Top 10 Best Selling Garden Gnomes in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Garden Gnomes in The Market 2017. There are various garden gnomes in market today. They all come in various colors and work differently. Some of the functions of gnome include scaring away garden destroyer and decorating houses if it has beautiful features. Best selling statues are stated below giving you a guideline for what you desire.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Garden Gnomes in The Market 2017

10. Echo valley hiking

Echo valley hiking Top Best Selling Garden Gnomes 2017

Echo is of lawn type and works much to achieve goals attained by gardener despite fact that its none living. You might thing a real person is in garden due to popular characteristics. Some of them are posing with white beards and a pure red hat meant to scare away bird of every type that come to destroy crops. Echo valley gnome is just simple but attractive, human like and weighs 2.5 pounds ounces. From its point of view measuring 9.84 by 3.94 by 3.94 inches, valley looks continuously on garden items like passing and flying butterflies, insects, birds and parts of grass.

Echo valley is just amazing and comes in a two description of color, white beard and red hat, poly resin material.

9. Toscana Zen mooning


Mooning is cheeky with funny physical appearance ideal for outdoor. Zen can be used in and out of rainy season because of water resistance nature allowing it to pose all night and giving gardeners easy moment of sleep. Toscana shine more at night than during daytime, which means no creature will miss to locate position point. If you turn upside down, a hollow design is visible which leavers many farmers complaining that is a good reason why light weight of 1.1 ounces and as a result, Zen falls down easily. But if you position correctly then I will never hear you complain about anything about weight and price

Toscana Zen is made up of plastic material from Sunstar Industries and measures 6 by 6 by 9.5 inches. They come in multiple colors giving you an option to choose.

8. Slumbering Gnome Garden Statue 39264


Look at the gnome that is thought to have worked so much and is now resting after a long day. Slumbering beats of humor does a fantastic work for every dedicated gardener by bringing charming stories into your decor. Compared to other gnome, slumbering can be a fantastic gift dedicated during housewarming and birthday parties. Affordability and durability makes everything interesting in many people. measuring 5 by 12 by 10 inches, this stature is made of poly Resin for durability, 3 pounds of weight, gift and decor brand and can be put in three styles namely lodge, cottage and casual.

7. Moonrays Solar-powered garden Fairy 91351


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Garden Gnomes in The Market 2017. Moonrays Solar powered shows a glowing bird in dark. A solar panel charges this statue during daytime and leaves it to glow overnight. With complete charge, Fairy can glow whole night without going off since battery is more powerful compared to other gnomes. Made of durable resin material from Moonrays brand, solar powered statue is always tough to withstand any harsh and tough weather conditions. It measures 7 by 7.9 by 9.6 inches with one battery best for outdoor use.

6. 5.00 Somewhere Tropical Party Gnome


Tropical statue is much detailed with impressing features like resin material for durability and withstand harsh weather conditions, comes in bright colors, water resistance nature and suitability to work in and out since it has attractive bright colors. You might think this one is just alive because of a tropical surfboard and drink in its hands. Designed by Mayinc productions, tropical is just amazing with desirable model to have a fantastic job done.

5. NCAA Male Garden statue


NCAA is made from resin material bringing long life with great decorations for both in and outdoor use. This male statue contains fun with its own with its superb designs. Children love it so much and always play to tease it. There are multiple colors to choose from when purchasing this male gnome. Measuring 11.5 inches tall, male statue is a forever collectibles brand.

4. NFL Team Beans Team Gnome


Any brand from Forever collectibles can never disappoint you because of long service in market. Its hand crafted model has been made from durable poly resin material taking it to longer years of good service. Team beans is ideal to work perfectly in virtual places like bookshelfs, desk, patio ad more so garden places. If you want to surprise your upcountry family with a suitable gift the Beans Team will work perfectly for you. Advantageous feature is that apart from working in garden areas, NFL is beautiful enough to stay indoors as a decoration.

Common features of NFL include 2 pounds of weight, many color options o choose from and measurements of 18 by 10 and 8 inches.

3. Great garden gnome Massacre BMGA MA


Massacre is an amazing gnome with scaring feature. It doesn’t look good for indoor decoration but rather used in specific garden with an aim of scaring away birds of prey and children who might think of coming to destroy crops. For those farmers who have been looking for something unique for their gardens then they should consider this garden massacre. Made from ceramic material, great garden has a scary look and hold two baby like dolls in both hands and one is already in mouth held by very sharp teeth like features.

Great Garden measures 5 by 6.75 by 9.5 inches with a lightweight of 1.35 pounds.



NFL is a unique way of showing pride in one’s team consisting of beautiful pieces of art for durability to suit its suitable price. Some features like handcrafted and hand painted make it suitable for use in and out of house. This must be a male gnome, because of the many white colored beards.

1. Moonrays Turtles 91515 solar powered LED Light


Moonrays is a set comprising of three cute turtles sited on a log of a tree. Both of them glow at night after being charged by a solar panel during daytime. A durable long life battery serves Moonrays until morning. They might look smaller in size but works surprisingly.

For 2017, the above list of Garden gnomes makes it in our list as best selling brands in market.