Top 10 Best Selling GPS Pet Trackers in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling GPS Pet Trackers in The World 2017. Pets are not just animals in homesteads, they are important and losing a pet can be one of the most distressing times. Are you tired of losing your pet or are you afraid of leaving your pet outside to play? Then worry no more because using modern technology you’ll let your pet play without any more worries of losing it. In case it moves of out your sight you’ll find it within minutes or a few hours than before when you used to search for it for many days. Attach a tracker to your pet by clipping or sliding onto a collar, or fit with a harness depending on the tracking device which you choose. Choose the most affordable and rated pets trackers that include the following.

List of Top 10 Best Selling GPS Pet Trackers in The World 2017

10. TRAX


It’s portable due its small size of one ounce. Made up of silicone sleeve to protect it from wallows and knocks. It is suitable in temperatures between 14 and 104 degrees. This tracker has a built in sim card compatible with most networks. Download a free pet tracking app on your IOS and android smartphone and be able to view where your pet has been for the up to the past 36 hours. Use google maps or the Trax augmented –reality feature to follow your pet anytime. In the park, you can trace your pet using your smartphone camera by panning your smartphone around you and when the phone is pointing the direction of the pet an icon with a distance indicator will pop on to the screen. At home use geo-zones to alert you when the pet has left the restricted zone and any speed change. You can install the Trax app to your other family members so that they can view the tracker. If you have many pets then add more trackers to your phone.

The tracker has a battery life of one day and has a mini USB cable for recharging. Thread the tracker on the pet’s collar using a silicone clip which is included in the trackers package. Trax offers a monthly subscription after you’ve used the two year free data and roaming available on buying it. This tracker is worthy buying although some customer views are that this tracker is not always reliable because it does not alert you immediately the pet moves from the restricted area.



The collar weighs ounces with all the items fixed and the dog should wear it up to 12 hours. It has a GPS locator device which is waterproof and can be submerged up to five feet of water. If you want to track more than one dog all you need to buy is more collars on the Add-a-Dog collar scheme. This tracker works on GPS therefore you don’t need any monthly subscription fee or a cellular network to operate it. It can track your dog up to seven miles. Use the backlit LCD display and text-based menu to read the screen easily. Arrows show the location of your dog and whether it’s moving or stopped, the direction and how far it is from you. You can see which dog is wearing a specific collar and the charge remaining on the batteries of the collars. Tracking device updates depending on the charge available in the batteries. Buy a car charger for the hand-held device to avoid inconvenience when it runs out of charge while you are in the fields. The best deal is that you can send the hand held devices battery for replacement after its expiry which is after five years. This tracker has a warranty of 2 years. However, customer reviews suggest that this tracker is effective for up to 3.5 miles unlike what the manufacturer states. (7 miles)



Is used for both dogs and large cats since it weighs over 12 ounces. It has a waterproof GPS tracking device rated IPX6 which works on GSM/GPRS networks via GPS satellites. Begin tracking you pet in a maximum of 2 minutes after fixing the tracker. Download the tracking app on your IOS or your android smartphone and connect with google maps or iTunes. The tracker has a SOS button whish if pressed sends a sms or an email to your predefined phone number or email address. Insert the tracker with a simcard to get a sms purchased from AT&T or T-Mobile. This tracker has a geo-fencing feature which enables you to fence certain areas on the map and alerts you when the pet leaves or enters the restricted area, and can hear noises around the tracker and the speed status of your pet. The GPS tracking system updates after every five seconds. The tracker has a rechargeable battery and is packaged with a charger, a USB cable and a screwdriver. Customer views is that this tracker is efficient but can be complicated if it’s your first time to use it.


ROAMEO Top 10 Best Selling GPS Pet Trackers

It can track up to 0.5 miles. Thread the GPS-enabled color on your pet and use your hand-held receiver system which updates and displays your pet’s location after five seconds. No subscription fees is required therefore you can save those many dollars used in subscribing other trackers. With this tracker you can take adventures to many places with your pet. The collar is adjustable to fit any neck size of your pet and adjusts automatically just after you’ve fixed it. Both the hand-held device and the collar use a rechargeable lithium battery. Charger is available.


