Top 10 Best Exercise Equipment to Build Muscles Fast

Take a look at the below list of the world’s Top 10 Best Exercise Equipment 2017 to Build Muscles Fast. If you are considering working out at home or the gym, using machines and other equipment are the best ways. There are different workout equipment that will help you lose weight in a very short time span. If you fear weight you can use the machine but if you are okay with lifting the weight, you can use this equipment. Training your muscles is crucial but can’t think of only working out your biceps and chest only. Working out the whole body is equally crucial.

Whenever you work out your chest and biceps only and live out the other parts of the body, you are putting yourself at a risk. Your body will tend to curve forward since you’re the muscles on the back cannot compensate the pectorals mass. Anytime you are working out to build muscles your workout you should consider the whole body. Some of the top exercise equipment 2017 you can use to help you build muscles very fast are:

List of Top 10 Best Exercise Equipment 2017 to Build Muscles Fast

1. Leg Press

leg-press, Top 10 Best Exercise Equipment 2017 to Build Muscles Fast

The leg press is a machine that will help you build your muscles. If you feel that you can’t use the lifting weight, the leg press will help you build muscles. The machine is the best for leg movement of your legs where you can build muscles because they overload your quads. This device will allow you to squeeze in repetition and set your feet in a daily routine.

You can overload the leg machine with more plates, but you should focus more on the contraction of your muscles. You should never load it with too much place like the gym guys who can load it with up to 22 plates. Focus on your muscles, and they will grow fast.

2. Dumbbells


The dumbbell is equipment that is multi-use equipment. What do I mean by multi-use? It means that the equipment can be used to do many exercises other than lifting. W hen at the gym you want to use different ways of working out. But what about when you are at home? You don’t have to buy all the machines and equipment in at the gym. Whatever you have to do is using it in other ways of working out.
You can change the dumb bells and replace with plates which you will lift and will that will be different equipment you will be working out. It will help build the muscles in your body entirely because the weight distributed the whole body.

3. Workout Bench


Work out bench is also crucial while working out. With the equipment, there are multiple ways to use it. Some exercises can’t be done without this bench. So it will be very significant when trying to build your muscles. Exercises such as:

Leg raises
decline sit ups
flat dumbbells
incline dumbbell curls

The equipment will assist you in doing all this without any trouble. Whenever you want to buy a bench to work out, you should always look for the frames that are stable. The pads of the bench should be soft to an extent you will feel comfortable lying on the bench.

4. Kettlebells


A kettle bell is another piece of equipment that will build your muscles very fast. This equipment is becoming popular more and more in many home and gym classes. They are cheap and will greatly help you work out. They will build the muscles in your chest, arms and the back.

Although I do not have the kettle bells in my home am certain that the equipment will help you. The equipment will help you stimulate your body whenever you are exercise. The equipment will strengthen your core because it is always involved and the grip as well.

5. Resistance Band


How can rubber band help you build your muscles? I know this is what you’re wondering. But you should not get worried because this equipment will help you grow your muscles very fast. The rubber band provides a tension throughout whenever you are lifting. It increases the intensity of the exercise and will help you challenge your muscles. The more you raise the band, the more your muscles build.

Whenever you are using the equipment, you should stand with your feet and your shoulder width apart. The loop of the band should be under your left foot and keep on lifting until the arms are straight. You should repeat this more and more because the more you use the equipment, the more you muscle build. This is one of the Best Exercise Equipment 2017 to Build Muscles Fast.

6. Pull Up Bar


A pull-up bar is equipment that is heavy when working out. If you are used to heavy weight lifting, you can go to using the pull-up bar immediately. If this the first time you are lifting, you should start from the Kettlebell and the dumb bells and later use the pull-up bars. The equipment used by lifting it with your arms hence working out your biceps.

You can extend it use and lift it using your legs to work out the leg muscles. This exercise equipment attached on your doorway, and you can screw it on the wall either on your basement or the room you have turned to be the workout room.

7. Hamstring Curl


Hamstring assist by sticking with your legs after the day’s movement, the hamstring will help you and assist you to build muscles as well. After your dead lifts and squats you can finalize with this equipment. You should always focus on the contraction of your muscles any time you are working out. You should squeeze the weight you are lifting up and quick. You should then slowly release it downwards hence straining your leg muscles.

The hamstring curl seems difficult, but it will be a good deal if you are looking forward to building muscles. The main thing you should consider is that you are doing this to achieve your goal. For you to get whatever you want, you have to work hard.

8. Preacher Curl


The preacher curl is equipment that allows you make your biceps muscles to stay isolated. It can sometimes be very hard whenever you are using the dumbbell mentioned above. You should ensure that you are squeezing your biceps up to the top whenever you are moving for one second. Blood in your body will flow faster, and your heart will pump better.

When using the equipment, you should try various performances such as using one arm and different height at the seat attachment. You should target the pectoral muscles that will eventually build.

9. Treadmill


This exercise equipment 2017 that will help you builds your muscles and has multiple advantages because it is very easy to use. You should first familiarize yourself with the equipment to prevent injuries because you can easily trip and fall.

There is modern equipment used that are programmed and can vary the way you are working out. You should swing your arms as you jog to ensure that you are working out all the muscles in your body. You can be more intense on the wrist and the ankles.

10. Lateral Raise Equipment


Lateral raise equipment can be used instead of the dumbbells or use the movement as a part of the superset dumbbell. When using this machine you should concentrate more on trying to bring each side of your arms up to your shoulder level. You should repeat the same whenever you are working out and will grow your muscles fast and become very effective.

So these are the world’s top 10 best exercise equipment 2017 to build muscles fast. By improving your muscular endurance and strength, you are setting up a good and healthy life for yourself. There is an endless list of different ways to build muscles. Working out is not only for men to help them build their muscles, but it is also for women to help you keep your body health. Whenever you are working out, you are a risk-free person from diseases.