Top 10 Best Selling FireWire Cables in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling FireWire Cables in The Market 2017. Fire wire cables were initially developed specifically for Apple devices because Apple were the first to introduce this cables. The fire wire cable is similar to the USB cable the only difference is that the fire wire cable has the ability to transfer data at a speed of about 400mbps. So for every Apple device user this is one very important cable that enhances the task of transferring data from an Apple mobile to the Mac laptop.

These cables are very popular in the market and due to this fact many users are interested in knowing which the best in the market are. If you need one of this cables in order for you to enjoy the convenience of transferring data you should read below the list of the top ten best selling firewire cables in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling FireWire Cables in The Market 2017

10. Citi Electronics FireWire Cable

Citi Electronics FireWire Cable Top Famous Selling FireWire Cables 2019

Starting off our listing is this FireWire cable from Citi Electronics. This cable has been equipped with the best features that will ensure you enjoy the convenience of data transfer. It can transfer at a rate of up to 400mbps which is convenient for all its users. It allows connection of more than 800 devices on the 1394a port. In terms of installation it offers no complication as you need to only plug in and the rest is left for the device. Its connections are gold plated to ensure great connectivity. This is one of the best cables to recommend to all Mac gadgets users.

9. Canon FireWire Cable

Canon FireWire Cable Top Most Popular Selling FireWire Cables 2018

This set of cables is one of the best to recommend to all users interested in connecting their video camcorder to their devices. It has a very strong and stable data transfer rate of about 400mbps meaning you will feel secure when transferring your data with these cables. It comes with a connector of 4 pins to 6 pins so you are assured of great connectivity of all functions. This is the best FireWire cable to use for all your domestic and internal business use.

8. Oyen Digital FireWire Cable


The Oyen FireWire Cable is one of the best in terms of giving its users the best experience when it comes to transfer of data. It comes with connectors that have 6 pins to 9 pins that will give all users the ultimate transfer experience. It stretches to a length of 4 feet meaning you can conveniently connect your devices with less difficulty. It is made of flexible material and shielded construction with twisted pair cable system to increase the reliability of transfer. It will work well with the IEEE 1394 ports.

7. Belkin FireWire Cable

Belkin FireWire Cable Top Popular Selling FireWire Cables 2018

The Belkin FireWire cable is for all those users who feel the need to satisfy their needs of data transfer. The amazing feature on this device is in its ability to transfer data at a very high speed of 400mbps. The length of the cable is about 14 feet meaning the user will feel comfortable and flexible while using this cable. It will allow the transfer of data and files through the 1394 IEEE port. It is generally an amazing cable for all its users.

6. eForCity Male Silver FireWire Cable


This FireWire cable has been specifically designed to ensure they give the user high performance as well as high quality. It is made to suit the transfer needs of all the users of Apple or Sony iLink. These cables have a fine system and quality that will allow high speed data and file transfer. The cable comes with a shielded construction that maintains its quality standard as well as ultimate performance. All users are assured of obtaining numerous advantages through the use of this amazing cable.

5. StarTech IEEE FireWire Cable


The StarTech FireWire cable is made to give maximum benefit to all its users. With this cable you will be in a position to connect your devices with your computer and transfer the data and files at an amazing speed. It is made from high quality material which will assure all its consumers and user a life time of data transfer. This cable will install with less effort from you as a user. Its manufacturers have provided it with a warranty that all its users require. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling FireWire Cables in The Market 2017.

4. Belkin FireWire 9 Pin Cable

Belkin FireWire 9 Pin Cable Top Most Selling FireWire Cables 2017

This version from Belkin is the FireWire cable for all MacBook Users. It has been specifically made to suit transfer of data on MacBook Pro PC. It feature precise twisting technology to increase transfer of data and it is made of copper material and gold plated on the inside in order to enhance its performance and durability. It is a great that will give its users the best benefits when it comes to data transfer. This cable will be amazing recommendation to all user who enjoy the flexibility of data transfer.

3. Cmple Clear IEEE FireWire Cable

Cmple Clear IEEE FireWire Cable Top 10 Best Selling FireWire Cables

This is one very simple FireWire cable that has been made to make the user enjoy the convenience of durability and flexibility. It has 9 pin connectors, it is of about 3 feet in length to offer flexibility to its users, is triple shielded to prevent cross talk within the cables and made of twisted pair construction to ensure the user enjoys the fast and efficient data transfer. One unique aspect about it is that you can unplug it from the computer without having to turn off the computer. Setting up and installing is easier than you can even imagine.

2. Tripp Lite FireWire Cable


This is one interesting cable that has been made to give all users the benefit of data transfer. It has the following features: it is of about 6 feet in length which provide the user with flexibility, its data transfer rate is 400mbps meaning the user can enjoy the convenience of transferring huge amount of data in less time, has a double shielding to minimize noise distortion on the data being transferred and finally it has 24k connectors that ensure stable signal transfer in this cables. It is a convenient cable to use.

1. Amazon Basics FireWire Cable

Amazon Basics FireWire Cable Top 10 Best Selling FireWire Cables 2017

The best FireWire Cable in the market is the Amazon Basics FireWire Cables that has been made to help all its users transfer data conveniently. It support connection on devices with IEEE 1394 ports. It is of about 6 feet in length so you can work with it and feel its flexibility. Its gold plated connectors are to ensure durability as well as stability of signal transfer. This is the best cable for all the users looking for a FireWire cable that will be a high performer when it comes to connectivity with their devices.

Finally as I conclude these are the top ten bestselling FireWire Cable in the market 2017 that have been manufactured to give all its users with the ultimate data transfer experience. if you do not have one of the listed cables you need to upgrade to one of them.