POCKETFINDER Most Popular Selling GPS Pet Trackers 2019

It’s used in dogs weighing 20 and above pounds. Its works on Assisted GPS technology and has a subscription fee with no contract required. Its tracker is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof and its power settings is adjustable to lengthen battery life. Use cellular network to track your pet on your IOS, Android smartphone or computer installed with the free tracking app. Alerts are send on your email or a sms is send to your AT simcard if the pet leaves the geo-fenced area. You can set as many geo-fence areas as you want. This tracker also alerts you if your pet is running faster than normal. The tracking device shows the place where your pet is, distance of your pet from you, its speed and where it’s heading. It has a battery life of three to five days depending on the power setting and you can request for battery alert notifications. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling GPS Pet Trackers in The World 2017.


PE TRACKER Top Famous Selling GPS Pet Trackers 2019

Provides tracking results of up to 10 feet using a GPS tracker that makes use of a satellite network. Download the free tracking app into your smartphone and use it to track more than one pet. It’s made durable to withstand most environments and is waterproof. You can set as many geo-fence areas as you want, so that you can get an alert if you pet leaves those areas. It has an inbuilt detection motion sensor that tracks only when the pet is on move. This extends the battery life. Track your many pets with this tracker and it will be simpler if you customize each pet’s tag to know which pet is wandering out of your geo-fence.


MARCO POLO Top Most Popular Selling GPS Pet Trackers 2018

It can track pets up to two-mile radius and its not a GPS locator. It uses the unlicensed 900 MHz ISM radio frequency band with no specified user requirements. It can analyze signals without any obstruction. Just press a single button on your hand-held device to search for your pet. The tracker locates the how far the pet is from you and where it’s heading. The collar is waterproof once is submerged at water for not more than 10 minutes at a time. The kits are available for individual, single pet, two and three pet kits. The hand set can monitor only three pets at a go. You can only set four geo-fence areas and you can set a specific zone for each pet. The collar has a rechargeable battery which can last up to 90 days with continuous monitoring. Use your cell phone network to monitor your pets.


LOC8OR PET GPS FOR DOGS Top Best Selling GPS Pet Trackers 2017

It works using A-GPS. When you are outdoors connect your cellular network to track your pet. The color is protected from scratches by a splash proof pouch. Depending on how active your dog is, you are able to access and set your update rate. The device can track up to 16 feet. You can set your map with areas of restrictions which when the dog leaves or enters you can get an alert and once your pet is lost you can trace it if a person presses the lost and found button found in the device, which shows the address of your dog’s location. The tracker’s battery can last up to 10 days depending on the weather. You can choose subscription charges of one, three or twelve months. The device comes with a two year warranty.


LOC8TOR FOR CATS Top Most Famous Selling GPS Pet Trackers 2018

It depends on radio tracking frequencies. It receives radio signals on 2.25GHz frequency band and transmits them. It weighs 0.175 ounces. The cat’s collar is protected by a splash proof case. This tracker has one inch accuracy. This device has no boundary alerts. It uses light indicators to show how far your cat is that is green, amber, and red for close, little far away and far away respectively. It gives you direction to go down or up, right or left. When you are closer to your pet the handset and the homing tag beep faster. You can use this beep sound to train your cat. The batteries last for up to five months and are replaceable. No subscription fee is required and you can use this device to track up to four cats.


GARMIN ASTRO 320 Top 10 Best Selling GPS Pet Trackers 2017

It uses GPS technology .Purchase two AA lithium batteries to use in this device and they should last for 20 hours. This device has water and snow proof features. It can track to a distance of up to nine miles, monitoring about ten pets. Customize your device to show a specific pet’s location, where it’s heading to and its speed. The device has a battery saving mode when the pets are lost. The package has a usb cable, user manual, AC adapter, vehicle charging adapter, four different length antenna a belt clip and a charging clip.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling GPS Pet Trackers in The World 2017. Before choosing any tracker, consider the weight of your pet, the size, the environmental conditions where your pet likes and how active the pet is. This means for example, if your pet likes swimming you’ll choose a waterproof tracker, and if its active and can walk to a far distance you’ll choose a tracker which can cover many miles.