Top 10 Best Selling Golf Club Sets in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Golf Club Sets in The Market 2017. Golf is not just a game for autumn or spring sunshine. It’s a game that brings joy to every beginner, intermediate and professional all year round. If you want an idea as to what to choose for your next round of enjoyment, we’ve compiled a list that is going to have your golfing heart racing with excitement. So grab your golfing shoes, have an esky on standby for those coldies and sit back whilst we take you on a visual where you can imagine what you’re in for whilst you choose a set.
With bags full of clubs in mind and there are many to choose from, we’ve rounded up a selection that will have you choosing the one with everything you’d need. We’ve included package sets that have had all the work done for you so that all you have to do is get yourself onto the course and start swinging. You need to remember however, it’s the tool you use to play the game that makes the master craftsman or the avid and accurate golfer. Let’s have a look at some of the best Golf Sets for 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Golf Club Sets in The Market 2017

10. Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set – $205

callaway-mens-strata-complete-golf-club-set, Top 10 Best Selling Golf Club Sets 2017

If you’re a beginner who has always dreamed of moment on the course, there’s this from the range that is offering 9 clubs that include a driver, a No. 3 wood, a 5, there are 6 9’s a wedge and the all important putter. The perfect beginner’s package starts right here with all the equipment you’ll need for an enjoyable game. With plenty to choose from; you’re not going to expect professional results on your first time out, there’s plenty of experimentation abounding. It is noteworthy also that this band offers clubs for women that include a 16 or 18 piece to choose from.

9. Adams Speedline Plus – $500

adams-speedline-plus, Top 10 Best Selling Golf Club Sets 2018

Adam’s is one brand that gives a game speed and accuracy. There are 11 clubs that are perfect for the initial bag of equipment ready for additions. With a graphite shafted one that will look after all your fairway shots, there are woods made from this substance for flexibility. You’ve got your steel shafts in your iron clubs including a putter and a sand wedge all of which are aerodynamically shaped for faster, more accurate flight of the ball.

8. Wilson Ultra 10 Women’s Set – $165

wilson-ultra-10-womens-set, Top 10 Best Selling Golf Club Sets 2019

This is something pretty gorgeous for all the ladies who have a vision of becoming a golfer. With the beginner in mind, the budding golfer will learn to enjoy the game. Given this is an extremely affordable array that will welcome additions, your Ultra 10 has everything a beginner needs, like a huge faced driver for those tee shots. For ladies who want to perfect the hitting space on that all elusive sweet spot. Perfect your swing, the clubs are made from steel and come in a convenient bag. The package is also available for men but who prefer a kickstand bag. It is all very affordable and very conveniently light weight for those who prefer to remain weekend hacks.

7. Cobra 12-Club for Men – $600

cobra-12-club-for-men, Top 10 Best Selling Golf Club Sets 2020

A package for the masculine breed. The package of 12 cobra is very reasonably priced and is at the pinnacle of perfection. The clubs, with technology available today, have been made to address the game in a way that provides ease without the frustration. These are clubs that deliver decent flight, and the beginner and the senior player will delight in them. Light weight, they provide an effortless game and are pure joy to play with. Once again, technology comes into play here with an aim for accuracy, distance, speed and flexibility. Speaking of which, you’ll get with the graphite shafts.

6. Tour Edge HP25 12-Clubs – $400


You’re sure to be delighted with a reasonable price that comes with 12 clubs. Tour Edge have included a long distance wood and the 460cc combats those off centre tee shots that are sure to become a swing from the past. The package includes all you need in a lightweight, won’t break your back package and provides an enjoyable 18 holes without worrying about paying your next mortgage.

5. Adams New Idea 12 Women’s Set – $1,000

adams-new-idea-12-womens-set, Top 10 Best Selling Golf Club Sets

Imagine setting off for a round of pure bliss. Playing a game with clubs that have placed themselves apart. Comprising 12 clubs that include a 6 and a 7 Hybiron (a popular brand), your distance, control, power, and delivery will be rewarded. Hybrid clubs give you the confidence to swing knowing your aim is sweet and your target is going to be exactly where the ball is being sent. Adams have garnered new technology that with a game or two will give you the pleasure of lowering your handicap. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Golf Club Sets in The Market 2017.

4. Wilson Profile XLS 11-Club from $211


How does customisation sound? You have the ability to customise your Wilson’s Profile XLS clubs to suit your stance, it’s a pleasure to go golfing. Armed with clubs that have been technically made to offer you several preferences in the length of the club, you also have preferences for the type of shaft you prefer and the grip that you’re used to which are all those little things that are a part of your golfing success.

3. Top Flite XL Golf Package – $190


Perfectly priced, these clubs are more than affordable for any budding learner who is aching to get in a game of golf. There is a package for them and has everything you need.The wood has a huge face so don’t be surprised because you’re in for a game of accuracy, lift, distance with power. There is a low-profile 3-wood and the irons all have a wider base. Your clubs have been perimeter weighted and include an easy to carry stand bag for optimal use.

2. The Callaway Lady Solaire 16 Petite – $900


For the ladies who stand as tall as they were created to stand, there has been a package of clubs that have been designed specifically for you. Hence the Petite name will delight you as you play a round of perfect golf. There is a lot of latest technology around and you’ll be playing a longer distance game with irons that hit your target truer and longer with a distance that will delight. The wood will give consistent launch with distance and accuracy from the tee and your putter by Odyssey which is perceived as one of the most popular putters in the range, will have you on the green in no time. The entire package is also delivered with a stylish little bag for convenience.

1. The Nike Women’s Package of Vapor Fly Pro – $788


Play like a professional with these clubs that deliver an improved design with less weight giving you more freedom to address your target and send it on it’s flight. The clubs are balanced and the steel shafted irons pure joy to hold. Powder coated in all attractive black, you’re going to be turning a lot of heads as you swing gracefully down the fairway. Whilst you’re watching your speed, your delivery is accurate and is translating to distance and accuracy at impact.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Golf Club Sets in The Market 2017. All sets on the list have been provided with the wallet in mind given that if you’re starting out as a budding golfer you’ve got an opportunity to choose a package that will deliver a game you’re after without having to sacrifice price. As with those people who have their game under par, the sets selected here have been included with more than the hacker’s game in mind.

And for those who are enjoying the competitions with their local clubs, there are sets available that can be added to, that offer the best of technology with graphite shafts and wood heads. For further information on all the equipment above, head over to where you can check out the reviews.

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