Top 10 Best Selling Ebook Readers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Ebook Readers in The Market 2017. Ebook readers are the best thing that could have happened to all you avid readers. Even for those who enjoy reading a couple of times a week, ebook readers have changed the way we read, for the better. Of course we can read a book or two on our smartphones and tablets, but an ebook reader has just one purpose: to let you read books. Hence, it has been designed specifically to provide an optimal reading experience every time. The e-ink technology looks just like the print on a book. It works perfectly and is easy on the eyes whether used in bright sunlight or in the dark before you sleep. Besides, it allows you access to a range of books depending on the manufacturer’s bookstore. If you love reading and do not own an ebook reader as yet, here is the list of the top ten best selling ebook readers in 2017:

List of Top 10 Best Selling Ebook Readers in The Market 2017

10. Bookeen Cybook Ocean

bookeen cybook ocean, Top 10 Best Selling Ebook Readers in The Market 2017

The Bookeen Cybook Ocean has an eight inch display that makes reading a breeze. Its lighting technology allows you to read for hours in the dark without straining your eyes. It has a smooth black design and a good battery life. However its performance is not the best but it is still manageable keeping in mind the positives.

9. Barnes and Noble Nook Simple touch


The touchscreen interface of the Nook Simple Touch is pretty great. It is quite lightweight and therefore easy to slip into your backpack. Reading in the bright light is not an issue either. It has a great battery life and reading for long periods of time is made easy with sharp and clear text on the bright touchscreen.

8. Kobo Aura H20


The Kobo Aura H20 proves to be a good competitor to the rest of the ebook readers. Its main advantage is that it is waterproof, which makes it hassle free to carry and read it anywhere. The storage capacity along with the resolution display is quite high.

7. Kobo Aura Glo HD


This ebook reader is in the mid range section and offers pretty good features for its price. Besides being affordable, it is quite lightweight. The screen resolution is pretty good and the design is quite decent. It comes with rubber design that helps grip it with ease.

6. Nook GlowLight Plus


Nook GlowLight Plus Barnes and Noble have come out with their most competitive ebook reader: the Nook GlowLight Plus. Totally waterproof, this ebook reader makes it easy to read at any place without bothering about water splashing onto it. It has a decent screen resolution and a fair book selection. However it lags a bit in performance but is bearable especially considering its price.

5. Kobo Aura One


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Ebook Readers in The Market 2017. The Kobo Aura One is one of the best ebook readers by Kobo. It is designed to be waterproof with a fairly large screen. So if you are the type who loves reading in the bathtub, pool or while at a beach; this is the perfect choice. With a storage capacity of 8 GB, you will never run out of books to read.

4. Kindle 2017


This entry level ebook reader is perfect for you if you do not wish to splurge on an ebook reader, but at the same time crave quality. The Kindle 2017 has been improved quite a bit as compared to the older models. This makes owning this budget friendly Kindle so much better. The only con here is that is comes without a backlight, but based on the price, this shouldn’t be an issue.

3. Kindle Voyage


With a full HD e-ink display, the Kindle Voyage will definitely attract you towards it. Comic books and magazines too can be read with great ease. It comes with the perfect display (highest resolution and contrast) along with a large ebook store. However, the Voyage has been compared to the Paperwhite and found to have not much of an edge that justifies the price gap.

2. Kindle Oasis


The Kindle Oasis is perfect for those readers that love reading all through the day and who are ready to empty their wallet a fair bit. Priced higher than the rest of the ebook readers, the Kindle Oasis is perfect in nearly every aspect. It has a sharp and bright screen display and a stunning design. Additionally its leather charging cover acts an extended battery, thereby allowing you to read for weeks together without charging it.

1. Kindle Paperwhite


One of the most loved ebook reader in the Kindle range is the Kindle Paperwhite. It is super easy to use and light to carry, therefore making it that much easier to move around with your virtual library. The Paperwhite has an attractive design and 300 pixels per inch display which lets you read without worrying about damaging your eyes.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Ebook Readers in The Market 2017. Like any other popular product, the ebook reader also has quite a few options to choose from. Depending upon the feature that attracts you the most; be it the size, bookstore, price etcetera you can choose any one of the above trusted ebook readers. With great technology and high ratings, these ebook readers are here to stay.