Top 10 Best Selling Gaming Laptops Reviews

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Gaming Laptops Reviews for 2016-2017. Gaming laptops are special laptops. They manage in packing a small body. Before purchasing a gaming laptop, one needs to ensure that the laptop is future proofed for years. There are different types of gaming laptops. There are those which run AAA games in a year.These runs the current game with high graphic settings. Some of the gaming laptops perform through the GPUs of the main processor. Before buying a gaming laptop of your choice, different factors need to be taken in consideration. The price is the factor that comes in the first place. You buy it according to the size of your pocket. The other factors include the performance of the gaming laptops, the quality of the screen and audio, design, heat and noise.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Gaming Laptops Reviews for 2016-2017:

10. Gigabyte p35 vs

Gigabyte p35 vs Most Famous Gaming Laptops Reviews 2019

This is one of the best selling gaming laptops In 2016-2017 .It is an Intel PC that let gaming to creep in the territory of the battery life. It makes gamers to look viable. It is a productivity machine.Morover; it is a gaming laptop with a portability which is extra. It is a gaming laptop that features the GTX 980 m graphic card. It has a performance which is great. The reviews say that it has a screen which is wonderful. Moreover; it has a connection which is plenty.

09. Origin EDN17-slx

Origin EDN17-slx Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops Reviews

It is a gaming laptop which is built with a grade powered desktop. Origin EDN17 is a machine that can take an ultimate conclusion of the desktop which is portable. Reviews say that it comes with a note book, a processor and a GPUs chip. This is history on the powerful mobile devices as this one. It has a sacrificed portability on its weight and also on the life of its battery..It is worth the trade offs of a performance which is great.

08. MSI GT 62 Dominator

MSI GT 62 Dominator Top Biggest Gaming Laptops Reviews 2019

This is among the top 10 best gaming laptops with a graphic performance which is impressive. Moreover, it has a display of nvida G-sync which is vivid and accurate.Furthermore, it has a keyboard which is super comfortable. This is done by the agile transfer speeds which are extreme. It is an amazing laptop that works best on the audios. It is a gorgeous machine that uses transfer speed which is optimized on gaming. In addition, it has a 15-inch display

07. Asus Rog G752

Asus Rog G752 Top Famous Gaming Laptops Reviews 2018

This is a gaming laptop which is designed in an aggressive manner. It is brushed with panels of aluminium, glowing red segments as well as angular lines. It is a gaming laptop that has 17 inches and it delivers a performance which is heavy.Moreover, it has the capability of playing games which are modern in a smooth clip. It is a laptop which is new in the market.Furthermore; Asus has a game play which is tear free even if the GPU of the mobile does not keep up. Not only being a blessing on the strong thermal performance, it has a touch pad and a spacious keyboard.

06. Alienware 13 OLED

Alienware 13 OLED Most Popular Gaming Laptops Reviews 2018

It is a gaming laptop with OLED display which is superb. Alklienware has a performance which is great for the price. Moreover; its quality of audios is excellent. Not only having a superb keyboard, it also has a dazzling screeIit.It is a gaming laptop with design which is portable

05. Lenovo ideapad Y 700 15 inch


It is a best selling gaming laptops 2016-2017 with a stylish look.Moreover; it has a battery life which is ample. It has track pad buttons which are terribly made. They are an introduction which is great in the gaming laptops in the world. Not only having a metal chasis, it comes with power which is enough for the modern game. Although being an inexpensive gaming laptop, it stands amongst the budgetary laptops.

04. Alienware 17

Alienware 17 Top Most Gaming Laptops Reviews 2017

It is a gaming laptop which is affordable.Allienware 17 has a performance which is great. The most amazing thing with this laptop is on the usage of large and quiet fans. It is a powerful machine that works best. It is price worth when regarding it with its capability to perform.

03. Razor Blade


It is a gaming laptop which is portable. Its performance is on the slim package. Its system is amazing with an exterior which is mattle black. The negative side with this type of gaming laptop is that of running hotter and louder. It has a backlit keyboard which makes it to emerge as the number 3.

02. Origin EON15- x


This is a gaming laptop which is the best ever. It has a skylake processor. This gives it the ability of offering the greatest performance. It is the best to the users who need to edit videos and for doing the other intensive tasks.Moreover, it contains an extra kick off performance in considerate of the kick in considerate of the running game. Furthermore, it has a GPU which is powerful.

01.Acer Predator

Acer Predator Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops Reviews 2017

It is a gaming laptop which was introduced in 2015 as IFA.Acer Predator has a stereotypical mattle which is black and red, its layout is sturdy and spacious with an inclusion of number pads which are full sized. It is among the best laptops that are more subdued than the others. It has a performance that matches with the aesthetic game which is oriented. It is a gaming laptop that envies the mid range and best selling gaming laptops 2016-2017.

These are the gaming laptops with the greatest performance power. They are the top 10 best gaming laptops reviews for 2016-2017.This will help you in fulfilling your dream of buying a gaming laptop.

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