Top 10 Best Selling External Battery Packs in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling External Battery Packs in The World 2017. It is always something that will take you by surprise when you in a middle of your conversation or something very important when suddenly, your phone goes off. And at that point, you dot have anything that you can do. Smart devices once they have gone off like with need charging so that you are able to start them up. If there is no electivity, then things are even going to be worse because you need to wait till you find a place that you can charge. This is always total embarrassment and for those that are rave enough they will tell you that they don’t have to wait for such incidents to catch them, they prepare to deal with them all the time. That is why the kind of battery packs that we have for you below are ones that are to be a total savior for you.

List of Top 10 Best Selling External Battery Packs in The World 2017

10. Anker Astro E1 5200mAh

Anker Astro E1 5200mAh Top 10 Best Selling External Battery Packs 2017

You need to charge your power hungry devices fast but safely and this unit will give quick attention to your devices without causing overcharging or overheating. If you own Android Smartphone or Apple, this item will let you charge your device two while on the move and you will be never stay away from connection. It will also charge your iPad mini up to 80 percent and the minimalistic design means that you can easily carry it while on go. It has advanced materials coupled with superior quality that will give you complete safety while charging your devices.

9. ChugPlug

ChugPlug Top Most Popular Selling External Battery Packs 2018

This thing is compatible with your 45W or 60W Macbook’s and it will add up to four hours of extra battery life to your device that is MacBook Air and if you have MacBook Pro it will give up to three additional hours. You can bring it with you all the way to the office, airport or use it at your home and it will keep your seamless yet secure but integrated fit. You only need two hours to charge this thing and it utilizes your MagSafe power or your Apple AC Power Cord. It also support pass through charging and great to charge your power demanding devices.

8. Anker PowerCore 20100

Anker PowerCore 20100 Top Popular Selling External Battery Packs 2018

You will depend on this item from day to day life and what you will get is long-lasting and fast charging portable power which will never let you down. The high quality capacity is great to give you the perfect power that your devices will enjoy for days. If you own iPhone 6 this unit will charge it seven times and your Galaxy S6 up to five times and what about your iPad mini? That will be charged twice and so you will never waste your time waiting your device to get fully charged. The surge protection as well as circuit protection is great bonus and you need this unit.

7. Poweradd Pilot X7


You will never regret when you purchase this item because it hold enough juice to charge your devices faster and safely. The heavy duty plastic will make this item long lasting and you’ll never have to worry about dropping it. It is super easy to use and the four LED light will let you know about the remaining juice. This item is ideal for the long weekend trip and you can keep it in your car and it will be handy during an emergency and it will work well with you and your cell phones.

6. uNu Superpak 5000mAh 2.1A


It is always considered as the smallest pack in the world but that does mean it is also small in offering you service? Not at all, it is able to ensure that you have constant power when you are always on the go and is also a perfect one in ensuring that your charging needs are also well taken care of. You will always get a higher smaller frame when you compare it with other brands all over the world. Buy one for you today because the price that has been quoted for them is so much affordable so that you and I with our friends are able to get the best from out there. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling External Battery Packs in The World 2017.

5. Innogie Air Series 4600mAh Portable Charger


This is a product that you can easily pack into your pocket and move on with your journey without any problem at all. it has been designed with a TI battery management system that is able to provide you with nine protection types that will ensure that your item does not suffer from any dangers which include surge, short circuit, temperature and some temperature control, together with the advanced features ensure that you are ready to go anywhere and everywhere with the safe looks on your face. You can charge it as many times as you want.

4. Anker PowerCore 10000

Anker PowerCore 10000 Top Most Selling External Battery Packs 2017

Get the best high portable charging right from the start and I have to assure you that there is no product that has been made like this one that is going to reach the lovely standards it has traversed. Ou can put it into any pocket easily and one thing that has made me to love it is the fact that you can use it anywhere and everywhere. It is a smaller item that is able to be used to charge your smart device or any other item that is rechargeable. Has been built with the smartest and best materials and you need to get it right from the start.

3. Innogie C8 Pocket Size

Innogie C8 Pocket Size Top 10 Best Selling External Battery Packs

What you will get with this item is one that is slim, yet the amount of juice that it has is enough to triple and even sometimes work towards tripling your phones charge. The cells that it uses are ones that have been certified for use and have the highest level of usage at all times and you can us the product for many years and you will have no worry of polluting the environment at all. It is also safe to use and have no bad side effects. No weight issues will always be geared towards your carriage and you can even walk with it all day long without any worry at all.

2. KMASHI 15000mAh


If you want to ensure that you are able get a product that is able to give you the shortest charging time, then you need to get the right kind of tem that we have for you here. The high capacity charging lithium batt is able to juice your two phones at the same time. You will not miss loving the kind of design that it has been given and you will love the look. There is also a fit of four LED lights that will always be there to give you information about your battery status as you use it from time to time. For those will be going for outdoor activities, then this is a must have.

1. EC Technology Portable Charger

EC Technology Portable Charger Top Famous Selling External Battery Packs 2019

There are two things that you will get from this item that we have for you here, power and sturdiness. All this comes with the ability of the inclusion of advanced chip that also has a better PCB circuit board and that is the main reason that you will always get a new experience that you will get from its use. There is a Blue indicator light that will always change with the power usage so that you are always kept aware of the level of energy that you have for your usage. Never forget that it does have 3 USB and with them, you can charge speedily your devices with ease.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling External Battery Packs in The World 2017. Be smart and to start off you will always need to get the best form the type of items that we have for you. They will always ensure that your advice is maintained with the best charge all day long so that you are able to do your jobs well without having any stress of running low on juice at any time. Never forget that they are also rechargeable so that they can be able to deal with your recharging requirements.