Top 10 Best Selling External Hard Drives And SD Cards in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling External Hard Drives And SD Cards in The Market 2017. External storage devices are very important gadgets that help in carrying and story data. These devices are small and portable. Let us take a look on the best brands of these devices. Below is the top 10 list of best selling external hard drives and SD Cards in market.

List of Top 10 Best Selling External Hard Drives And SD Cards in The Market 2017

10. Seagate’s 2TB Backup Plus

Seagate’s 2TB Backup Plus Top Most Popular Selling External Hard Drives And SD cards 2018

Seagate is recurring brand company commonly known for making external hard drives and SDs in the world. Seagate 2TB backup model is ultra slim portable drive that has a massive capacity for story many documents without any compromise. It is available in platinum and gold colors. This storage device resembles that of Samsung M3 portable hard drive in terms of patterned finish and dimensions.

Seagate’s 2TB backup plus external storage comes with a three year warranty. It can be purchased online from companies like and Jumia. These companies distribute items all over the world.

9. Seagate’s 5TB backup plus

Seagate’s 5TB backup plus Top Famous Selling External Hard Drives And SD cards 2019

This occupies a larger storage system than the above hard drive though they belong to one series of Seagate manufactures. It is differentiated from the previous one due to its unique features said to be better than a 2TB hard drive. Some of the features are it is relatively fast ad can store large amount of data than the previous hard disk. However, the fact that this hard drive is larger than that of common computer, it is quite expensive and not all people will be able to purchase it. It is therefore not very popular for many people in the world.

Seagate’s 5TB hard disk supports a USB of 3.0 and requires power from outside. It tends to have a lot of space than the required.

8. Western Digital’s (WD) my passport 2TB, Ultra Hard Drive


Commonly known as my passport, this hard drive is one of the fastest storage devices which connected to a 3.0 USB to enable you access your file 3 times faster than a 2.0 USB. The WD smartware professional guides you on how and where to back up your files. Western Digital Company manufactures devices that match directly with those of Seagate’s standard. Currently, this company is one of the largest Producers of hard drives for Personal computers and laptops.

Western digital hard drives come in four attractive colors and are relatively slim utilizing up to 2.5 drives. Its attractive features make its price to shoot a bit high in market.

7. Western Digital My Passport Studio Hard drive Storage


This hard drive resembles that of 2TB my passport hard drive (3.0 USB) but uses a Firewire support from western Digital Company instead of USB 3.0. WD Firewire ports are relatively faster compared to 2.0 USB model. However, its mechanical drive limits it transferring speed.

It is recommended that if you want to purchase this type of hard drive, ensure you have a Firewire port connection. This is quite expensive.

6. G-Technology’s G-Drive

G-Technology’s G-Drive Top 10 Best Selling External Hard Drives And SD cards 2017

The G-technology hard drive is commonly known for combining a 3TB with 3.0 USB High perfomance. This model of hard disks is very thin, aluminous and portable storage and also stylish for modern technicians. Advantages of this hard drive is that you can walk around with it without an extra AC power supply, it comes with a warranty of three years and the company itself offers technical support to their clients in case something arises that they don’t understand.

G-technology G-drive is a 2TB and uses a capacity of up 52rpm Drive.

5. Toshiba’s Canvio 1TB Portable hard drive


Toshiba is one of the largest electronic companies in market. They manufacture products that are quite promising and unique. There is no doubt that Toshiba Hard drives are one of the best in the market. Toshiba hard drives have a capacity of 1TB and perform a good job due to its modestly designed exterior body. Some of the promising features of Toshiba hard drives include plug and play feature, shock sensor and backup software. These attractive features credit it as one of the best models.

Toshiba hard drives are portable and affordable. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling External Hard Drives And SD cards in The Market 2017.

4. Toshiba’s Canvio 1TB slim II External Storage Device


This is another model from The Toshiba Company that has a ultra compact unit. A research was conducted on 2nd November, 2016, in India that showered that Toshiba’s Canvio hard disk is the slimmest in the market. It contains a 2.5 drive in it that works on less power compared to other hard drives. Some of its features include useful applications and tools and a speed of 256bit which is quite fast.

Toshiba’s Canvio hard drives come with a one year warranty for each hard disk sold.

3. Western Digital’s my passport 2TB


This hard drive falls in the class of very slim storage devices in the market today. It supports both 3.0 and 2.0 USB. Western digital’s my passport 2TB hard drive is the most durable and cheap in the market that offers a backup software and free mobile application to act as a guideline in remote management.

These hard drives come with a warranty of 3 good years as a bonus for their clients.

2. Silicon Power’s Rugged ArmourA15 military Grade


We cannot wind up this list without featuring out this famous hard drive from Hungary. Silicon Power’s hard drive takes the second position in this list because of its durability that cannot be compared with other brands in the market. They work together with USB 3.0 and a capacity of 1TB.

Silicon power’s hard drives are easily carried around and come with a warranty of 2 years.

1. Silicon Power’s 1TB rugged Armour A80

Silicon Power’s 1TB rugged Armour A80 Top 10 Best Selling External Hard Drives And SD cards

It comes from the same brand of silicon as the previous one. This hard disk tops in our list of most selling external hard drives and SD cards. Silicon Power’s 1TB rugged armour external hard drive is durable and portable because of its small size and unique design. It supports both USB 2.0 and 3.0. These storage devices come with a warranty of 2 years.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling External Hard Drives And SD Cards in The Market 2017. When purchasing storage devices such as hard drives and SD cards, you have to check on several things to ensure that the device is suitable for you. For example, you may purchase a storage device that is incompatible with your laptop or desktop computers.

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