Top 10 Best Selling Eyeliner in The Market – Liquid, Gel, and Pencil Eyeliners

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Eyeliner in The Market – Liquid, Gel, and Pencil Eyeliners 2017. Okay girls who does not love a great eyeliner? These are the top ten eyeliners you will love to own. If you love liquid we have that if you love the pencils we have that to. Some of these look really cool and can be used anytime you would like to wear them. No matter what you do ladies be very careful not to poke your eye out. I’m sure we have all done that once or twice and the eye just waters and you look like you have not had sleep in days. Look at these and try them out for low prices and just enjoy them.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Eyeliner in The Market – Liquid, Gel, and Pencil Eyeliners 2017

10. NYX Cosmetics Super Skinny Eye Marker

nyx-cosmetics-super-skinny-eye-marker, Top 10 Best Selling Eyeliner in The Market 2017

This eyeliner is a great product for you ladies. It has a felt tip pen with a thin tip for putting it on easier. It will only release the perfect amount of color during an application. No more mess ups or clumpy dried on make up were it should not be. It is long lasting and smudge proof so do not worry if you have an itch on your eye because it will not mess up. Go on the perfect date with this on your eyes and make them stick out. The tip is soft which makes it super easy to form thick line to slim. It is not waterproof so if you know you will be crying during the amount of time you will be wearing it then you should try something that is different. Use a makeup remover to get it off very easily.

9. Almay Liquid Eyeliner

almay-liquid-eyeliner, Top 10 Best Selling Eyeliner in The Market 2017

Get beautiful definition with this easy to use liquid eyeliner. It is water resistant and last up to sixteen hours without irritation. Has a unique inkell design that delivers a fresh liquid line for each application. The tip on the brush is flexible so that it provides a mistake proof control. It last a long time and you will not have to replace every few weeks. It is not waterproof so no crying ladies. Comes off easily with water but lasts for most the greasier complexion. It does not flake after you apply it. This will not bother you if you have allergies because of the formula. It is very great for those who can not use anything with nickel involved.

8. L’Oreal Paris Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner

loreal-paris-lineur-intense-felt-tip-liquid-eyeliner, Top 10 Best Selling Eyeliner in The Market 2018

Intense liquid eyeliner color for all day wear. Uniquely designed applicator allows you to create delicately thin or dramatically bold lines with precision. If you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses then this is great for you and will not bother your eyes. It is fragrance free. Also not waterproof. You can choose between two different colors when you purchase this product. Does not crack after wearing it for long periods of time so no worries of having to fix your makeup in the middle of a huge dinner or date. You will have a dark bold and long lasting color to your eyes after applying this to them .easy to wash off.

7. Revlon ColorStay Eye Liner

revlon-colorstay-eye-liner, Top 10 Best Selling Eyeliner in The Market 2019

This is a unisex eyeliner. This has a waterproof formula so it will not wear, smudge, or smear off. It has its very own built-in sharpener. Ladies you are out and about and you are fixing your makeup whoops the dang thing breaks. No worries the built in sharpener is great for things like this. When removing this liner you will get the flaky chips off of it but no worries it will come right off. If you use some kind of cream makeup remover you will not get the flakes with the removal of it.

6. Milani Eyeliner Pencil


High quality pencil. Liquified metallic eyeliner pencil. It is a pricey little thing but it is well worth it. Last through the day. You will only need to fix it maybe once and sometimes you get lucky and it just stays right how you want it to. You may notice the tip breaks a lot make sure to keep it in a cool spot. It should stop after doing this. If not then it is because the product is already soft try keeping it very cool. Stick it in the fridge. Yes I know this seems weird but it works and you will have flawless eyes after you are done. You will need to make sure you use a sharpener for just eyeliners because this one is so soft it will give you problems but sharpen it slowly. This is one of Top 10 Best Selling Eyeliner in The Market 2017.

5. Rimmel London Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil


This is a soft, smudgeable colour kajal liner pencil. Will work great with L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara. If you buy this the company does sell the makeup fixing spray so maybe think about that just in case you do have problems. It can be sharpened and is pretty easy to do so. It will glide on easily and smoothly over top of any eye shadow. Using on the bottom eye will give you some challenge but i see no problem with you trying it. Most people will buy in bundle because it is very hard to find.

4. Almay Eyeliner


Water resistant and smudge proof this great eyeliner will stay on for sixteen hours or even longer. Hypoallergenic and great for people who wear lenses. These will make your eyes stand out so much you will get compliments from everyone. They will ask you where you got it from and how much it cost. It has vitamin E which nourishes the eyes and protects them. It is made in Italy so you know you will get attention because who does not love Italy people. Great for your waterline and will stay on and not bother you or give you watery eyes. Very simple to put on and no worries of it getting everywhere. Just apply and go on with your day like you never put it on. You will forget about even wearing it till you look in a mirror.

3. L’Oreal Paris Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner


Delivers sixteen hour smudge resistant wear. Color glides on with the precision of a pencil and intensity of a liquid liner. It has a smudger built in so you can make them eyes smokey. This may look like a piece of plastic but if you look very closely you will realize it is a pencil. You can sharpen it and not even tell that it is wood. Waterproof for sixteen hours and will last every bit of it. This liner will look so great your husband will ask what you did different and your eyes will pop and glow from the color.

2. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner


Has ink Intensity. It has a continuous flow so you do not have to shake it or anything. Just apply and be done. Has twelve hour wear so no need to fix every two minutes because it has come off or it has smudged. Goes on smooth never dries out and never skips. No mess or excess. Create the sharpest design and make it uniquely your own. It does not dry out so you should have it for a while. Works great with hooded eyes. Loved by many and pretty close to no complaints. If you complain then you are applying it wrong or you may need some help using it.

1. CoverGirl Queen Collection Eyeliner


Specially designed self sharpener. Soft smudge tip for expert blending. Glides on very easily. It is some what waterproof but if you have watery eyes then you may have some problems with it.It seems to glide on like butter and stay on for about four to six hours before a touch up is needed. No mess sharpening it. Just push the plastic applicator tip down and twist it to produce more eyeliner.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Eyeliner in The Market 2017. Ladies you can buy all of these off of and they are a great price. You will enjoy the look some give and some will hate how others work. Have fun and enjoy the products before they are all gone and you no longer can find them . some women buy in bulk because it is said to replace your makeup products every three months. Having these in your bag will ensure that your eyes will really show and give you that look you want. Share the names with a friend so they can try it out. Most are waterproof and others may not be but you can touch up every so often and that is fine.