Top 10 Best Selling Erlenmeyer Flasks in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Erlenmeyer Flasks in The Market 2017. Erlenmeyer flasks are essentials equipments designed for laboratory functions. There are many companies manufacturing these flasks and releasing them to market today. Top 10 best selling brands are listed below.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Erlenmeyer Flasks in The Market 2017

10. Kimble Chase KIMAX starter pack flask

Kimble Chase KIMAX starter pack flask Top Famous Selling Erlenmeyer Flasks 2019

Kimble flask is one of most required items for laboratory set up. Getting it direct from manufactures becomes much easier and cheaper for you are only required to place an order online or visit any laboratory equipment selling shop. In most cases, delivery service from original manufactures is cheap or no delivery cost at all. Unlike other ordinary flasks in market today, Chase KIMAX flask contains a uniquely attached starter pack essential for less versatility. Made from borosilicate glass of high quality, there is assurance that chase is clear enough for you to read measurements, easy cleaning and ability to resist much heat.

This brand of flask is best, durable and among leading laboratory equipments in market.

9. 213B2 Karter Scientific Glass

213B2 Karter Scientific Glass Top 10 Best Selling Erlenmeyer Flasks 2017

Karter flask brand comes as a set of 5 pieces of flasks that are of different sizes but clear. They are essential for laboratory services especially when budget and good look has to be considered. Karter comes in ranges of 50, 150, 250, 500, and 1000 milliliters. Entire set of this brand is made of borosilicate glass of first class A suitable for chemical consciousness and heat resistance as well. Due to high quality materials that make it, karter flasks are easy to clean and made ready for next practical lesson since it will remain clear always.

Karter Scientific glass flask has been certified to combine with powerful glassware laboratory equipment from a different brand.

8. SEOH flask 2000ml


SEOH is another borosilicate glass flask best known for establishing itself in market. When it comes to choosing of best laboratory items, you cannot emit this brand because of features like tooled and smooth neck, inert lab glassware made of borosilicate fiber, accurate approximation of contents and clearly printed graduations on each side of flask. SEOH has also gained market demand due heat resistance feature and durability.

SEOH brand comes with a capacity of 2000 milliliters which is equivalent to 2 liters. Due to its ample nature, instructors can easily demonstrate experiments for learners.

7. MHB 5 piece set flask

MHB 5 piece set flask Top 10 Best Selling Erlenmeyer Flasks

On position seven we have another set of pieces of flasks mostly recommended by many Laboratory technicians because they have matching stoppers that are black in color. Each and every piece of this set is made of high quality glass of borosilicate with fully tempered feature to resist much heat and enhance clarity for easier reading during experiments. Laboratory staffs have made a clear observation that working with this set makes everything easier and that they can stores different types of chemicals for a long time due to their quality and black stoppers covering their tops to avoid contamination of chemicals.

6. SEOH 2L Narrow Mouth Flask


This is another durable flask from SEOH brand. Just as its name suggest, 2L is characterized with its narrow opening or mouth and considered to be of heavy duty quality. High demand in market came as a result of glassware of high capacity for easy laboratory use, excellent performance and covers wide volume area for accurate measurement during practical set ups. SEOH with narrow mouth has favorable features which include graduated scale for measurement of sides and an interval of 200 milliliters.

SEOH covers a total of 2000 milliliters equivalent to 2 liters and reads are clear and accurate to read from.

5. American Educational Bomex glass


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Erlenmeyer Flasks in The Market 2017. Bomex glass is an American brand flask made of high quality Borosilicate and covers a volume capacity of 2000 milliliters. In history of laboratory items and equipments, many are replaced due to high breakages especially when they fall down. Others break when not in a position to resist much heat from Bunsen burners. As for American Educational Bomex glass, things are much different because of their long life durable materials making these flasks. Breakage is not much experienced here due to heavy duty quality.

America is best known for producing quality brands of flasks. Scale is clearly stated on its sides.

4. Labstock flask


Highly learned scientists have been heard confessing of this quality laboratory equipment. All way from Japan, I have all pleasure to introduce to you Labstock brand. Labstock’s Quality characteristics of this brand earn it high demand in market hence having a position in this list. Some of its clear descriptions include high grade standard of glass that resist heat, high volume of borosilicate glass brings clarity for conducting proper experiments and also reading results from the experiment.

The cost purchasing Labstock flasks is equivalent to its qualities.

3. 213G15 Karter scientific 2000 milliliters narrow mouth


From karter scientific stores, I introduced to you this popular flask of mode 213G15. Popular scientists had encountered a lot of laboratory inconveniences to a point of them wanting to design their own brand. It is so clear that working with karter is like attaining a good experience even before using. Some of Scientifics’ popular features include narrow mouth with black top rubber stopper and graduated scale on its sides.

2. PYREX 2L Narrow Mouth


This is another narrow mouth flask landing in second position of this list. We could not have completed this research results without featuring PYREX 2L flask. It would have been a boring experience ever. PYREX 2L is commonly used for demonstration before embarking on true experiments and holding essential layered fluids in market. Most secondary schools and medicals laboratories recommend them for clarity and accuracy at large.

1. Karter Scientific Glass 3 set Flask


Karter is still leading and has topped in our list according to examined quality features. You may wonder how it landed here when there are even 5 sets of flasks. We only feature qualities of sets and not quantity. Karter contains a total of 3 flasks of different sizes namely 150, 250 and 500 milliliters. Karter is certified by leaned scientists for high quality fiber glass that has ability to resist heat and large capacity to occupy high volume of laboratory fluids.

I have done a lot of research to present to you high quality and best selling Erlenmeyer flasks in 2017.