Top 10 Best Selling Electric Shavers For Women in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Electric Shavers For Women in The Market 2017. Almost every lady wants a smooth body with limited or no hairs and that can be quite challenging, especially to ladies with super sensitive skin when sharp blades touches their skin. It might also be a challenge to choose a shaver. These quality Electric shavers offer a solution to this as they give a safest and comfortable shave free of irritation. Welcome, read and get the device of your choice.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Electric Shavers For Women in The Market 2017


PANASONIC ES2216PC CLOSE CURVE WET.DRY SHAVER Top 10 Best Selling Electric Shavers Women in The World

This is a cordless and excellent electric shaver for ladies that can be used to shave the bikini area, legs and underarms comfortably dry or in the shower. It has four floating heads that are independently made to move with a smooth and continuous motion along the body giving a smooth result. It gives a woman an effortless shaving as it has a head that adjusts backwards and forwards to guide the blades. You can also use this trimmer to trim neatly the bikini area with the bikini attachment. One can use this convenient shaver anywhere, anytime. It is durable, rechargeable and gives a one hour continuous operation when charged.



Phillips HP6378 deluxe trimmer is a girl’s loyal bikini trimmer in giving a neat and smooth bikini line. It is a cordless trimmer with charger, travel bag, illuminating tweezers, exfoliation glove and 6 precise attachments that addresses all the girl’s hair grooming from the eyebrows to the toe leaving the girl with the beauty that was called for. It gives an up to one hour service on a single charge on wet or dry operation. It is an easy to maintain device because you simply rinse to clean.



This shaver can be used in both wet and dry operations. It has an inbuilt hygienic cleaning system that cleans it after every use and blades are lubricated as it cleans. It is designed in a way that charging it is so simple. You just have to put in its own charging base and it gets itself ready for the next use. It has light indicators that inform you when it is time to charge it, clean it in its self cleaning system or if you need to add its cleaning solution. It has gold foils that touch the skin during the shaving preventing skin irritation.


BUTTERFLY SHAVER SMART Top Popular Selling Electric Shavers Women in The World 2017

This shaver has a quality, great and attractive butterfly design. It is a dry/wet shave. During the wet shave, foam is recommended and shaving gel is not as its stickiness can alter its performance. It is NOT for use in shower or bathtubs. It has a large, swirling head with 5 cutters that shaves faster and closer in any direction including a circular motion. It consists of floating heads and foils that gives out a smooth shaving experience that ha s no irritation. It is small in size, easy to clean and rinsed without removing the heads. It gives 90 minutes time of operation when recharged. It has compatible and optional attachments and accessories for different use.


CONAIR SATINY SMOOTH RECHARGEABLE ELECTRIC SHAVER Top Most Popular Selling Electric Shavers Women in The World 2018

This shaver is a rechargeable curve shaped device that provides smooth results even to the unreachable hairy curves. It is easily held along its curves while shaving. It works well in both dry and wet operations. It has two independent floating cutters and foils. It includes full-width trimmers which ensure a close shave. It possesses a charging stand which has a rubber base to prevent it from sliding and an indicator light that shows when t is charging. It has a cleaning brush for cleaning it after use. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Electric Shavers For Women in The Market 2017.



Another shaver from Remington and also one of the best shavers we have around today. It is a quality and a high performance trimmer with its detailed trimmer useful for the eyebrows to other grooming need within a woman’s body. It also has a bikini trimmer head guard that delivers a perfect trimming along your bikini line. It has independent floating foils for additional excellence. It is rechargeable for use on both dry and wet skin on or out of the shower. It has a new smooth-glide trimmer which has nano silver! Hypoallergenic and hygienic for reduction of skin irritation.



This is an all in one device for a smooth and comfortable shave for the woman. It is highly recommended and simple to use. You can use it to trim your hair completely or to trim it to the length you desire. It features a head that has 4 blades that offers flexibility helping a woman reach all her hairy body parts. This trimmer has a rubber handle to for a comfortable grip while trimming/shaving while its heads provide 3 different lengths for a clean and close shave. It is portable, and one can completely remove the comb for a close trim. .For trimming use the adjustable combs to trim to the desired length. For shaving, use the shaver normally. Rinse with water to clean. Insert the battery by twisting the razor to open it, twist the razor tightly to close.


PANASONIC ARC3 ELECTRIC SHAVER WET.DRY.NANOTECH BLADES Top Famous Selling Electric Shavers Women in The World 2018

Panasonic Arc3 shaver is featured by super sharp blades that leave a great smoothness you always want on your skin. It has adjustable head to the angle for whichever part you want to use it to shave. Cleaning it is quite simple for it has water infused solution for and lubrication of the blades. Enjoy the convenience of using it when wet using foam or gel if your skin is highly sensitive because of its close shave or use it dry. It has a popup trimmer that adds a detail to the areas you want to shave. It can also be cleaned by removing the foil from the shaver and switch on turbo mode then rinse with water to clean and renew the blades.


PANASONIC ES246AC Top Most Famous Selling Electric Shavers Women in The World 2019

Panasonic ES246AC is a lightweight, portable and very simple to use shaver for all the women who wants a close and smooth shave. It features stainless steel durable and hypoallergenic blades which are protected by an adjustable 5-position shaping and trimming head to allow you to shave to the length you desire without razor irritation. It ensures safe and comfortable bikini line trimming and shaping. It is best for any hair type and quickly takes care of unwanted hairs. This shaver has 2 AA size batteries (Not included) and a cleaning brush for it’s throughout maintenance.


BRAUN SILK EPIL FEMALE SHAVER Top 10 Best Selling Electric Shavers Women in The World 2017

This shaving model is light and small in size to fit well in the hand. It has a rounded head for easy and smooth gliding along the curves of a lady’s body. It features floating foil blade and a long hair cutting system helping in cutting away all the unwanted hair without problem. There is no limitation with this kind of razor because u only chose the attachment that is appropriate. It has three attachments being, Exfoliation, Bikini trimming and optishave attachments. This razor gives a 40 minutes operation when fully charged. Use it in both dry and wet situations. This model also comes with a brush for cleaning it.

We have seen the Top 10 Best Selling Electric Shavers For Women in The Market 2017 and now ladies have their perfect choice of the right razors to use. Shaving is an important way of a lady’s self grooming, so do not go manual again on shaving and leaving your skin damaged or disturbed. Try an electric shaver instead for they are not expensive compared to the manual razors you buy each and every time. Thanks for reading our top 10 electric shavers for women.