Top 10 Best Selling Envelope Clutches in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Envelope Clutches in The Market 2017. Clutches are not just any other accessory item that you can meet around. They are quality wallets designed differently for both men and women. Before being introduced to market, men used backpacks which were tiresome and women used large handbags. Things have now changed. Let us take a look on some of best selling envelop clutches in market today.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Envelope Clutches in The Market 2017

10. Christian Dior SE

christian dior se, Top 10 Best Selling Envelope Clutches in The Market 2017

Popularly known as Dior, Christian is an executive product of a fashion designer from French called Christian Dior. He named this clutch out of his own name in 1946. Women came to discover this brand after Dior’s fashion company growing so big and earning more than 12 million yearly around 2011. For people who love unique, elegant and attractive clutches, Christian gives best of all. To get a copy of your own, consider visiting its 210 locations worldwide or place an order online by giving required information and location. One good thing about ordering online is that no delivery fee is required of you to pay.

9. Burberry

Burberry Top Most Selling Envelope Clutches 2017

Manufacturing company of Burberry was found by a famous designer brand in England called Thomas Burberry. Products that were being produced by Thomas back then got noticed by many interested clients all over. Some of these products included shoes, fancy dresses, make ups and without forgetting envelop clutches. Luxurious and comfortable envelop wallets have been produced since then up to date. More than 500 stores have located to sell Burberry Clutches and women’s office handbags. To get an original collection, ask for trademark of this particular company.

8. Marc Jacobs


Marc Jacobs brand is also contributing to our list of best selling clutches for envelops in market today. An American designer called Mac Jacobs came up with this unique brand leaving many people’s pockets empty with a desire of owning at least one. They were produced in New York City around 1993 before introducing other several stores. Various legal dealers have been placed all over American and other parts of this universe to offer original brands to people. Other clutches produced by Mac Jacobs include Crocodile handbag regarded as one of most expensive globally.

There is assurance of durability despite fact that they are expensive and used by high class persons.

7. Prada


Prada is a leather clutch manufactured by Mario Prada of Italy with more than 900 authorized dealers globally. This one was introduce into market in 1913, so many years ago. Back then, it was not commonly known by many people. in 2015, research conducted by fashion designers shows that Prada sold out more than 100 thousand pieces making over a billion in that particular year. Important features of this clutch include long life, elegance and uniquely designed that can be easily carried around.

Prada clutches come in various unique colors including Black, red, cream, beige, white and purple.

6. Balenciaga


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Envelope Clutches in The Market 2017. Cristobal Balenciaga was a fashion designer from Europe who established this Spanish brand in 1919. A downfall was experienced back then due to Second World War that even resulted to its enclosure. However, in 1950 much improvement was seen after selling Balenciaga products to many parts worldwide. Some of its legal stores are located in Paris and in some parts of India. They are best known for producing both men and women envelop wallets.

Modern and unique people go for Balenciaga. That is there motto. They are expensive but durable indeed.

5. Hermes


Hermes is a French clutch wallet designed by one famous Thierry Hermes who named it after his own name during 19th century. Most of its important characteristics include medium size, designed for easy carrying, comes in various attractive colors especially for women who love bright colors, as for men dull colors are most suitable and affordable and reasonable cost. Hermes was first introduced into market in 1930 and gained so much fame back then due to qualities that outweighed price. Their focus and effort was to produce best product to clients.

Orders are placed online and delivery is done on that same day with very little delivery fee.

4. Gucci


We cannot make a mistake of winding up this list without examining one of most popular brand, Gucci. Not only popular, Gucci products are always known for durability, quality service and also attractive looks. Particularly Gucci clutches have won several awards since introduced into market in 1921. If you happen not to be familiar with Gucci, Make a research and am telling you will definitely like it. Currently, this company makes more than 300 million per year in selling these clutches.

Gucci wallets are available in different sizes leaving you with many options in choosing what you desire.

3. Chanel


Channel has a long history since 1909 and is best among many luxurious Clutches worldwide. It has really grown globally due to impressive and adorable features such as leather material for long life, different various sizes and colors to meet many desires of people, genuine, unique and attractive as well. Not many people are able to afford channel because of unaffordable cost. However, there is cost fall during holidays like Christmas and this is how yearning clients time to meet their desires. You cannot wait to own yours.

2. Michael Kors


It was officially introduced by Michael Kors, an American Fashion designer, in 1981 during miss world competitions. Other than Handbags, Kors manufactures shoes and watches also. Ever since introduction, this company went dormant until 2006 when they opened their first store in America. Currently, it has more than 600 stores distributing envelop wallets, watches, shoes and fancy women clothes. There are many other designs of Kors handbags sold worldwide and all designs are of different colors and price.

1. Kate Spade

Kate Spade Top 10 Best Selling Envelope Clutches

With all pleasure I introduce to you an American design brand introduced into market first in 1993 by Kate Spade, famous among other fashion stars. Important features of Kate are sold at fairly price during holidays, easy to carry around due to lightweight, attractive colors and most of all different sizes for different people. Purchase Kate clutch and save some money to spend on other fashion stuffs.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Envelope Clutches in The Market 2017. Envelop Clutches should have desirable quality features like good design, attractive and suitable color, availability, reliability and must be of good size. All of the above brands meet required conditions.