Top 10 Best Selling Enhancing Lip Plumpers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Enhancing Lip Plumpers in The Market 2017. Lip plumbers are products that bring about enhancement and instant boost for fuller lips. Some of them are applied like oil while other products are injected to the body. In this cite, we are going to examine the best selling enhancement lip plumbers in market 2017. Below is the top 10 list.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Enhancing Lip Plumpers in The Market 2017

10. Pure and essential Cinnamon leaf oil

Pure and essential Cinnamon leaf oil Top Most Selling Enhancing Lip Plumpers 2017

This cosmetic product is not commonly known by many people but it appears in this list of the best selling enhancing lip plumbers. Cinnamon leaf oil is relatively cheap and mostly used by common people. Its application measures include mixing its drops with neutral base oil like almond then the mixture is added to the lip gloss. Otherwise, this oil will sting when not dilute with a lot of care.

Pure and essential cinnamon leaf oil can vary the strength composition that will suit your lips. This is to ensure that lips don’t receive side effects.

9. Too faced –EXTREME Lip injection

Too faced –EXTREME Lip injection Top Famous Selling Enhancing Lip Plumpers 2019

Believe it or not, extreme lip injection has earned more than 500 buyers who desire to plumb their lips. Extreme lip injection contains a capsicum Chinese extract which is a very active ingredient. If your lips are quite sensitive and you happen to inject the with this composition, it happens to sting but later on you will re apply because of the bloody vessel dilator technology that works thoroughly on the lips.

Despite the fact that this product is rated low and high sometimes, it is quite expensive and once applied, one can expect instant effects.

8. Stung lip Plumper

Stung lip Plumper Top Most Popular Selling Enhancing Lip Plumpers 2018

Sting lip plumber is one of the fastest products in the market today. Once applied, it takes approximately 7 seconds for results to show up. This plumber is loved by made people because it is made up of natural ingredients.

Several views that have been conducted all over the world suggests that Stung plumber is rated in the 4th position. Some of its ingredients include fierce natural oils, capsicum oil clove oil and peppermint.

Stung lip plumber cannot be used just before kissing as it will affect the other partner who may not want it. For better results, Stung Lip Plumber is applied more than once in a day to maintain that natural feeling and look of the body.

7. Fusion Beauty- lipFusion XL 2X Micro injected collagen and HA lip Plumping therapy


Fusion beauty lip plumber is a mixed review composition loved and hated by many people. The active ingredients in this plumber cannot be applied to some other people because of their sensitive skins. Due to this effect, fusion’s manufacturing company is advised to first give freely to go and try them. Once the clients like them, they can come back and purchase even if it is too expensive.

6. Sexy Motherpucker Lip Gloss by Soap and Glory

Sexy Motherpucker Lip Gloss by Soap and Glory Top Popular Selling Enhancing Lip Plumpers 2018

This is one of the most sold cosmetic lip plumber in the market. It is loved by very many people and has a cumulative average of 3.9. Sexy Motherpucker lip plumber does a good job. In addition to this, its smell and taste are just amazing.

Sexy Motherpucker lip gloss plumber comes in different colors such as clear, red, light pink, yellow, maroon and indigo. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Enhancing Lip Plumpers in The Market 2017.

5. Bare escentuals buxom big and healthy full color Lip Polish


Bare escentuals lip plumber comes in different colors and sizes. It is one of the most favorite beauty products for women. Despite the fact that it does not have a volumizing effect on lips, the manufacturing company is still able to distribute several pieces all over the world. One thing that buyers admire about this lip plumber is its polished and high shine.

Really fans of bare Escentuals lip plumber say that as a result of using this product, their lips are very soft and smooth.

4. Hard Candy plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss


It is characterized by its shiny nature that can last for some time. Hard candy’s fans confess that after application they are left with a tingling sensation even though it does not react as others do. Plenty of colors of this lip plumber are available. One has to choose according to his likeness.

Hard Candy plumbing oil can be purchased from authorized beauty shops or just online dealers like Amazon and Jumia.

3. Neutrogena ageless Intensives Lip plumping treatment


Neutrogena is one of the most fantastic plumbing products in the market today. It is recommended for people with dry lips because it clears and heals them. A small amount is applied to damaged lips because the ingredients in this product are highly effective. In 2014, this beauty product scored an average of 4.5 and was ranked position 5 out of 15 beauty plumbers.

Currently, Neutrogena is amongst the popular beauty products of the world.

2. Lip Venom

Lip Venom Top 10 Best Selling Enhancing Lip Plumpers 2017

Lip Venom was the first lip plumber to be launched in the market several years ago. It is the oldest lip plumber that uses essential oils to enhance lips’ shape by increasing its circulation and also maintaining its natural color. Venom has maintained its value ever since it was launched and the secret behind its good value is the blending of several products such as wintergreen, cinnamon and ginger. Jojoba and avocado oil brings about the glossiness or shine.

1. Christian Dior addict lip maximize High Volume lip plumber for women


Christian Dior is the best of all in our list of best selling Enhancing lip plumbers in the world 2017. Despite the fact that Christian Dior is very expensive, many people love its quality and mostly hurry to pick their stock for business and for individual use. Dior was first launched by a design house of Christian Dior. Once applied to the skin, Dior brings about shine, glossiness and gorgeous looks on women.

Christian Dior lip plumbers are recommended for normal skin.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Enhancing Lip Plumpers in The Market 2017. Enhancing lip plumpers are very sensitive beauty product that works out its best to bring about the required look that is according to the client. Some of these products have disappointed many people all around the world. However, others are just amazing ad bring amazing results.