Top 10 Best Selling Most Expensive Nike Shoes in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Most Expensive Nike Shoes in The World 2016-2017. There several brands of shoes but some of the brands are so dope and many people love buying these types of brands even though they are so expensive. Nike is one of the top brands of shoes or sport shoes. Nike is also the Company that manufactures these Nike branded shoes and mostly specializes on of making sport shoes. This company makes the most comfortable shoes all the other sport shoes brands. There so types of Nike shoes made by the company but the best shoes I terms of relaxation, comfort and durability happen to be the expensive ones. This is obvious though since the better the shoe is the more expensive it becomes. This is the list ranking the most expensive Nike shoes in 2016-2017 that the company has ever made.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Most Expensive Nike Shoes in The World 2016-2017

10. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan Top 10 Most Expensive Nike ShoesMichael Jordan Top 10 Most Expensive Nike Shoes

The shoes are named after the legendary basket baller, Michael Jordan who is the single greatest Basketball player of all time. This was in the 80’s when the Nike Company was impressed by his great performance and talent. The shoes provide great relaxation for you during work out on the playground. They are very awesome shoes than anyone would wish to have. This type of shoes is among the best and most expensive. They are available at 4 million dollars are rarely found in local shoe stores with this price.

9. Rory McIlroy Nike Shoes


These shoes were the favorite sneakers of the Irish golf player from Holly famously known as Rory McIlroy. The shoes were thus named after his name since then. He is the current World Number 1 and a major champion of golf in the world. The shoes are very beautiful with pretty nice colors and hugs your foot well in the inside when you wear it and is light enough for any athlete. It is one of the best types ever produced by the company and most expensive shoes of Nike. It goes for $6 million and you can only get them from Nike due to their high price.

8. Tiger Woods Nike Shoes


Eldrick Tont “Tiger Woods” is an American professional golf player. Actually one of the best golfers of ever and the most paid athlete for so many years. The Tiger Woods shoes were named after him and were his favorite type of shoes he played with. This type of shoe come in different colors as you desire. It is a unique design which is light in weight and gives the best comfort for the wearers. It goes for the price of 10 million dollars.

7. LeBron James Nike Shoes

LeBron James Nike Shoes Top Popular Expensive Nike Shoes 2018

These type of shoes are named after an American Professional Basket Baller and NBA player. He is among the best basketball players worldwide. This type of Nike shoe is one of the top shoes and the favorite shoe for most basketball players in the whole world. The shoe has a very wonderful model and is made to provide you with the best possible comfort. It is available at a price of $12 million in the market. This is one of Top 10 Best Selling Most Expensive Nike Shoes in The World 2016-2017.

6. Rafael Nadal Nike Shoes


Rafael is a great Spanish Professional Tennis player who is Worlds Second Best Tennis player. This type of shoe was named after him because the Company was amazed and inspired by his talent. The shoe is now the best choice of many tennis players in the world and other great athletes. It is sold at 15 million dollars and you will have to order the shoe directly from the company.

5. Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter Top 10 Most Expensive Nike Shoes 2017

This type of shoe is also named after a famous basketball player of old times. This is one perfect sport shoe which is highly customized from Nike company. It is a classy shoe which comes in different colors and is one of the most expensive Nike shoes. It goes at 16 million dollars and you will have to order for it directly from Nike Company since it is not available in any shops.

4. Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova Top Famous Expensive Nike Shoes 2019


This type of Nike shoe is named after a famously known Female Tennis Player. Maria is the best Tennis player in Russia who is also the Worlds 8th best Tennis Player in 2014. This is a very remarkably smart and attractive Nike shoe. Luckily it is available in online shop stores. It goes at 18 million dollars.

3. Kobe Bryant Nike Shoes

Kobe Bryant Nike Shoes Top Most Popular Expensive Nike Shoes 2018

This is a very funky, classy and stylish type of Nike shoe that is a favorite sport shoe of most Basketball players and fans also. It is manufactured in various colors. It is one of the best shoes in terms of relaxation and comfort it provides. It is available at a price of 20 million dollars.

2. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant Top Expensive Nike Shoes 2017

This a very smart, eye-catching and colorful Nike shoe popularly known by the initials “KD”. It is the best and most expensive Nike shoe of the year. It is sold at 21 million dollars, a fixed price from the company. Due to its expensive price, the shoe is not available in local stores and shops. However, you can order it online from Nike Company directly.

1, Roger Federer


This is the best sport shoe for tennis players and athletes. It is the most stylish Nike shoe ever and the most expensive as well. It is the lightest among all the best shoes which makes it easy for you to work out and move in the playground. It gives the best comfort and relaxation to your feet. The shoes go at 23 million dollars per pair.

In Conclusion, Nike shoes are very cool shoes and anyone would wish to have one of the best types. The most expensive Nike shoes in 2016-2017 are very much in demand for being the best in comfort and relaxation that they give your feet.