Top 10 Best Selling Flush Toilet Tank in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Flush Toilet Tank in The Market 2017. There are many selling flush toilet tank in market. They come in different colors, designs, and also price tags. More than a hundred companies have world of fame in introducing their products. The list below defines quality toilet and bestselling brand globally.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Flush Toilet Tank in The Market 2017

10. TOTO Ultramax Het Double elongated Tank


Ultramax is a product most famous company in Japan called TOTO. This company is popular for making durable plastic Tanks for storing water and also flush toilet tanks. Het brand comes in various colors such as cotton (dark), white cotton, beige (Sedona), bone, pink, yellow, cream and pure white. To attain this tank at a cheaper price, it’s better to purchase two at ago for their will be a discount than buying a single one. History of Het states that most powerful of this tank uses approximately 1.5 gallons in a single flush.

Toto is just a perfect model for a modern home because of unique design, water saving feature and durability. However, sometime back some people complained in their website that they ordered for a full tank pack but never received in full.

9. Water Saving Option 2


Indeed it’s water saving option tank from TOTO. Places with water problems are recommended to use this brand just to save water. These places are like Texas, Colorado, California and some parts of Australia. In 2009, water saving was mandated to in California, Texa and Mexico to be using less than 1.8 gallons in a single flush. Advantages of water saving include strong power to flush, long term life without failures, general appearance is amazing and pleases most people and works much easier compared to one above. To add on top of these, they come with a warranty of 4 years from manufactures.

However, some parts of Australia have forwarded their complains to manufactures concerning little water used and does not dispose all dirt.

8. Supreme power Tank

Supreme power Tank Top Famous Selling Flush Toilet Tank in The World 2019

Supreme model is another powerful flush toilet designed by TOTO and always tops in many lists of best toilet brands. Design itself gives maximum comfort and elongated seats prevent much noise when you want to close it. Popularly known as a one seat toilet, Supreme brand is 15 high and uses almost 2 gallons in every flush. Its flush is assisted by gravity therefore works much faster than other competing models.

Some of supreme’s important features include powerful flash that washes away everything, comfortably designed for families with children and expectant mothers.

7. American standard 2004

American standard 2004 Top 10 Best Selling Flush Toilet Tank in The World 2017

American model is a medium priced tank that comes in various colors such as linen, cream white, pink, yellow and pure white. Standard is popularly known for its perfect series of toilets representing America’s most popular manufacturing company. First designed in 2004 in Mexico City, this flush tank is recommended for restaurant and big hotels where many people share one toilet. In this way, bad odor will be minimized. Important features include large surface area of about 70% making disposing easier, weight of 117 pounds and restricted warranty of 10 years from manufactures.

6. Champion 4

Champion 4 Top Most Famous Selling Flush Toilet Tank in The World 2018

Champion 4 is an approved durable toilet tank popular with its simple and cool features that work together to perform an essential work in most homes. It shines a lot because of materials like china’s Vitreous that gives it a wonderful look for a long time. Before being released to market, champion 4 was tested in Flush and they proved to work a full capacity without failure. Clients of Champion 4 have been promised a trouble free experience with this tank due to features like powerful piston action flush and weight of 119 pounds for long life.

However, they use a lot of water in a single flush therefore cannot be appropriate in areas with water problems.

5. TOTO one piece toilet


A modern home can never be complete without this amazing product from TOTO Company. TOTO one peace is a very popular brand that comes in 5 main colors that are white, cream white, light pink, beige and bone colors. A system used by one piece contributed to its market demand. Most people get attracted to it because of beautiful design, larger size than other competitive ones and a powerful flush valve of 3 inches that works to dispose all kind of dirt regardless that it’s a toilet. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Flush Toilet Tank in The Market 2017.

4. American standard dual flush

American standard dual flush Top Best Selling Flush Toilet Tank in The World 2017

This is more advanced in market with impressive features including bright colors like pure white, cream and pink, wide surface area to fit people of different sizes especially women and symbolic dual flush technology. In order to get a good experience with toilets, consider purchasing American standard option. However, this brand is much expensive compared to others.

3. TOTO drake 2 piece bowl

TOTO drake 2 piece bowl Top Most Selling Flush Toilet Tank in The World 2019

According to our observation, TOTO Company is dominating in our list today. More than four brands have just shown up giving clear quality features that have contributed to higher market demand. Two piece bowl is maintained by cleaning with a powerful detergent to keep colors bright and leaving it shiny. Consumers all over the world love its quiet and quick service that comes as a result of combination of many flushing systems in one tank. Drake Can be used with other appliances to bring efficiency.

2. TOTO Neorest dual flush

TOTO Neorest dual flush Top 10 Best Selling Flush Toilet Tank in The World

This is the most powerful among other TOTO products today. Neorest gets almost on top of our list have been featured on its free automatic flush capable of giving better attributes in most homes and public offices. It has a sensor to detect when you want to use and when you want to go out. Hygiene is maintained during that process since your hands can not tamper with any dirt.

1. Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT one piece

Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT one piece Top Most Popular Selling Flush Toilet Tank in The World 2018

Saniflo is the best brand in market with very high price. Before research that was conducted in 2015, this brand used to be very costly hence only a few people were capable of purchasing them. Later on they realized and sliced their price tag. Currently, Saniflo is the top selling brand in market.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Flush Toilet Tank in The Market 2017. Different toilet tank brands are changing in design and price daily. Find a suitable one for your home following guidelines above.