Top 10 Best Selling Flower Gifts For New Year

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Flower Gifts For New Year 2017. When it comes to giving a gift, consideration should be given to the receiver’s lifestyle. While it’s nice to receive a dozen roses from someone, or carnations if money is limited, it’s also kind of generic. There are many ways to present flowers and plants as a gift that anyone can appreciate.

Many gifts can also be made using silk flowers, which today look and feel like the real thing. Considering these don’t have to be watered, this factor alone can make the receiver happy. Below are some ideas for the Top 10 best-selling flower gifts for the New Year in 2017. These can be found at most floristry shops or made by hand, if a person has a knack for crafting.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Flower Gifts For New Year 2017

1. Wreaths –


No longer intended just for winter holidays, there are styles that suit every season as well as special occasions. These days, there are circular or square versions that are made from flowers, plants or other decorative accessories. Red or pink roses may be used to celebrate Valentine’s Day, bright flowers or green succulents may work for the spring season and so on. Dried branches may also cut and formed in the shape of a wreath to be hung on a door in the fall or winter season. By painting the branches or adding decorative touches like artificial snow or other holiday details, this is a unique gift for someone who is not into floral arrangements.

2. Decorative gifts –

Decorative gifts Top Most Famous Selling Flower Gifts For New Year 2018

This is best suited using silk flowers. By taking foam pieces that are normally used as a flower stand, ends of flowers may be glued to the surface to create a floral shape. Balls, squares, or other unique shapes may be hung on a wall or made to stand upright on a surface. While some craft stores may sell these products along with ideas, sometimes a powerful glue product (with remover nearby) will suffice.

3. Framed artwork –

Framed artwork Most Popular Selling Flower Gifts For New Year 2019

An old picture frame may be renovated using pieces of silk flowers or branches. By cleaning the surface and adhering flower bulbs or dried pieces, the picture frame may see a new life. For those who aren’t crafty, it may be best to experiment with double-sided tape. This is just in case something needs to be cut or changed around so it does not overtake the picture inside the frame. Then again, there are some who like to hang empty frames that are decorative. If this isn’t possible, many gift companies can do this with fresh or silk flowers.

4. Gift baskets –

Gift baskets Top Famous Selling Flower Gifts For New Year 2019

These can contain a number of goodies and there’s no one defined way to put these together. If fresh flowers are being used, it helps to wrap them with care directions attached. Small plants or succulents may be used also. Some gift baskets have a theme, such as sports, house warming or wedding. It’s best to include things the receiver will have use for or at least appreciate. One popular concept is a chocolate and flower gift basket containing things like wrapped chocolate bars or pieces, hot chocolate packets or cookies with roses or other favorite flower. Baskets can be decorative or practical. Some people use color coordinated shopping bags, instead of baskets, which can be re-used. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Flower Gifts For New Year 2017.

5. Ceramic mug or Mason jar –

Ceramic mug or Mason jar Top 10 Best Selling Flower Gifts For New Year 2017

Some people like to collect mugs or jars and some like to drink out of these. In the latter case, it may be wise to place a barrier between the flowers or plants and the surface. Wax paper or plastic is ideal, as long as it’s not a porous product. Some gift designs include a circular bloom flower like a chrysanthemum or sunflower cut down, leaving an inch or two of stem and placed inside. Sometimes wrapped candy or mints are a nice way to keep flowers in place and can be enjoyed later.

6. Flower boxes –

Flower boxes Top Most Popular Selling Flower Gifts For New Year 2018

Like frames, silk flowers may also be used along the edge of boxes using the same technique with glue. Using an usual shape, like a hat box, adds to the visual aesthetic. Circular bloom flowers work best or a multitude of smaller flowers like dandelions. Some gift companies place flowers on the inside as a cushion for another gift.

7. Succulents and plants –


There are so many types on the market now and have grown in popularity. These, like the colorful hens-and-chicks or pincushion cactus, have more visual appeal than the old cactus gifts from decades ago. The growing popularity is mostly due to the fact that these are replacing traditional landscaping as a reduced-water alternative. Many appreciate the fact that most plants and succulents require little water and a reasonable amount of sunshine.

8. Color coordinated gifts –

Color coordinated gifts Top Best Selling Flower Gifts For New Year 2017

Sometimes there is something about gifts that match in color, or are part of a family. One idea for a housewarming gift is to place blue orchids with a dark or medium blue towel set or candles as a gift. Blood roses may be combined with fruits or bath products that match its orange or red hues. If there’s a limited budget for flowers, most floristry shops sell loose petals and mesh to make a potpourri package to accompany another gift.

9. Hanging holder –

Hanging holder Top 10 Best Selling Flower Gifts For New Year

These have come a long way since the macramé plant holders that were popular in the 1970s. Wrought iron (good for outdoor use), mesh hammock, and wood are stylish, as well as durable. One popular design is a clear, plastic bubble with partial opening to keep flower or plants secure. These days, the macramé model comes in a number of vibrant colors that bring life to any living space.

10. Troughs and vases –


While it was once tradition to present someone with flowers in a plastic or glass vase, today there are alternatives. A vase, or vase’, comes in many materials like ceramic, terra cotta, wood, as well as a variety of shapes. Troughs are made of wood, are of rectangular shape, and sit securely on most surfaces. Many florist retailers sell these with a variety of flowers and plants, or with several decorative plants. Depending on the overall height, they may be used on the floor or a wall shelf.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Flower Gifts For New Year 2017. There are many services that create customized gifts according to the receiver’s affiliations or interests. If a person is slightly creative, they can also create gift bundles that can be used more than once. This is a nice way to establish good communication that is essential in business and personal relationships. These days, gift ideas are made to suit different types of lifestyles, even those who may not seem like the type who likes flowers, or anything that is considered pretty.