have an SA series and that is one that most popular and rated the best seller in the industry. The neck that they have been built with is rated as one that is very comfortable and when you combine it with a smooth fingerboard so that you can that best time of enjoying your music playing effortlessly. These are products that almost available in every retail shop that you visit but if you miss it there, you can go online and you will never miss getting one for yourself.

3. Ibanez


This is a japan based item and is known all over the world due to its popularity among the guitarists. They have a production of a variety series of guitars but the GIO is known to be the best as it also has better budget for purchasing. Ibanez will offer a variety of acoustic, semi-acoustic and bass guitars so that you choose form what you want and they are going to make you have a better time playing. Although the GIO series have got a huge fan base, they are getting stiff competition from the GRG series that has taken the youths and guitar lovers by surprise and majority of them prefer having it over the others. This is one of the world’s Top 10 Best Selling Guitar Brands 2016-2017.

2. Yamaha


This is a brand that is well known in the music industry due to its determination in making music instruments that always turn out to be good all the time. This is also a Japanese guitar brand but is able to offer you a wide range of guitar models for you. It does not matter which group you are put, either a beginner or a professional, these company will have a guitar for you to use. The items are affordable and are priced well so that they are able to cater easily for the masses around the planet. The best sellers that are found with this brand is the acoustic guitars.

1. Epiphone


It is an American based guitar and has its roots as from the year 1873. They have stayed in the market for long and that is why they are known to provide the best guitars in the world. They also have several types and the acoustic and electrical ones are loved in several regions. You can majorly find them on their online stores if one will not be available in your retail shop. It is made of high quality material and the best fingerboard that will always keep you paying without getting tired. You won’t even feel the weight when you are carrying it, so weightless.

These are the world’s Top 10 Best Selling Guitar Brands 2016-2017. The beauty of playing your music is the misery of the guitar that you are having at hand and that is why we are out here with the best of the types that you can select and choose from. Always be free to enquire about something that you are about to buy and getting the best is always better for you. Be part of the famous musicians or even guitarists that are well known in the world, but in your hand or possession, have the best guitar.