Top 10 Best Selling Golf Carts in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Golf Carts in The World 2017. Rather you are interested in playing golf for your own personal enjoyment or professionally, having a golf cart will be beneficial to you because it will make carrying the excessive weight of the clubs a lot easier. There are many factors to consider when trying to choose which cart is best suitable for your needs but in the end, it will all be well worth it. All of these products come with great features and the look of them are designed to be great for durability.

Some factors to think about when choosing a golf cart is weight, durability, tire size and if they are low maintenance or will need to be checked often, how much storage it comes with, will it be compact enough to fit into your vehicle, and rather it will be easy to push around or not. Some of these products have a higher weight than others which will cause it to be a little tougher to push once you add on your golfing equipment and anything else you need to have carried around, so having a lighter weight will be best for you if you do not have the strength to push a ton of weight. Storage is important if you have things like scorecards, drinking bottles, an umbrella, or anything else you need to carry with you while playing a round of golf on the course for the day.

The durability is important for is you want it to be long lasting and not have to buy a new one in just a few years. Think about the metal type of the product as well, rather it will rust easily or corrode. If you play in any type of weather then you need a metal that is going to prevent the rusting or corrosion. Tire size is important because if you play the game of different types of land it will be easier to push the heaviness around on rocks or grass or even pavement. Also, think about if the tires are going to be low maintenance such as having no air in them so you will not have to worry about if it gets a flat or not.

All of these products listed below are all great choices for every feature you may need. So think about your price range and then decide if one for these would possibly work for the types of features you may need.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Golf Carts in The World 2017

10. Easy Drive Golf Push Cart

Easy Drive Golf Push Cart Top Popular Golf Carts Reviews 2019

One click easy fold golf cart. The wheel swivels so it is easier to turn when moving around the golf course. Has low maintenance airless tires. Includes the drink holder, card holder, and umbrella holder so you will have places to store everything.Fastest folding cart you will ever lay your hands on.

9. Merax One


Click Folding Cart-This cart is very durable. Holds any bag you have and ready to go in little to no time. Just unfold and be ready to be on the golf course within seconds of pulling it out of your trunk.

8. Founders Club 2016 Qwik Fold


Patented with a one- click button that folds the cart to compact size. Press to brake then press again to unlock the brakes. Lock on any size bag with the adjustable top and bottom cradles. The handle is adjustable for the golfers who are different sizes. You have a drink holder, card holder, and ball and tee holder. You will never have to wonder where you will put all of your stuff that will not fit in the bag.

7. Easy Fold Golf Cart By JEF World Of Golf

Easy Fold Golf Cart By JEF World Of Golf Top 10 Best Golf Carts Reviews

Opens and closes with ease. It is very durable and has a great style to it. It has three wheels so it is more sturdy than some with two wheels. Comes with a scorecard holder and a ball holder so no worries if you lose a ball just snatch another and off you go. It only takes you about ten minutes to unpack and attach the wheels so you can go golfing as soon as you do all of this. No time wasted on trying to figure out how it is put together. The front wheel on it does not pivot left or right so simply lift the front wheel to steer the cart a new direction, simple and easy. Store your water bottles and tees in the handle for easy access. Weighs in about seventeen pounds so no heavy lifting hurting your back before a big game. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Golf Carts in The World 2017.

6. Courier Lite 2 Wheel Cart

Courier Lite 2 Wheel Cart Top Most Popular Golf Carts Reviews 2018

Has durable easy to install wheels with anti-slide tires. The lightweight steel helps you move around with ease. And a one step collapsible design keeps you from bending so much to fold it up. It weighs about twenty pounds. The wheel hubs are made of plastic which could be a disadvantage to some golfers who use the catty a lot. The straps are great but will loosen over time so keep a check on them to make sure they are tight. The plastic they use for the tire can brake and there is no fixing it so keep a check on it. It is just a simple and easy to use cart that can be used at any golf course.

5. C3 Push Golf Cart By Bag Boy

C3 Push Golf Cart By Bag Boy Top 10 Best Golf Carts Reviews 2017

Very well designed and a great quality. It folds down into a compact package. Takes up less room than the bulky old cart that you use to use. Has a nice cup holder for you to place your drink it and no worries of it spilling out onto anything.

4. Superlite Explorer 4 Wheel Cart


Patented with a simple two latched mechanism that folds the cart to compact size in two simple steps. It has a strong aluminum frame and weighs less than fourteen pounds. The front wheel can be adjusted to fit any size golf bag you have. You get an umbrella holder, scorecard holder that is integrated with storage compartment, a beverage holder and a mesh net. Will make your golf day so much enjoyable with the light weight of pulling it around. The fact that you can fold it down it will be out of sight so no one can see it and it will not be in the way for your wife to get mad about.

3. Clicgear 8.0 Push Cart

Clicgear 8.0 Push Cart Top Most Famous Golf Carts Reviews 2018

It has an oversized aluminum tubing for unparalleled durability. Has an extra large console with magnetically locking lid. Includes a cup holder and an umbrella holder for sunny days. The storage net you get with it is pretty huge for you to store everything in. Comes with an adjustable bag saddle and bag strap. The two cup holders it comes with are two different sizes so no worries if your cup does not fit in one just try the other. In order to engage the brakes tilt on back wheels and pull the lever and it will sit where you park it.

2. Deluxe Steel Golf Cart

Deluxe Steel Golf Cart Top Most Golf Carts Reviews 2019

This cart is lightweight and sturdy. It opens and closely in one fluid motion so no fighting with it to open before a game.The wheels are wide for stability, folds in half for easy removal. A waterproof scorecard holder so no worries of the score getting lost.Has a contoured bottom for larger bags with an adjustable strap. Some say that the wheel decided to fall off and give them trouble during the game. Rolls easily and has good quality material. It folds up small enough you can fit it in any size vehicle. The bag tends to slip off because the bottom is not a good size for it to hold bigger bags.

1. Clicgear 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

Clicgear 3.5+ Golf Push Cart Top Best Golf Carts Reviews 2017

This cart will fold down to about thirteen inches by fifteen inches by twenty four inches. Weighs about eighteen pounds so not that heavy. Has hand brake that locks so your bag does not roll away while you are teeing off. The tires are solid so you do not have to air them up if they go flat. To fold down pull the lever and done. Easy fold to make it faster to get put away. Has a storage compartment that the lid will lock with magnetic locks, but the hinges are plastic so they bend easy.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Golf Carts in The World 2017. So overall, these items would work for everyone. Rather you are a beginner or a professional player, the golf cart is a great expense to invest in because it will save time and money. Just attach your golfing items and start playing the game.