Top 10 Best Selling Golf Balls in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Golf Balls in The Market 2017. When looking for best golf balls in market, there are several things that one should consider. At times it can be confusing but once you get right features then you are ready to go. Some of factors to be considered include price, feel and durability. For a better guideline, we are going to examine best selling brands in market today. The list is shown below.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Golf Balls in The Market 2017

10. Callaway Supersoft

Callaway Supersoft Top Famous Selling Golf Balls in The World 2018

This one is popularly known for unique features like softness and comes in several colors like white, multi colors, yellow, pink and many others. For those players who are looking for durable and spin reducing balls then they should consider Callaway Supersoft. In 2015, Paul Ronald from Brazil conducted a detailed research that ranked Callaway as one of the most superior golf material in market.

Callaway is popular in most golf playing countries with features like greater performance, low spinning rate and flying straight nature. Currently, people who look for cheap and durable material crowd in internet to do their orders.

9. Callaway Chrome soft

Callaway Chrome soft Top 10 Best Selling Golf Balls in The World 2017

Some people confuse chrome soft and Supersoft in number 1 above. You can only differentiate them through their feel. Chrome soft is quite soft than Supersoft. When hit hard, this ball can go very far according to strength stored inside. Most golfers buy a full pack considering fact that they are so good. Good spinning rates, wind resistance ability and soft feel are some of impressive features that amaze fans all over. As a result, there is so much demand in market and hence appearing in this list of best selling ball brands.

8. Precept Laddie X

Precept Laddie X Top 10 Best Selling Golf Balls in The World

They were designed specifically for men and come in dark green color. Precept have few interesting features like wind resistant ability brought about by design and low compression level of about 80 to offer impressive performance. One good thing about them is relatively cheap price to allow people of various classes to purchase them. Experience gained from golfers is much encouraging.

Precept Laddie X is always celebrated yearly by various countries for perfomance, long lasting nature and comes with warranty of 3 years from manufactures leaving clients and fans with no choice but buying them.

7. TaylorMade Burner

TaylorMade Burner Top Most Popular Selling Golf Balls in The World 2017

Just as name suggests TaylorMade Burner was manufactured by Taylor, a golf player from USA. We can all admit that long and fast going golf materials are always best in market. In regard to this case TaylorMade has gained a lot of popularity and high market demand brought about by few features such as fast flights once hit and wind resistance ability hence do not suffer in strong monsoon winds.

TaylorMade products are always very expensive and not so many people can afford to purchase them. They are mostly used by international golf teams that don’t mind about their cost. However, when you do pack purchasing, things get a little bit cheaper. Their cost ranges from $300 to $500 per a single ball depending on size, color and season in each year.

6. Bridgestone E6

Bridgestone E6 Top Most Famous Selling Golf Balls in The World 2019

Bridgestone is also contributing to top 10 list of best selling golf balls in market. Researchers say that they provide a good feel while playing. This might be brought about by soft nature and wind resistance technology compared to others. Other features are optimal design to increase distance, a reformed cover to increase soft feel and durability. A single Bridgestone ball can stay for 10 good years but still being used. You may never thought of that but it’s true.

Bridgestone E6 brand is relatively cheap and long lasting hence recommended for most hustlers globally.

5. Nitro maximum

Nitro maximum Top Popular Selling Golf Balls in The World 2018

Nitro’s good performance is determined by unique design that ensures you get long distance travel once you hit them. Made of titanium core, this golf gadget is able to transfer energy from head to ball area. Its design can also increase lift and kill dragging nature. As a result, nitro can go longer distances and very accurate shots.

One packed box contains three executive pink balls. Purchasing in packs is much cheaper than buying a single one. A single Nitro golf material is worth $200 while a box of three is worth $400. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Golf Balls in The Market 2017.

4. Emoji Universe


Emoji is a Kangaroo brand that has been continually growing in fame over past few years. Of all Golf balls, this one has funny features that represent funny Gag gifts that you cannot miss to remember. Some of them include kissy faces (2), eyes that resemble money, tears that represent joy and heart eyes (2). Through this, a professional practice is done. Accuracy, correct spinning and long distance travel is gained by a titanium core inside. A single pack box of universe contains 12 yellow balls with different emoji features as stated above.

Emoji is popularly known for offering golf gift hence recommended by many people worldwide.

3. Staff Fifty Elite


Staff Fifty is popular for a rugged design which gives it a longer flight compared to others. Nicknamed as game changer, Elite can compress up to approximately 50. Golf player always confess durability nature and soft feel of this unique gadget and that it helps in making shots straight. Through this, accuracy and fair game is always acquired.

2. Bridgestone 2015 brand


This is another Bridgestone product made in 2015. Popular golf player recommend this material in order for them to avoid side spinning. However expensive it is, Bridgestone gives satisfying services in field.

1. Titanium Brand


Titanium brand tops in our list today. Fame came as a result of affordable price and long lasting nature. Some of impressive features are accurate and straight shots, good performance and maximum energy. Above all feature, titanium’s covers contain hard material that can make it last for more than 20 years.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Golf Balls in The Market 2017. I recommend these golf balls because of their durability, soft feel, strong wind resistance, great performance and easy to use. Only a few of them are quite expensive, the remaining brands are relatively affordable hence having a high market demand. If you are a golfer desiring to purchase a new ball, this guideline will be of much help.

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