Top 10 Best Selling Folding Bikes in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Folding Bikes in The Market 2017. Folding bicycles are characterized by pleasure in riding. This is confessed daily by those who have already experienced that. Currently, many folding bicycles have been invented and in market today. According to quality difference, price tags always range from one size to another affecting demand. I have taken time to point out some unique and best selling brands.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Folding Bikes in The Market 2017

10. FunnyPro foldable Bicycle

FunnyPro foldable Bicycle, Top 10 Best Selling Folding Bikes in The Market 2019

FunnyPro brand is particularly convenient and functional for everyday use. It you want to meet all your expectations in riding industry then FunnyPro will let you go through a fine experience. Some of its unique characteristics include an adjustable height to favor people of different measures, six gears that leave you with many options and versatile nature making it quite amazing. If you want to enjoy more of FunnyPro, it is always advisable to get flat way with no terrains.

FunnyPro Foldable brand is popularly known as speed six and is worth $500.

9. Montague Paratrooper express


Montague is best known for top unique design concepts meant to give best riding experiences that you can always hope for. One good about them is easy of riding and some other characteristics include reliability when in big roads, folding feature for easy use and other unique features that are regularly used by other bicycles.

Despite its high cost of purchasing, Montague brand is long lasting and comes with a warranty of two years from manufactures. This means that buyers are guaranteed quality of their money once it to work without knowledge or faults from manufacturing company itself.

8. Xspec Speed Compact


Xspec product is one of the most leading and people’s choices in market today. Market demand keeps rising High and high each particular day. Many bicycle fans globally gives positive comments including speed, availability of back and front gears when purchasing it as a bonus and effective folding techniques once done with riding.

Xspec has large tires to conquer muddy conditions during raining season. However expensive, quality itself is able to meet value of your money and is worth $3000.

7. Ford speed 7


As the name above suggests, this one was designed by Dahon Muon of United States of America. He came up with this unique design for great functions. Some people may use it as hobby while others conducts great business deals through its help. Apart from durability and other powerful features, ford is attractive leaving many people amazed as you ride along streets. Other unique features may include comfortability, responsive and easy to ride in rough areas.

Fold brand is recommended for only tall people and are numerous in market due to costly price of $10,000.

6. Allen sports urban aluminum framed bicycle


It is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Folding Bikes in The Market 2017. Allen is sport equipment that comes as an addition of premium products and can be used in both for several purposes. Popularly known for powerful features designed to handle terrains with easy. Availability of a 7 speed gear system makes Allen more powerful in delivering more services and more advantageous in reducing hassle of gear switching. If you happen to ride this brand in flat area, lightweight nature will give you a unique experience that will leave you yearning for all your life. Brakes cables, shifter and other important features are tied neatly in their places giving it a unique look.

Allen sport bicycle is worth $ 400 only.

5. Thunderbolt Camp Shimano


This brand was manufactured in 1909 in Japan by a manufacturing company that was led by John Shum (died in 2002). Popularity came due to 20 frames that made it possible to perform many different jobs. In 2002, Thunderbolt was ranked as one of best selling brands due to high quality standards. Shimano’s riding speed can meet that of a motorbike in a relatively flat area. To improve fitness for easy riding, consider reducing carbon footprint once in a while according to your requirements.

Thunderbolt Camp Shimano is currently worth $500.

4. Shimano 20 folding city


It is another brand of John Shum from Japan constructed in 1995. Design itself offers great performance and highly convenient for daily workouts and commuting. If you need an admirable brand of bicycle that won’t let you down, then go for Shimano 20 and avoid being afraid in venturing more terrain areas because overcoming doesn’t come that easily.

Shimano received an award of admiration in 2005 worldwide for fantastic and attractive design of good performance. Currently, the price of this bicycle brand is approximately $6000.

3. Dahon Vybe D7


Some of Dahon’s extemporary features include sturdiness, light nature that comes with its design and ability to conquer heights and terrain areas where regular bicycles cannot work better. Seven gears are lifted high to suite every environment coming across. For bicycle riders who wonder where to buy high quality equipments, you are advised to try dahon’s vybe D7 brand.

Dahon can be purchased online or from any authorized dealers in market with a price of $700. Good thing about it is affordability and comes in different sizes for different sizes of people.

2. Dahon Marine D7 folding Bike


This is one of the most popular and best selling bikes worldwide therefore appearing in our list today. Are you in need of reaching great level in riding? Make effort of owning Dahon marine brand from Dahon investments in USA. They are easy to carry around because of compact form of folding. In addition, safety is guaranteed and quick shifting design.

1. Schwinn


Schiwinn tops in this list of best selling brands in market. These kinds of bikes are best known for their durability, easy riding and always comfortable because of uniquely designed feature. Other than all that, there is no other brand that gives more satisfying experience than Schwinn. In fact, the history behind it made it more popular than what is done today. Schwinn’s manufacturing company laid a great foundation record that cannot be easily conquered by another bicycle brand.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Folding Bikes in The Market 2017. I am just hoping that above guideline has been of much help to you in regards of deciding the kind of bicycle brand model to purchase.