Top 10 Best Selling And Most Famous Cosmetic Brands in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling And Most Famous Cosmetic Brands in The World 2016-2017. The beauty industry is worth $382 billion but why is it we automatically think if it’s expensive it’s got to be good? Why is it that we assume that because we must pay such a high price, we’re going to get immediate results? We don’t need to pay exorbitant prices to have beauty in our lives. Nor do we need to go to lengths to obtain healthy, balanced and naturally glowing skin when there are products out there that have all the ingredients you’ll ever need without paying too much. We’ve found what you’re looking for. Listed below in descending order is the selection; 10 of the best selling and of course the most famous, because of their ability to perform, cosmetic brands.

List of Top 10 Best Selling And Most Famous Cosmetic Brands in The World 2016-2017

10. Shiseido


The Pureness range of skincare comprises moisturizer which has an oil-free base, a deep cleansing foam which removes makeup, and an alcohol-free skin softener which, with their oil balancing technology and the botanicals used to keep the skin shine-free, you’re getting products that retain moisture. The cleanser is imbued with purifying granules that assist in exfoliating the skin while lifting away the day’s grime and leaving the pores clean. The Balancing softener is alcohol-free and designed to refresh the skin and brings radiance together with a softness that balances the natural oils. And hydration is offered with the pureness mattifying moisturizer which has been kept light weight so as not to interrupt the skins natural balance. An all round collection of very reasonably priced products that do what they say they do.

9. Biore

Biore Top Most Famous Cosmetic Brands 2017

This skincare range is designed to obtain a clean face and offers natural ingredients to do so, like the Biore banking soda cleaning scrub. How does it get any more natural than that? Opt for a charcoal cleanser which cleans deeply to remove the impurities of the day. More than a basic cleanser, it purifies pores and leaves your face feeling thoroughly clean. Deep cleansing pore strips for combination skin has been given a 4.8 out of five stars. Offered also is a detoxifying cleanser, a blemish treatment astringent, a scrub and other naturals to keep your skin clean and free of dirt and grime.

8. Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder Most Famous Cosmetic Brands 2018

Every product ever produced by Estee Lauder is a product that performs. From the lipstick to skincare, it is almost like heaven on a stick or a jar and the fragrances are to die for. There are gentle eye makeup applications, cremes for sensitive skin and their state of the art moisturizers. Serums to lift and firm the skin, night micro-cleansing balms and night repairs. Lip plumping treatments and night repair masks. All of the products are subtly fragranced and the lotions perform above and beyond. By and large, the prices are competitive and most reasonable.

7. Dove

Dove Top Best Selling Cosmetic Brands 2018

When we think of Dove, we invariably think of the bar of soap with its one-quarter moisturizer. But Dove has a range of hair-repair shampoos, body washes, cremes and tans in a bottle together with products to exfoliate and remove dead skin. Their range of deodorant is also a noteworthy product which gives 48 hours of full protection, is also made with the unique 1/4 moisturizing cream and has a soft and subtle floral fragrance. The Dove range also comprises as smooth body lotion which contains a revitalizing serum giving your skin a youthful appearance. And for the older woman, there is a hand cream for mature hands giving back the moisture every day takes away.

6. Lancome

Lancome Top 10 Best Selling And Most Famous Cosmetic Brands

From the fragrance to the liquid smoothing and boosting moisturizer, there is a product for every skin type and every preference. It is a good idea to explore the products to find the right foundation, the right concealer, mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick for that sought after flawless look. Lancôme offers the highest quality, luxury skin care and makeup and continues to deliver as it has for the past 80 years. If you’re wanting to shop online, you’ll not only be pleasantly surprised by the prices of these products but with the opportunities to enjoy samples to try before you buy.

5. Nivea


Nivea caters for the skins of both men and women and offers expert advice on the latest face, body, sun and deodorant products. With an online one-stop shop for men, it’s all about grooming and looking great. These products are the personal care that cares for skin and the body. For a firm body in a fortnight, a 4 in 1 firming oil is available to nourish your skin while it reduces the appearance of stretchmarks and wrinkles. Protect your skin with a moisturizing sunscreen at a rate of 50 plus that keeps the UV rays out and the moisture in. And after cleansing, the anti-wrinkle lotion which has replenishing pearls in it, is enriched with the skin’s own natural oils. This is one of the top 10 best selling Cosmetic Brands 2016-2017.

4. Neutrogena


This is the Most Famous Cosmetic Brands in the world 2016-2017.There is a skincare range, a haircare and body care range that has been allergy and dermatology tested whilst more importantly, is not tested on animals. There are real benefits to skin and hair are brought about with premium, quality products. All products are dermatologist recommended and include rapid wrinkle repair, anti gaining moisturizing eye creams, and moisturizer for sensitive skins. The lotions are light and sheer and the masks are designed to penetrate deeply into the skin, leaving it clean and free from grime. For acne sufferers, there is an oil free wash that will keep the elements that cause blemishes at bay.

3. LÓreal

LÓreal Top Best Famous Cosmetic Brands 2019

Known for it’s skincare, makeup, haircare, colours for hair and men’s skincare products, LÓreal is the leader in beauty. However, Being the world’s largest cosmetics company, the French cosmetics aim for perfection and some of the products are expensive. It is worth considering spending a little more for a product that really does perform. Like the Revitalift Night Cream, the anti-wrinkle and firming gels, together with the Dermo Revitalift Day cream with the added ingredients of SPF 15 plus. Products from LÓreal are products that perform all the time, every time. But there is a note of contention; LÓreal will test their finished products on animals if authorities require it for human safety which means in China where testing on animals is mandatory, is required by law, this is one ‘ingredient’ that does not sit well with us any longer.

2. Avon

Avon Top 10 Best Selling And Most Famous Cosmetic Brands 2017

Who hasn’t heard of Avon? A global company with products ranging from fragrances to makeup, to body scrubs to anti-wrinkle cremes, these products have somehow always performed and for the prices paid the cost is very competitive. No longer is one confined to shop from a catalogue, online shopping has created some fierce completion, however, the quality of Avon’s products remains uncompromised. With countless products for face, body, hands, and feet, they work and they work well. But it is again noted, that because their products are sold in China, once again it is a mandatory practice that the products be tested on animals and Avon pay China to do so.

1. Olay

Olay Top Most Popular Selling Cosmetic Brands 2019

Olay has been around forever. With provisions for skin care products and tips, there is also available a complete line of anti-aging skincare and moisturizers at very reasonable prices. Skin combination has been taken into account, with balance and effectiveness coming in closely behind. The acne treatments are available for problematic skins and also available is a revitalizing mini peel. Water activated, this self-heating peel assists the renewal of the skin’s appearance and offers a very gentle exfoliating action as it works on the face. Revitalizing eye serums are fragrance-free as are many other products like the micro sculpting anti-aging creams. Prices are once again competitive and all products offer grand results. With a reputation for quality that has been around for decades, Olay performs tirelessly again and again.

These are the world’s Top 10 Best Selling And Most Famous Cosmetic Brands 2016-2017. Beauty comes at a price, any price, whether it be to follow a brand due to it’s reputation or due to its performance, every brand is competing in a world that demands it. However, it is becoming more prevalent in a world where competition is also focused on animal testing, that finding cruelty-free products are now very easy. There is a list of companies that do not test on animals and have been exonerated from this practice and there is an extensive list online that informs of those brands that are still testing on animals. It is entirely up to the individual when deciding on a product, whether animal cruelty is a priority or not. Every brand in this list has been researched with care and a meticulous effort to retain each reputation but not every brand is worth its weight in gold.