Top 10 Best Selling GPS Navigational Systems in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling GPS Navigational Systems in The World 2017. Have you been on a road trip before and gotten lost? I know I have. It gets annoying trying to find your way around new places and you just want to throw your hands up and yell. The perfect solution to the problem is to invest in a GPS navigational system. These products are amazing for getting you to your locations safe and without getting lost. Below I have listed the top 10 best selling GPS navigational systems for 2017, they are all great and have amazing features that I am sure you will fall in love with!

List of Top 10 Best Selling GPS Navigational Systems in The World 2017

10. Garmin nüvi 55LM GPS Navigator System-

garmin-nuvi-55lm-gps-navigator-system, Top 10 Best Selling GPS Navigational Systems 2017

This GPS can be used vertically or horizontally. It does not go off of cell signal and if you enter a cell phone dead zone it will not affect your navigation at all. Tells you turn by turn directions which will include the street names. The screen is bigger than the older versions of this device which will make it easier to read the display. The speaker is loud and has a clear talking voice. As you are going down the road it will show the food places, gas stations, and rest stops instead of you having to stop and pull up searches of it all. Reviewers say it is easy to use and fast to learn about. The price is also good which everyone says was important to them when choosing a navigational system.

9. Garmin Nuvi 57LM GPS Navigator System-


Comes with some detailed maps already located on the device. It shows your speed that you are driving, the street you are on, the speed limit of the road, and will show you the estimated arrival time until you are at your location. Will also alert you of school areas and caution points. When you arrive at a complicated destination such as a big mall it will simplify your directions telling you the exact place that your location is at. Reviews love the feature because they say it makes it easier to know where all their favorite stores are located inside the buildings without having to go inside and spend an hour walking around searching the stores out.

8. Garmin RV 760LMT Portable GPS Navigator-

garmin-rv-760lmt-portable-gps-navigator, Top 10 Best Selling GPS Navigational Systems 2018

It comes equipped with RV routes located in the lower forty-eight states and even Canada. It even tells you the restrictions for both the United States and Canada. Customize the navigation to fit your motorhome by the height, weight, length, and the width. Just enter your information and it will find routes that fit your RV. A wireless backup camera will be compatible to hook up as well. Gives you spoken turn by turn directions for your trip along with the street names too. Additional features this system comes with are state border notices, tells you the speed limit changes, lets you know when the sun will be rising or setting, and gives you the mile marker numbers too. People love the price, and how it is specifically made for their motor homes instead of having to use a car GPS and it giving directions into places that their RV just will not fit in.

7. Garmin nüvi 65LM GPS Navigators System-


Gives you map updates for a lifetime, this helps for when businesses are no longer in service or if roads change. Has a six-inch display screen which will make it even better to read. The one thing people seem to not like about this one is that instead of giving a notification that the route is being recalculated this navigation will quietly recalculate and continue on. The screen is brighter than older models and is easy to see during the day.

6. Dinly 7 inch Car GPS Navigation System-


This GPS comes equipped with fourteen different languages, built-in games that can be played while traveling, it supports MP3 and MP4, will read eBooks, has a flash drive area, a calculator, and many other fun features. The voice directions are very easy to understand and even better to listen to than earlier models. It detects which lane you will need to be in and has easy to follow directions. Tells the street names and shows the speed limit for every area you are located in. Has a suction cup for easy window mounting. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling GPS Navigational Systems in The World 2017.

5. Garmin nüvi 55LMT GPS Navigators System-


Uses bright arrows for telling which lane to be in when coming up to a junction. The search field makes it easier to find addresses and a ton of points of interests such as shopping centers, restaurants, or family attractions like zoo’s, theaters, or parks. You can also access these places with the up ahead feature that is on the GPS, while you are driving it will show what is coming up ahead and you never have to leave the map and disturb you while driving down the road. Will issue an audible alert to let you know when there is a school zone coming up ahead. Is capable of adding custom vehicles and voices too.

4. junsun 7 inch Car DVR GPS Navigation System-


With this system, you can play games, watch videos, and download software all while driving down the road. This touch screen navigation also has the feature of voice activation. You just speak to the GPS and your device will respond making it easy to leave your hands on the wheel and keep yourself and others around you safe. Has a built in radar detector letting you drive safely and keep yourself from getting a traffic ticket? This one has a five-star rating with reviewers because of the features it comes with. They all love the voice activation, they say it is easier for them to speak what they are wanting instead of spending ten minutes typing and selecting choices. The radar detector is what makes this one a big seller because people like knowing where the cops are located of course and if they are nearby.

3. GPS Navigator, OUMAXG P50HD 5.0inch GPS Navigation System-


Has 3D maps installed already and gives you great views of businesses and landmarks. Has a tap and go feature that lets you tap the destination you are wanting and then you are ready to go because the system will set it all up itself. Give you lifetime map updates for locations in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The display is five inches so not as big as some of the others but the features alone will make up for the display size. Reviews like that the maps are 3D because it makes the viewing a lot easier and they can understand where they are going better by seeing the buildings and landmarks in the 3D form.

2. Garmin Nuvi 65LMT GPS Navigators System-


It turns into the split screen when an exit is approaching, has the school zone alert, and the larger screen is what people love about this device. The battery only lasts about an hour off the charger but can be left on the charger for while you are traveling so that should not be that much of a problem. Some people do not like that it does not let you know when it is recalculating. The device will update directly through its memory so no CD or software to download. Hook it up and click on the installation program and you are good to go. Reviewers love the price of this product and say that it is a great product for the money you spend on it.

1. Garmin nüvi 2597LMT 5-Inch Portable Bluetooth Vehicle GPS-


We have made it to the number one on our best sellers list. The Garmin 2597LMT comes with many detailed features such as voice activation, detailed maps that have free updates, and the traffic updates which is for if there are any delays or road work. It has Bluetooth compatibility to be able to connect your device such as your phone so you can use the hands-free calling the GPS offers. Just connect your phone via Bluetooth then store it away in the console or glove compartment and you are still able to make or take phone calls without ever moving your hands off the steering wheel. Instead of recalculating your route when you make a wrong turn it just continues on with the new route and shows automatically what your next turn will be. People say that the upgrades to this models are terrific and they love all the new features.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling GPS Navigational Systems in The World 2017. If you want to have a stress free and fun trip then purchase one of these navigational systems to help make the trip better. They all are well worth their product prices and will keep you safe on the road.