Top 10 Best Selling Garage Door Openers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Garage Door Openers in The Market 2017. In our daily life, it has been noticed that quite a number of people struggle so much operating their garage doors. As a result, rust accumulates in them and are no longer of any use later on. Introduction of openers came to solve all these problems. Let us take a look on top 10 best selling brands of door openers in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Garage Door Openers in The Market 2017

10. LiftMaster Elite series


LiftMaster Stands in 10th position in this list with features such as horsepower that makes door opening quite fast and easy as well and heavy weight to lift any strong door. Elite is of more advantage because no noise is made during the whole door process. You find that in other door openers, there is a belt to measure exact door length. However, there is no belt in LiftMaster. Another advantage is a five year warranty that comes with this machine from manufactures. One cannot feature any unnecessary failure since manufactures always take care of that problem.

9. Genie PowerLift 900

genie powerlift 900, Top 10 Best Selling Garage Door Openers in The Market 2017

Genie PowerLift door opener comprises of 1 kg of HP motor hence flexible in lifting heavy doors and 3 buttons to make operation easier. That is quite enough and does not require more energy to support in opening any door. A machine that can come with a warranty of 15 years is of more advantage and that gives us a reason to go for genie in market. In case any counterpart failed, it is possible to purchase one from any authorized dealers. Another good thing is that even these counterparts are sold with a warranty of 3 years. This is just amazing.

8. Chamberlain power drive


Featured as one of the most long lasting door opener, Chamberlain is popularly known for flexibility, durability and superior power to operate silently. This powerdrive can be grouped among digital and advanced machine because you can use a remote program to control to operate, can work in dark situations because of 200 watt lamp, easy installation of rail system and a lifetime warranty. Market demand rose due to lifetime warranty from manufactures and is like giving a permanent promise that cannot be broken whatsoever.

7. Chamberlain HP


This is another chamberlain brand with both limitations and advantages. Some of advantages include fast operations due to remote operation, easy work, smooth and silent working, better results that come with power opening of doors. To mentions a few of its limitations, Chamberlain HP is very expensive hence only a few people are capable to purchase. Mostly used by big companies since they have a lot of income and cannot go much loss. Some other time noise is heard due to attached rails.

However expensive it is, Chamberlain comes with a warranty of 6 years from manufactures. You cannot miss such a powerful and trusted machine.

6. Horsepower PD752D ¾


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Garage Door Openers in The Market 2017. Horsepower system has ability to lift heavy doors hence placed in 6th position. Manufactured by Chamberlain Company, this opener strong enough and can operate either locally or by use of remote controls. When remote controls are used, operations go much faster hence there is no boredom experienced. Main features of Horsepower include durability, affordable price unlike other chamberlain products, installation of its system is always accurate and a system protector as well.

To add on top of that, horsepower Chamberlain comes with a lifetime warranty.

5. Genie Horsepower DC ChainLift


Genie Horsepower ChainLift is another powerful door opener from Genie manufactures that comes firmly packed from manufactures to work efficiently. A single system can be trusted to do quick but efficient and outstanding job. Interested clients are assured 5 years restricted warranty. For adorable work, more remotes are recommended to run systems in this machine.

It happens that one part of the machine failed in processing, you are advised to make an emergency order in their website or from any other authorized dealers. You will not get any loss in repairing your opener. In fact, Spare parts are even cheaper and come with a warranty of one year.

4. Chamberlain powerdrive 2004


This one is recommended for those clients with a problem of lifting heavy doors. Strength and working power in it results into more efficient work. Common people can only admire Chamberlain Powerdrive because of modern price. Its quality is measured by fantastic features such as system protector to help during lifting, good HP motor to release energy, remote to control operations, sensors and control panel.

Chamberlain is advantageous because of affordable price and warranty of six years.

3. Direct Drive door opener


Direct Drive is common among garages for providing enough power to lift heavy doors therefore producing efficient work. Are you looking for a strong machine to solve your problems and at an affordable cost? Meet direct brand. It is absolutely suitable for business and link systems of many homes.

Direct Drive is mostly characterized by enough amounts of power, durability, affordable price and restricted lifetime warranty.

2. Quiet and ultra Strong


From Chamberlain Company, we got another opener more advanced and work better than all of above. Featured as a special machine, it has one limitation of releasing much noise whenever working. This noisy can however be controlled by reducing speed of operation because it can complete its work within few second if not controlled. That is why a remote is more essential in occasions like this. However, for those operating them are always advised to put on ear muffs to avoid ear damage.

1. chamberline Whisper Drive


In our top position is whisper Drive which has been awarded this honor. Its qualities have contributed to this victory and high demand in market hence being best selling garage door opener. Some of the features include system belt meant to reduce noise during operation, sensors (2), remotes for controlling speed, excellent working, affordable price and finally a restricted lifetime warranty.

Above list contain most appropriate Garage door openers in market 2017. Choices and decisions are made in regard to price, durability, quality features and more so warranty. Good enough is that there is no door opener without warranty. Some of them have lifetime but restricted one. Your choice will depend on your own preferences.

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