Top 10 Best Selling Eco-Friendly Gadgets in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Eco-Friendly Gadgets in The World 2017. Most of us love our gadgets, but some love the environment more. It is now possible to have your cake and eat it, thanks to the technological leaps made in recent times. Generally speaking, conserving the environment is a wide term used to refer to reusing, recycling and more importantly, reducing your carbon footprint. The latter refers to the measure of carbon dioxide emissions contributed by every person, to the atmosphere. In order to reduce global warming, eco-friendly enthusiasts are finding ways to reduce their carbon footprints in every way possible and it starts with purchasing eco-friendly gadgets such as those we are about to review in a while. When it’s all said and done, green living starts with you and now, you need not worry about giving up amazing technology while at it.

List of The Top 10 Best Selling Eco-Friendly Gadgets in 2017:

In recent times, there have been no limits in regards to innovation and technology advancements. Here is a list of the most creative eco-friendly gadgets this year. Enjoy.

#10. The Smart Family Hub Fridge


In between commuting to work, hitting the gym and raising the kids, finding time to check the expiry dates on your food stuffs stacked in the fridge is the last thing on your mind. In fact, we only notice that we’ve run out of milk or cheese when we open the fridge only to realize that the bottle is empty. Fortunately, we now have smart fridges to save the day. On the surface, this refrigerator sports a large touch-screen display connected to a camera on the inside, which records images accessible via a complementing app. It also packs an effective barcode scanner that delivers expiration dates of foodstuffs directly to your Smartphone – how cool is that. With the smart fridge, you can greatly reduce food wastage and while at it, lead a green, healthier lifestyle.

#9. JaqMyFC Miniature Power Plants

JaqMyFC Miniature Power Plants Top Famous Selling Eco-Friendly Gadgets 2019

As stated above, reducing your carbon footprint is an essential part of green living as it plays a lead role in curbing global warming. Reducing electricity consumption at home or the office is one way of mitigating your carbon footprint, but how can you achieve this with all the gadgets that need juicing? Well, how about “Jaqqing Your FC?” Yes, it is now very possible to charge your Smartphone without having to plugging it in to an outlet. The portable device – which is as small as a standard Smartphone and even weighs just as much – mimics the workings of a mini-power plant. In a nutshell, it transforms a metal oxide, salt and water into hydrogen – used by fuel cells to generate electricity. With this device, tracking down power outlets to juice up your device may just be a thing of the past.

#8. GoSun Stove Solar BBQ

GoSun Stove Solar BBQ Top Most Selling Eco-Friendly Gadgets 2017

Who doesn’t love a good old barbeque on a sunny summer afternoon? Well, we all do, but unknowingly pollute the environment – conventional charcoal grills – or increase our carbon footprint with electric grills. Sure, electric grills are fast, portable and convenient, but so is this new appliance – GoSun Stove Solar BBQ. The fact that it requires absolutely no electricity at all is enough to justify its worth as one of the best eco-friendly products already. There’s more, though. Thanks to its powerful solar panels that work at heating pipes on the inside, the stove achieves max temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celcius, which is just about enough to prepare an eight-person meal in less than hour. Now, that’s pretty impressive for a solar powered stove, right?

#7. Asus Bamboo U6V-B1 Eco-Friendly Laptop


When shopping around for a laptop, most of us tend to place the specifications and functions of a device right at the top of our list of priorities. While this isn’t wrong per se, the energy saving and eco-friendly features are often overlooked and in fact, not usually on our list of priorities sometimes. An energy saving, eco-friendly laptop can be of great help in saving the environment, besides saving you some bucks in the process – lower energy bills. The Bamboo U6V-B1 biodegradable laptop by Asus ranks as the most eco-friendly product in the niche, with a unique bamboo trim housing to show for. Moreover, it packs an eco-friendly interior as well, as it has no hazardous substances within the circuitry. In a nutshell, bamboo naturally propagates itself meaning it requires no harvesting or replanting and hence, one of the most environmental friendly material ever. Laptop manufacturers should certainly follow in ASUS footsteps.

