Top 10 Best Selling Ground Swimming Pools in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Ground Swimming Pools in The Market 2017. Swimming is a relaxing and recreational activity practiced by many families during free time and a hobby to many individuals. Currently, there are many ground swimming pools in market. Top 10 Best selling are listed below.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Ground Swimming Pools in The Market 2017

10. Heritage YO 241252SFTP

Heritage YO 241252SFTP Top 10 Best Selling Ground Swimming Pools in The World 2017

Heritage YO model is a complete and ready to use pool designed for backyard setup and measures approximately 12 feet by 24 feet and measures approximately 53 inches in depth. It is coated with aluminum and steel to prevent it from getting corrosion, rust and sturdy at large. Water in heritage pool can never get contamination because of a styled fine finish. Some other important features include weather resistant overlap line that manufactures Yo’s body, resistant ability against heavy duty ladder that helps in entry and exit , this helps in stabilizing pool, and a very powerful motor driven lifter of about 16 inches for cleaning pool ready to be used.

In general, Heritage pools are durable due to rust resistant features. An original make of YO ground pool comes with a warranty of 20 years.

9. Summer waves


Rectangular designed in shape, summer is metallic a framed equipment that measures approximately 10 feet by 20 feet. This is more than just a pool because of its system that comes with maximum stability on ground and contains a durable metal material that is used to manufacture them. Summer waves are highly featured for its well finished edges purposely not to harm swimmers. Advanced power filtration system keeps water clean and free from any harm. To add on this, there is a strong ladder to enter and exit

Original Summer wave pool has restricted lifetime warranty.

8. Splash slim Model


Is an oval shaped ground pool measuring approximately 15 foot by 30 foot by 52 inches. Just as its name suggests, splash model have a slim style of design to accommodate many swimmers at ago. Size of this pool works better for both adults and children. More important features are safety barrier to protect children from accidentally falling off, 1 HP filter that deals interior stability and household accessories assemble Slim’s design.

In other words Splash Slim model is durable, reliable, free from accidents, cost effective and always comes with warranty if equipment is original.

7. Bestway 56440e Steel Pro

Bestway 56440e Steel Pro Top Popular Selling Ground Swimming Pools in The World 2017

Bestway is declared as a top grade pool made of three heavy duty polyesters, PVC blend Fabric material, tight waterproof seals to prevent water leakage and very durable steel frames. All metals that have been used to construct Bestway are coated with steel to control corrosion and rust hence always shining for decades. Once you purchase an original pool of Bestway, the manufacturing company promises to give an integrated flow control to enhance easy drainage, 1000 water capacity of high performance and a 50 inch ladder to support swimmers in entering and exiting together with a durable cover.

Bestway also have restricted lifetime warranty.

6. Intex ultra Frame

Intex ultra Frame Top 10 Best Selling Ground Swimming Pools in The World

Intex is popularly known for its smaller size but quality features. It covers an area of approximately 21 feet by 42 feet and 50 inches in depth. Ultra is a well set and beautifully designed that got famous out of its impressive and quality features like durability, water resistant features and leek proof laminated walls to create an create an excellent ground for children and also adults. Setup design is simple and can only take one hour to up with one. Research shows that ultra frame contain water of up to 8,500 gallons. Some other important features include durable cover to control water contamination, sand filter (clear) of approximately 21000. Save your money and purchase an original intex ultra frame with a warrant of one full year.

5. Intex Ocean Reef

Intex Ocean Reef Top Most Famous Selling Ground Swimming Pools in The World 2019

This is another product of Intex Company situated in India. Many small families have benefited from ocean reef pool that measures approximately 10 foot by 30 foot. Before you and your family enjoy swimming in this pool, a very high pressure hose pipe is needed to stabilize it on the ground. This pipe pumps water into Intex Ocean Reef until it gets enough for that day. Swimmers rely on hoses to perform major functions in this place. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Ground Swimming Pools in The Market 2017.

However, intex is relatively expensive and holds a capacity of 1000 liters of water.

4. Intex Easy Set Pool

Intex Easy Set Pool Top Most Popular Selling Ground Swimming Pools in The World 2018

It seems products from intex are always satisfying since they are dominating in many lists. Intex Easy set pool is powerful home equipment with characteristics like filter pump, long life nature and a very unique design that attracts many swimmers and small families. It measures roughly 2.5 inches high and 10 foot by 30 foot design. To add a few, intex has a full capacity area that covers 2000 liters of water. Drainage and maintenance is done after every experience of using maintenance and other swimming equipments.

Intex is fairly costly and favors many common families and individuals as well.

3. Oval Frame


If you want a medium sized oval pool then don’t miss to purchase this quality intex product. It is called intex Oval Frame because of features like easy assembling of on joints due to stable frames, steel coat to control rust and corrosion, durable walls that have cheap maintenance. In other words, Oval frame comes with reliable stable ladder, rubber coat to prevent slipping and injuries and a long lasting filter pump that works towards attaining easy drainage.

Oval frame promises client a drain plug and drop cloth for protection once they purchase this powerful intex equipment.

2. Ultra frame pool


Ultra Frame pool frame from intex is a little bit comfortable compared to other intex products. Difference comes with its high qualities that affect even the cost. Performance is also excellent hence making it more reliable among many swimmers worldwide. Ultra measures 54 inches by 18 feet.

In 2005, director of intex was awarded a winning title because of producing this durable swimming pool.

1. Intex metal Frame

Intex metal Frame Top Famous Selling Ground Swimming Pools in The World 2018

This is also an intex product that comes with a warranty of 20 years from manufactures or authorized dealers. Intex metal tops in our list as the best selling ground swimming pool in market. Fame came as a result of beautiful design, more attractive features such durability and restricted lifetime warranty. Intex is circular in shape in fairly costly.

According to information above Intex swimming pools are dominating in this list simply because quality features and performance as well. Now you know These are the Top 10 Best Selling Ground Swimming Pools in The Market 2017.