Top 10 Best Selling & Most Popular Smartphones in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling & Most Popular Smartphones in The World 2016-2017. The communications sector has seen a great revolution on how we communicate to each other but the invention of smartphones is one thing that has made the industry grow in a boom. Nothing would have worked better on these smartphones if not for the inclusion of either Android or even iOS because it has made the industry of phone usage much simpler than ever. But the competition of producing better smartphones is what every manufacturer or brand is struggling to do so as to outwit the others for more customers. That is the major reason that makes today have many phones in the market for your selection. To ensure that you don’t fall in the confusion, we have selected the best form the rest and here are the top ten best smartphones that you can go for.

List of Top 10 Best Selling & Most Popular Smartphones in The World 2016-2017

10. LG G5

LG G5 Top Best Popular Smartphones 2018

This is a smartphone when it has come back, you are sure that that it absence will just be felt once and for all. It has some of the latest features in the industry market that makes it one of the favorites about there. For instance, it comes with a clever dual camera that will take photos that will never be ignored by anyone who wants to see them. It has also been designed with a clip at the bottom that will let you remove and swap out your battery easily. You can also go further and attach a Hi-Fi audio module that will make sure that you have better speakers for your listening experience.

9. OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 Top 10 Best & Most Popular Smartphones

This is a phone that comes with a new design and I have to promise you that presence in the market is also giving many ‘big’ brands in the market fear because it is coming really fast to be loved by people from all corners. It has been designed with an AMOLED display and that makes it be bright and vibrant and the new fingerprint scanner that has been installed in the phone has made things to be of great change to all its users. It has a lower price and makes it one of the items that you can own really fast.

8. HTC 10

HTC 10 Top 10 Best & Most Popular Smartphones 2017

Why people are loving this phone is that it is the best phone that you can use to play our music so far. The re-introduction of this phone as one of the best things ever to happen because it is now evident that it has a better battery life and hails with an impressive camera that will ensure that your photos always have the best of their use. It is great one because it is able to get most headphone into its jack for its use, unlike others that will find it difficult to blend. I always say that what the eyes love can never be wrong.

7. ZTE Axon 7


It has been made with a sophisticated metal design that makes it have a look that is better and firmer. It has been designed with wonderful front facing speakers, a generous 64GB of internet storage. Now, what makes it one of the best is what you will find in the interior. It has been fitted with Snapdragon 820 and also 4GB of RAM chipset that has been used by its rivals that are pricier. What this means is that you are going to get the same services from this pone as the pricier ones and you will never regret.

6. Moto Z

Moto Z Top Most Smartphones 2019

Yea, sometimes I have to provide you with new information from what is trending in the market. This is a smartphone that has by far set a new record in the market’s being the thinnest of them all because it stands at 5.19 in thinness. Majority might love or not love that thinness but I have to promise you that the modular design that it has been given will always allow you to clip on game changing accessories onto its back. This is possible due to the in-built magnets that have been built in the phone. It is good to note that the moto-pods that will be here will transform your phone industry so much.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 7


The phone that we have for you here uses a stylus and is back with best and new features that has made everyone to try and own it. After going through an injury of having exploding batteries and recalled from the market, all that was fixed and it is now ready for all those that waited for it because it is always said that good things are always brought to those who wait. When you compare it with its counterpart the Note 7, you will realize that this is not only sleeker, but also faster. Don’t care about the price because this is a phone that is designed for you.

4. iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Most Famous Smartphones 2018

Having a camera that takes care of your needs is all that you need. My friend, go after this phone and be in a group of smart people. The device has been innovated with a camera that is able to take picture in low light regardless of the conditions. The best of the rumors that are real is the fact that this is a water resistant phone, meaning that water is not going to play any role in its spoilage at all. You can be rained on and still it will be a good phone to continue its work in a normal condition. The phone runs in the new iOS 10 and therefore a better one for you.

3. iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus Top Most Popular Smartphones 2017

Excellent work has been done on this iPhone and that is why you people are thronging into the shops to have it on their side. It has been designed to ensure that power is not going to be any problem to you because it will take care of that. The water resistant body also makes it best on the is due to the fact that it will put off water which is sometimes that sole purpose of ensuring that phones get spoilt. It has been designed with two cameras on the backside which will take real pictures at any one moment you ensure that it press the shutter.

2. Samsung Galaxy S7


You might think that it looks like the S6 due to the outside features that it was given, but wait till you pick it up and that is when you realize that there is a lot of difference between the items. When you hold it up, the rear that has been given to it feels much nicer and cooler due to its curved back design. It has ability to resist off water from entering it. The inclusion of a micro SD slot is much nicer move that is welcome. Use it today and every time you take pictures, you will feel like never stopping because of their brilliancy. This is one of Top 10 Best Selling & Most Popular Smartphones in The World 2016-2017

1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Top Most Famous Selling Smartphones 2019

If you want a phone that is rated the best in the market, go nowhere rather than choosing this phone. T has all the best specs that you need, starting off from a better camera, best video and audio quality and also the QHD display that is known as the sharpest in the market is all that you will get here. It even heard the voice of many people and drops its price from the industry price that it was given so that more people can have a chance of enjoying more of its use all the time.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling & Most Popular Smartphones in The World 2016-2017. We no longer rely on phones so that we make calls only, no way. That is old fashion. We all expect the phones to atlas try to solve our everyday expectations like browsing and being entertained. That is why the above devices always have taken things a higher notch to ensure that its customers will always enjoy their part of the share by getting the best in their lives.