Top 10 Best Selling Flared And Wide Leg Jeans in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Flared And Wide Leg Jeans in The Market 2017. Well, here we are, no one saw the time coming when style to women would mean doing away with their skinny jeans. In place of these slim legs, they are turning back to the wide leg, the kick flare, and the bell bottom. It is a definite implication that it is about time you pulled yours out of the closet. Or invest some money into buying one or two. If you are one of those skinny leg loyalists, let me explain something. Wide legs help you elongate your stems, specifically the ones with higher platforms and waists. They make you look extra lean. If you are not yet convinced, scroll down the article and check out the top 10 Best Selling Flared and Wide leg jeans.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Flared And Wide Leg Jeans in The Market 2017

10. Mother flare jeans


These are the kind of jeans that will make you pull out all those peasant shirts that you have kept away. These high waisted jeans are making a rapid comeback, and they are bringing along the overall 70’s fashion trend. The design of the jeans consists of super flared legs that fully bring back the style in full force. You can match these trousers with a peasant shirt and some sneakers to pull off a classical, yet elegant look.

9. H & M Wide leg jeans

H & M Wide leg jeans Top Most Popular Selling Flared And Wide Leg Jeans 2018

The H and M wide leg jeans have a retro feel about them. They are the kind of jeans that take you back when you are wearing them. Other than this beautiful retro look, the jeans are some of the most affordable ones you will find on this list. They have braided style at the belt area that adds a sense of fashion to the jeans. You can wear them together with some tuck in blouses to display this braided trim.

8. Madewell Wide leg jeans

Madewell Wide leg jeans Top 10 Best Selling Flared And Wide Leg Jeans

The traditional work wear inspires the design of these jeans. They are the type of jeans that you can wear when going to work. They are made from cotton and lyocess. They are probably the most versatile jeans on the market, and you can wear them with plain colored blouses and tops. You can also choose to monogram the pockets of these jeans worth up to nine letters.

7. Elliott Wide leg jeans

Elliott Wide leg jeans Top 10 Best Selling Flared And Wide Leg Jeans 2017

It is a frequent/often sight nowadays to see some women rocking the Elliot wide leg jeans. It is clear indication of the rapid comeback that these jeans are making. People are investing money in these jeans due to this growing popularity. The jeans are perfect for an individual who is going for a relaxed and a casual look. You can wear these jeans with a leather belt and a tucked in button down.

6. Rag & Bone kick flares


The flared legs of the Rag and Bones jeans a little bit exaggerated. They are perfectly incorporated in the cropped jeans, making them the perfect choice for those sunny and warmer days. Although they look almost similar to the Capri pants, the Rag & Bone jeans are not as typical. They come with a frayed them that give them that casual look.

5. H & M kick flare Jeans


These are the most fitting jeans for those off-duty days when you want to rock some sneakers and try on your most comfortable tee shirt. It comes in a classic blue Demin color that has a whiskered detail finishing. The jeans flare up just above the ankles, going down. They are some of the most popular, not to mention among the top selling flared jeans.

4. Levi’s Kick flare jeans


Due to the design of these jeans, we must admit that these kicks flare jeans are the hottest crop we have this year. They are also experiencing some of the top flared jean sales in 2017. They are purely made from a non-stretch cotton material, with light distress touches thought the fabric. The design also includes a raw-edged hem that cuts off just at the ankles.

3. For All Mankind Culottes


If you are looking for jeans with a more tailored look, you should try on these jeans. The first thing you notice about these flared jeans is the hand-sanded twin denim that has a sophisticated feel to it. The jeans’ legs are also slightly fitted through the knees. These jeans are perfect for parties or attending classes on the weekend.

2. Olivia Palermo Culottes


Olivia Palermo is a famous designer who designed these flared jeans as part of the Nordstrom collection. The jeans make use of cute detailing that makes these jeans stand out from the rest. The details take the form of a row of edge hem and braided trim. Although they are quite costly, they are the ideal jeans for someone who understand the meaning of style and class.

1. J Brand Culottes


They make the list as the tenth best selling wide jeans. They incorporate a culottes style, which is the key reason that these jeans are gaining traction in such a rapid manner. You should not think twice if they catch your eye, pick the denim fashion and make it part of your weekend outfit. This pair of jeans features wide legs that open up just below the knees and midrise towards the belt area.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Selling Flared And Wide Leg Jeans in The Market 2017. Fashion is not always about wearing the latest clothing that lands on our market. Great style can sometimes be realized by deciding to go old-school, with a touch of modernization. Flared jeans are perfect for anyone who wants that classic feel. The flared jeans discussed in his article are the top 10 selling and trendiest jeans that you can try out.