Top 10 Best Selling Fire Extinguishers in the Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Fire Extinguishers in the Market 2017. Fire is a very important entity in the life of a human being. Without fire activities like cooking and smelting can’t be possible. But still fire can become a very bad entity still if not well managed it can take away lives, destroy property, and even pollute the environment if not well controlled. As a result of this fire extinguishers and fire engines were introduced to try and put the fire out in case the fire runs out of control. A fire extinguisher is the main talk of the topic. They are very common in our day to day activities since they are normally put in buildings and also vehicles so that they can be used in time of any fire outbreak to prevent spread of fire before the fire brigade come with their fire engines. Below is a list of top ten best selling fire extinguishers.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Fire Extinguishers in the Market 2017



This is a fire extinguisher which is very affordable and the most bought since its ease to use. It comes with a pressure gauge which helps in determination of the charge level. It also has a pin for preventing unnecessary or even unintentional usage which leads to wastage. Because of its good quality it has won the approval of the coast guards of the United States of America. Because of that it is perfect to use it at our offices, homes or even in our automobiles. It is powdered and the cylinder is coated with aluminium hence cant rust. It comes with a six year warranty cover.



The very effective fire extinguisher is a powder extinguisher having a charge of 5lb. with it comes a label which has been written the procedures of its use in an effective way, also it has been written safety precaution rules and other important information that might help you during a fire outbreak. Just like Kidde it comes with a gauge for checking the extinguisher’s pressure. It is coated with steel and a paint to prevent rusting. It comes with a 7 year warranty cover.


AMEREX 240 CLASS A FIRE EXTINGUISHER Top 10 Best Selling Fire Extinguishers in The World 2017

Unlike the above extinguishers. This is a water based extinguisher. The water is distinctively articulated in that it will put out fire very first within a minute. It is easy to use in case of a fire incident. It is very convenient even to the person who has never used a fire extinguisher before.


FIAFESA5-FIRE EXTINGUISHER Top Most Popular Selling Fire Extinguishers in The World 2018

It is a small uniquely designed fire extinguisher that is used to respond to quick fire alerts. Because of its size storage is easy. In terms of holding it, it comes it has an inbuilt mounting projections. If you want to buy an extinguisher for your vehicle this is the most convenient one. Though small it gives performs effectively when putting out fire.

6. KIDDE 466204 PRO 10 MP

KIDDE 466204 PRO 10 MP Top 10 Best Selling Fire Extinguishers in The World

On the cylinder comes an instruction sticker for guiding you on how to use it especially if you are using it for the first time. Having the approval of the United States coast guard, the merchandise is of great quality. The cylinder is very hard in that and thus cannot be affected by any impact. It comes in a great design and having a place for mounting it makes it very convenient to mount it anywhere.


AMEREX B402ABC FIRE EXTINGUISHER Top Popular Selling Fire Extinguishers in The World 2017

It is highly suggested to be used mostly at home, offices and other institutions. The cylinder is coated with metal hence this makes it a very strong extinguisher. It is a very affordable extinguisher and even the maintenance cost is very low hence a very convenient fire extinguisher. It can put out a fire in less than 15 seconds. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Fire Extinguishers in the Market 2017.


FIRST ALERT AF400-2 TUNDRA Top Most Famous Selling Fire Extinguishers in The World 2019

Revising its performance based on the opinion of people using it, people are greatly impressed by the performance of this small but very effective fire extinguisher. If you compare it with traditional forms of putting out fire it has proved to be effective four times better.

3. KIDDE 21005779 PRO 210


Though it is a very large extinguisher it is light hence can easily be carried from one point to another and perform a very effective job of putting out fire in case of a fire outbreak. It has an aluminium coating that is capable of staying for long and cannot rust. The pin is easy to remove and also has a gauge for reading the pressure and also to check the amount of fire extinguishing agent.


FIRE GONE 2NBFG2704 Top Famous Selling Fire Extinguishers in The World 2018

The good looking fire extinguisher performs very effectively despite its is a foam based extinguisher which is very environmental friendly. It is convenient to use even to first timers.

1. KIDDE FA1101A10BC


It’s a very effective flexible fire extinguisher that many people like because of the way it performs.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Fire Extinguishers in the Market 2017. With these necessary equipment for fire control, at least to some extent fire is being well controlled in a fire out break and as a result lives and property that could have been lost in the fire incident are now being saved. Thanks to these fire extinguishers machines which have turned out to be very effective.

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