Top 10 Best Selling Garage Storage Racks in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Garage Storage Racks in The Market 2017. Once the garage was used to leave the cars, store or a place to keep unfinished projects. But today garage storage solutions are available to enable homeowners and garage operators to create more space for other activities. Gone are the days that the garage would only be used as an unkept dumping place. There are a lot of garage systems going from garage cabinets, wall hooks, overhead garage storage, shelving units and pegboards that are convenient to keep the tools, sports gear, and other essential items securely and easily accessible. One just needs to figure out how to store their items and what needs to be stored together then go ahead and purchase the best storage system available in the market. After our consumer review, we present the best seller garage storage racks in 2017 that will assist in making the right purchase decision based on what is loved and top rated by consumers on the market.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Garage Storage Racks in The Market 2017

10. Metal Point 2 Tire Storage Rack

Metal Point 2 Tire Storage Rack Top Famous selling Garage Storage Racks 2019

The metal point 2 tire storage Rack is among the best seller garage storage system this year. This system is made of strong but cost-effective boltless shelving line. The product has three levels and holds a capacity of 12 tires. The dimension for the product is 12×36×84 inches. The design can easily be adjusted to the consumer’s preference and makes assembly a walk in the park. All the Parts are easily attached without the use of screws, nuts, bolts or fasteners that are easily damaged or lost. The system uses dual rivet tire support beams and allows double entry that enable complete accessibility.

9. Wall Control Slotted Industrial Workstation Accessory Kit – Red


The Wall Control Slotted Pegboard Industrial Workstation kit is the best storage rack for garage tools in 2017. The system ensures complete security for conventional board pegs. The system offers an assorted industrial storage for essential tool accessories. Available in a red powder-coated finish which is durable and include brackets, hooks, and shelves. The steel is made of rust-resistance baked-on finish. The system through industrial accessories patent engagement offers secure hook engagement better than conventional pegboard hooks. The system includes 12 standard hooks, 3 bins with hangers, 4 medium hooks, a hammer holder, 3 C-brackets, screwdriver holder, U-hooks and 2 shelves. The item weighs 10 pounds and comes with a one year warranty.

8. Garage Storage Shelves Heavy Duty with Adjustable Steel 5 Shelf Metal Racks

Garage Storage Shelves Heavy Duty with Adjustable Steel 5 Shelf Metal Racks Top Best selling Garage Storage Racks 2017

This is one of the best storage shelves used in the garage. It is made of heavy-duty steel and holds 800lbs per shelf and 4000 lbs in total. The shelves are made of particle board and a durable black powder-coated finish that resists corrosion and chipping. The system has riveted beams and braces that lock themselves into the riveted holes in the corner posts enabling structural integrity. Also, the rivet holes for the corner post are adjustable at every 1-1/2’’ for precisely desired height installation. The assembly instructions are provided, and the system consists of open shelves for easy accessibility in the work area. The storage system has additional components like wheels, handles or casters to aid mobility when required.

7. WallPeg Starter Pegboard Kit 48 in’ wide with locking peg hooks


The Wallpeg Starter Pegboard Kit comes in handy when tools security is necessary and features in the list of the best seller garage storage rack in 2017. It is an incredible storage rack that helps organize the tools for easy accessibility. The pegboard comes with 24 different flex-lock peg hooks which aid in holding all the tools in order. It is easy to install, and no backing strips or spacing is required. This attractive Wallpeg Pegboard prides itself in features not available in traditional perforated particle boards. The system is 48 inches wide when mounted, measures 24.1×9×2 inches and weighs 2.2 pounds.

6. 4 x 6 feet. Overhead Storage Rack (24 – 45 inch/White)

4 x 6 feet. Overhead Storage Rack (24 - 45 inch-White) Top 10 Best selling Garage Storage Racks 2017

The Garage Overhead Rack from MonsterRax is one of the best-selling racks when it comes to overhead storage that decrease cutter and makes one more orderly. Overhead storage provided by MonsterRax’s is an inexpensive method to extend usable space. The ceiling rack enables total usage of garage space having all the things accessible. The rack can support up to a maximum of 500lbs and covers a 24 to 96 cubic feet of space. The system is available in White or off-white colors, and other products and hardware are not included. The system is not designed for steel frame structures.

5. Go Rhino! 2010R Small Oil Bottle Shelf


The Go Rhino! 2010R Small Oil Bottle Shelf hold oil bottles secure with a durable and suitable oil bottle shelf. This is one of the best-selling oil bottle storage racks for 2017. The system is crafted from steel sheet metal that is powder coated for tremendous durability. The Go Rhino2010R is available in numerous color options. The system easily screws to the garage wall, and the mounting screws come with the purchase. The item weighs 3 pounds and measures 17×6×6 inches. All hardware is included and has a Limited Lifetime Go Rhino warranty.

4. Pit Posse 606 Mini Work Tray Aluminum Enclosed Race Trailer Shop Garage Storage Organizer


The Pit Posse 606 Mini Tray comes in handy if you need to organize the garage area. Any available space calls for the Mini Work tray. According to expert reviews, this product is great and gives one value for their money. It features in the list of the best seller garage storage racks in 2017. The item is adequate for keeping store parts and other garage tools. The product measures 10×6×3 inches and weighs 2 pounds.

3. Holeyrail, Garage Organizer, Garage Organizer, 8 Foot, Industrial Quality


The HoleyRail garage organizer is the perfect solution for a garage. It is made of high-quality industrial steel and a Pre-plated Steel for outdoor or indoor applications. The system can support up to a load of 600lbs. The garage organizer uses Standard peg hooks that are not included in the purchase however it comes with 10 Pegstrappers to hold the peg hook in position. It is easily installed with the help of a cordless drill with the mounting hardware included. The storage system outshines many other organizers in storage capacity. The product weighs 5 pounds and measures 48×1×4 inches.

2. VonHaus Four Tier Garage Shelving Unit with Wall Brackets


The VonHaus 4 Tier Garge Shelving Unit is the most suitable storage rack for domestic and commercial purposes. It also features on the 2017 list of the top seller garage storage racks. The system is made of strong rubber feet as well as heavy duty black plastic interlocking shelves that make it durable and can support a maximum load of 60lbs per shelf. The product is easy to assemble requiring no tools and comes with four free wall brackets to enable safe fixing of the shelves to the wall. The system is easy to clean and measures 52×24×12 inches per unit when fully assembled.

1. New Dora Mop Broom Holder Broom Organizer


The Newdora Mop Broom Holder is the best seller garage storage organizer this year with a 100% thrilled customer guarantee. The system can be used in many areas like the garage, kitchen, garden, offices, laundry and any other place where needed to hold Brooms, Mops, Rakes, Towels, etc. The item is made of strong durable and weatherproof material. The design is easy to release by just lifting the handle. The product has a rolling ball that easily adjusts to every handle’s thickness and securely grips it, hence no need to worry about tools dropping to the floor. The system is easy and quick to install and easily mounts with six screws.

The enlisted storage systems above are the best and most bought garage storage racks for 2017 and gives anyone a clear indication on what the market provides as well as how the consumers purchase behavior.