Top 10 Best Selling Fitness Trackers & Watches in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Fitness Trackers & Watches in The World 2017. Fitness trackers and watches. Can’t people get enough of them? Apparently not. It seems more and more like people expect their watches to do more and more. It must be hard to keep up. In any case, this list of the Top 10 Best Selling Fitness Trackers and Watches will serve as your shopping list. And with the holidays around the corner, you might want to hang onto it. Better yet, keep it to show everyone else what you want as a gift.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Fitness Trackers & Watches in The World 2017

10. Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker Top 10 Best Selling Fitness Trackers & Watches 2017

Fit Bit has become the perennial name for tracking fitness, so it should be of no surprise to find that their products keep getting better and the types of trackers keep expanding. This one is not the lowest rung of their products, but it is very affordable. It hasn’t quite broken the stigma that it got over the past few years with the rashes, but it is still a very good, affordable fitness trackers.

9. Garmin Vivosmart HR+

Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Top Famous Selling Fitness Trackers & Watches 2019

For the best names in GPS, Garmin is one of the tops, and in recent years it has become a primary name in fitness trackers as well. This one is not the best choice for everything since it does have a few things such as a swimming mode that are lacking, but it’s still a good tool for what it is. If you’re a runner or a walker who wants to keep track of steps, you want sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and other perks, this is a good one.

8. Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 Top Most Famous Selling Fitness Trackers & Watches 2018

You can always count on Fitbit coming up with something that is better than they had before. This one, however, is a big step up, even though it does seem to have fallen short of all its expectations. The Charge 2 watches your steps, sleep monitoring, breathing training, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, and a huge gauge of fitness, your VO2 Max. For all of those who are hyper anal retentive, this is a no-go, but for anyone who is interested in keeping track of their general well-being, this one is tops.

7. Misfit Ray

Misfit Ray Top 10 Best Selling Fitness Trackers & Watches

The Misfit Ray was a huge step out from the traditional designs of fitness monitors. It’s not designed along the usual, but this one isn’t usual. It keeps track of sleep tracking and steps, but it also keeps you posted about calls and messages with any phone that is paired with it. You can also use it with a strap or as a pendant. You can’t go wrong with this one.

6. Fitbit Alta

Fitbit Alta Top Best Selling Fitness Trackers & Watches 2017

For anybody who says that Fitbit isn’t trendy, this one will probably change their minds. In fact, it is probably the best looking Fitbit yet. It has a decent sized screen and a variety of colors for the bands. As far as the technology is concerned, it tracks your steps, sleep, elevation, and delivers basic notifications to your wrist. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Fitness Trackers & Watches in The World 2017.

5. Misfit Shine 2


Are you tired of having to wear an ugly piece of rubber around your wrist? Then take note of the Misfit Shine 2, which is a tiny unit that clips to your shoe to deliver all of the relevant fitness data. Further, there are adapter modes that will let you change how you wear it too. Put it on your belt, pocket, necklace, or practically anyplace else. It’s just as accurate as it is anywhere else.

4. Jawbone UP3

Jawbone UP3 Top Popular Selling Fitness Trackers & Watches 2019

This one has got all of the features you could possibly want, and most notably it’s smart to look at too. It might look like an expensive bracelet, but it actually monitors all of your vitals, including bpm, respiration rate, galvanic skin response, and body temperature. It can give you your REM, light and deep sleep stats. Jawbone is another one of those reliable names when it comes to fitness trackers, so they at least deserve some serious consideration when it’s time to purchase one.

3. Moov Now


What might look at first glance like something from Star Trek, is actually a very impressive fitness tool. Moov Now is actually a small, round, element that you slip into a band and attach to your leg. It tracks your steps, sleep, and run/bike tracking, but its specialty is advanced sports coaching, in order to help you improve at whatever your sport might be. Whatever your sport might happen to be, this one has got you covered.

2. Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse


Many people call this one the ultimate fitness tracker. Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen, but this one is made in China, but was only recently released into the rest of the world. For the astonishingly low price of $17, this one keeps track of your sleep, HR tracking, steps, smart alarms, incoming call alerts. And if that’s not enough for you, it comes in every color of the rainbow.

1. Garmin Vivoactive HR

Garmin Vivoactive HR Top Most Popular Selling Fitness Trackers & Watches 2018

Are you into multisports? Then the Garmin Vivoactive HR is the one for you. Not only is this one a great general sports watch, but it is also great when it comes to specific sports applications. It’s not the greatest looking watch on the planet, but in terms of giving you all of the information you want while on the move, it does it. It monitors your GPS to accurately track running, swimming, cycling with live pace and distances.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Fitness Trackers & Watches in The World 2017. Ever since fitness monitors were introduced, they have been a mainstay for enthusiasts of all types. And for good reason. After all, there are probably few ways to assess your progress towards a fitness goal than to be able to watch yourself get closer to it, which is the real purpose of a fitness watch. Fortunately, makers have been able to get better and better with the technology that has made all of this possible, and if competition stays the way it is, chances are good that the products being made for the next few years will all get better as time goes on.