#6. The Philips Econova ECO Smart LED TV


It’s quite obvious that TV’s guzzle up the most amount of energy at home and hence, explaining why manufacturers have turned to designing energy saving – Energy Star – televisions that conserve up to 40% of energy compared to conventional televisions. This Econova, though, takes it a notch higher. For starters, it is a huge 46-inch LED television that requires only 56 watts of power, meaning it uses 60% less energy compared to LCD TV’s. In addition to this, it is a recyclable product designed using 60% recycled aluminum, with a solar powered remote control to cap it all. It even has a zero-power switch meaning once you switch it off, the power consumption is reduced completely to zero watts. That’s not all you can activate a room lighting sensor to determine the TV’s brightness based on the amount of light in the space. If you thought that TV’s couldn’t rank at the bottom of your energy bill list, think again. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Eco-Friendly Gadgets in The World 2017.

#5. The Bonaverde Do-it-All Coffee Maker

The Bonaverde Do-it-All Coffee Maker Top 10 Best Selling Eco-Friendly Gadgets

We all love coffee and in fact, most of us would have a bad day at work without a cup of hot, strong coffee in the morning. However, we remain oblivious to the pollution processes involved in manufacturing the coffee we’ve grown to love. The roasting plants cause huge carbon emissions, not to mention the transportation involved in getting the products to the market. In short, we could do much better if we sourced the raw products directly from a farmer, right? Well, it’s now a reality thanks to a Berlin start-up Bonaverde. The do-it-all coffee maker not only brews coffee – as well as most machines do – but also, grinds and roasts the beans as well! Yes, all you require is raw, green coffee beans from a farmer listed by the start-up and voila! You’re good to go.

#4. Voltaic Generator Solar Laptop Bag/Charger


Solar is arguably the most effective eco-friendly solution ever, and now, you need not worry about finding a power outlet to charge your laptop. Indeed, vacations just got better with this product by Voltaic. It is basically a laptop bag with a solar panel at the front – quite thoughtful, huh? With this water-proof charger bag, you can now charge your laptop, Nintendo DS, Smartphone and just about every other device; all while relaxing by the pool as you tan your skin. It packs high-efficient cells and a complementing battery pack designed to charge via solar power. It will only take 45 minutes to fully juice up your laptop or Smartphone.

#3. Hydrao Smart Shower Head

Hydrao Smart Shower Head Top Popular Selling Eco-Friendly Gadgets 2018

Water is life and with this in mind, it is of paramount importance to reduce wastage as much as possible. Compared to tubs, showers tend to guzzle and waste water in liters. With this new shower head by Hydrao, though, you can mitigate water wastage significantly thanks to its innovative features. It is designed to enlighten users on water consumption through accurate record keeping and tracking. Once your household uses more than 50 liters, the shower head glows and will continue recording further usage to keep you abreast on water consumption at home. More importantly, it is able to achieve this without using energy or batteries as it is powered through the flow of water.

#2. Eton Rukus Wireless Solar Speakers

Eton Rukus Wireless Solar Speakers Top 10 Best Selling Eco-Friendly Gadgets 2017

These speakers are extremely cool and would still rank high on a list of must-have gadgets even without the solar functions. Basically, these portable speakers are powered by solar and connect to devices via Bluetooth meaning there are no wire to worry about. It packs an e-ink display for energy efficiency purposes, an AC adapter and effective solar panels at the top to keep it bumping. Its aesthetics, though, are to die for thanks to a futuristic design defined by superior craftsmanship. The speakers are also quite powerful and considering it is a solar-powered accessory, there is no better way to enjoy a day at the beach with friends – as long as the sun is shining.

#1. iGo Green Power Smart Wall Vampire Slayer

iGo Green Power Smart Wall Vampire Slayer Top Most Popular Selling Eco-Friendly Gadgets 2018

As you may have noticed, it’s all about energy efficiency with gadgets. In order to go green, reducing energy consumption, as well as your carbon footprint is of paramount importance and what better way to achieve this than investing in a device that reduces the power consumption for all devices. The iGo Green Power Smart Wall is designed to save up to 85% of vampire power – the energy used while devices, gadgets and appliances are in standby mode. It doubles up as a surge protector, meaning your devices are safe from electric surges as well.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Eco-Friendly Gadgets in The World 2017. If you are really about saving the environment, investing in the gadgets above would certainly be in your best interest. While most eco-friendly gadgets tend to be slightly expensive compared to their conventional counterparts, they are actually cheaper in the long-run when you consider the lower energy bills and durability.