Top 10 Best Selling Golf Shoes for Men

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Golf Shoes for Men 2017. There are many companies that makes great shoes for athletes and sports competitors all over the world. They even make shoes for golfers. Many top rated golf players sport shoes when they are out on tour competing for awards and prize money. These golf shoes are some of the best in the world and they are high-quality products. The following information will highlight the top 10 best selling golf shoes for men in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Golf Shoes for Men 2017

10. Nike Lunar Bandon

nike lunar bandon, Best Selling Golf Shoes for Men 2017

Nike’s Lunar Bandon golf shoe are bulky but extremely good in west conditions. This shoe is extremely durable and can block out many different types of natural materials such as sand, water, dirt and debris. Once a golfer puts these shoes on they can play golf in a number of different environments all over the world. Even though the shoe is bulky it is very soft and has a great feel. The top of the shoe has a seam-sealed waterproof upper. It also has an asymmetrical zipper for added style. Golfers will pay $80 for this shoe.

9. Nike Lunar Cypress

nike lunar cypress, Best Selling Golf Shoes for Men 2018

The Nike Lunar Cypress is all about durability and comfort. This shoe is waterproof and feels extremely lightweight on a person’s foot. It has Flywire bundles which provide adaptive support. This is important since this shoe has a thin design. The overlay has been laser cut and specifically designed for maximum ventilation. The Lunar is also a very stylish golf shoe for competitors to sport while on the course. This shoe retails for $99.

8. New Balance NBG2003


New Balance NBG2003 is sturdy footwear for golfers that is comfortable and durable. This shoe features the REVlite cushioning. This technology simply provides golfer with softer stride as they move around the course. The shoe contains a lightweight outsole that is easy on a person’s feet. The shoe is waterproof and has a mesh upper. The stability cage also helps to stabilize golfers as well. Cleats have been included on the New Balance NBG2003 to provide maximum traction. This shoe is priced at $130.

7. Ecco Biom G2


The Ecco Biom G2 is truly a high performance pair of golfing shoes. This footwear is well known in the golfing world for its fine leather design and its BIOM shaping element which conforms to the foot. This shoe has a sleek look that is completed with great traction. The Biom G2 has also been ergonomically designed to feet shape of a person’s foot. This shoe is expensive since it is priced at $175.

6. The Callaway XFER Sport


The Callaway XFER Sport has an X Cage design which is used to keep a person’s foot maneuverable and stable. There is also an insert insole that brings balance and alignment to a person’s feet and body. This will provide a golfer with greater technique on the course. XFER Dyanamic Traction is included within the shoe. This technology brings fluidity to movement. XFER even has energy retention power that ensure that a person’s motion is not being wasted when they are on the course. This shoe is sold in stores for about $70. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Golf Shoes for Men 2017.

5. Adidas Adipower Boost



The Adidas Adipower Boost has customized wiring that provides balance and support. The shoe has maximum traction and stability. It also has a comfortable interior and it provides maximal energy return through its patented foam technology. The midsole actually massages a person’s foot. There are even traction anchors within this footwear that provides excellent grip. People can even customize their shoe with their name or favorite symbol. This shoe has a price of $85.

4. Ashworth Cardiff ADC


Ashworth Cardiff ADC golf footwear is made out a soft leather. It has a liner sock that provides great cushion and an interior to prevent aches and pain within a person’s feet. Cardiff ADC also has a great midsole that helps to keep a golfer’s feet comfortable while moving around the course. This footwear has great traction and has a really great look. His shoe cost around $100.



The Puma FAAS XLITE is a lightweight golf shoe that is made for easy movement. This shoe is comfortable and helps to reduce fatigue on a person by making their feet comfortable. The arches within the shoe help to provide maximum support. The upper materials on the shoe is made out of mesh. This material allows a person’s feet to breath and it helps to reduce moisture. A reversible sock liner is also included with each pair and FAAS XLITE owners can change their shoes around with various colored laces. The shoe costs around $100.

2. Oakley Cipher 4


The Oakley Cipher 4 is a high quality golf shoe that does not get a lot of press. This shoe was designed for golfers. It is a lightweight shoe with great ventilation. Golfers can easily walk around on this shoe because it is well padded and extremely flexible. The nanospikes on the bottom of the sole provide great stability. Oakley Cipher 4 has great traction as well. Oakley Cipher 4 retails for about $135.

1. Footjoy Hyperflex


The Footjoy Hyperflex is a shoe that was inspired by the Leonard P. Zakin Bunker Hill Bridge in Boston. This bridge has suspension cables that provide immense stability. The Footjoy Hyperflex has an exoskeleton which provides the grip and stability that a golfer will need while out on the course. The material is flexible and it allows a person’s foot to breath. It also has an advanced technological appearance. The shoe cost $160.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Golf Shoes for Men 2017. These golf shoes the best on the market for players. Each pair can help a golfer to stay on top of their game and even to excel at this sport.