Top 10 Best Selling Dual SIM Smartphones in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Dual SIM Smartphones in The World 2016-2017, most famous brands. Dual sim smartphones for 2016-2017 are phones which are extremely practical. They become common every year. Many people like them because they use 2 simcards.It have an added advantage where one can utilize the data plans of the mobile. They are mobile devices which maintain 2 personal contracts. In several occasions, one of the personal contract is the in calls and sms while the other one is perfect in unlimited data. Many folks get to but single-sim smartphones.A dual smartphone is a durable phone which is flexible and durable when it is compared to the single sim smartphone. The manufacturers of the phones create dual sim models for the phones which are more popular in the markets internationally The following are the top 10 best selling dual sim smartphone in 2016-2017:

List of Top 10 Best Selling Dual SIM Smartphones in The World 2016-2017

10. One plus 2

One plus 2 Top Most Popular Dual SIM Smartphones 2019

This is a flagship killer which is packed with mobile tech that is the latest. It is sold at an unbelievable cheap price. In addition, it is a model of 64 GB.The companies which is the processor of this dual smart phone is maligned much in inviting retail models only.Moreover, it is regarded as having the best value than the ZTE Axon Pro.Furthermore, and it has been proofed to have a spectacular performance on its complete package. One plus 2 dual smartphone has a pleasant power and a right edged volume buttons. It is an amazing smartphone with a SSB C port that has wide advantages.

09. Samsung Galaxy J 7


This is among the best selling dual sim smartphones brands 2016-2017 that has the most powerful configuration. The dual sim phone is equipped with a storage capacity which is large. In addition, it has a battery life which is excellent. It is designed in a way that it attracts the people’s attention.Samsung Galaxy J 7(2016) has a display of superAMOLED and a 1,280 by 720 pixes screen resolution. The dual sim touch screen has 1.6GHZ octa-core Samsung Exnos7, 870 processor. The most amazing thing with it is that it is available in different colors.Furthermore; its camera has an auto flash Geo tagging, face detection HDR.

08. Google Pixel XL

Google Pixel XL Top Best Selling Dual SIM Smartphones 2017

This is a dual sim from the android company. It is among the best dual sim smartphone of 2016.Not only having a MOLED screen; it is also a device which is capable of charging with minimal ghosting. In addition, it has a metal unibody that proves on its durability. It has a gorilla 4 screen and a 4 GB RAM. It also has storage of 128 GB storage.Moreover, its battery charges at a faster rate of 7 hours 15 mins. Of talktime.Furthemore, it has a 12 mp sensor behind an aperture of f/2.0.This is an amazing dual sim smartphones that you should have.

07. Asus Zenfone 3

Asus Zenfone 3 Top 10 Best Selling Dual SIM Smartphones 2017

This is among the dual sim smartphones that have an exquisite design that is naturally beautiful. It is a device which is encased in a corning contour glass art and gorilla. Many of the customers say that it is an amazing dual sim smartphone .One of the customers say that it has a fingerprint sensor of the Asus is so fast and precise. In addition, it has a 3 GB RAM that is faster. Another customer’s review said that it has a wonderful camera which amazes them in each second when he uses it.

06. LeEco le Max 2

LeEco le Max 2 Top Most Dual SIM Smartphones 2018

It is a dual sim smartphone that is made of metal. It has a Quad HD display of 5.7.It is the best phone that creates great images. In addition, Leo le Max is heavily customized with eui5.6.Its camera sensor has 21mp Sony Exmor Rsimx230 and a LED flash.Moreover; it has a rare mounted fingerprint scanner. It is the best selling dual sim smartphones that you need in 2016-2017.

05. Xiaomi redmi Note 3


China and India are places which are often limited with the distribution of the dual sim smartphones.This is why the Xiaomi takes its step in the top 10 list of the dual sim smartpnones which are selling in 2016.It is readily available and affordable. It has a lovable display that attracts customers.Moreover, it has a fingerprint scanner and its battery life is excellent. The negative side of it is its lackluster camera performance.

04. Moto P 8 Lite


It is the best dual sim smartphone that came into the market in a relatively cheap price. It has an HD display of 5.0 inch and a 410 processor snapdragon that is solid. It also contains a rare camera of 8 mp which is great in snapping an occasional photo.Moreover; it has 2,800 MAh batteries which is removable. It is among the dual sim smartphones which were recently released.

03. Huawei P8 Lite

Huawei P8 Lite Top Popular Dual SIM Smartphones 2018

This is among the best selling dual sim smartphones brands in 2016-2017. It has a thin shape and it is light weight. It is solidly built to provide an attractive look. In addition, it is solid at a cheap price. This makes it readily affordable. It is an android Smartphone which is classic and it has an outstanding value.Hauwei P 8 Lite is framed with bezel which is slightly similar to the HTC.Moreover; it has the best gaming performance.

02. LG G5

LG G5 Top Famous Dual SIM Smartphones 2019

01.LG is among the hardware companies with unique phones. It is the best phone with dual lens on its backside. Its camera is amazing because of its wide angle view. In addition, its performance is great since it comes with 820 snap diagram model. The dual sim smartphone is capable of handling multi tasking applications in a smooth way without a break on its sweat.Furthermore; it has a 2,800 MAh battery and a type C USB charger. The most interesting thing with it is that its battery is removable.

01. Samsung galaxy A 5

Samsung galaxy A 5 Top 10 Best Selling Dual SIM Smartphones

This is the top best selling dual sim Smartphone that is unique. It is the fastest among the Sumsung phones with oct-core processor and a 13 mp camera. It is an amazing Smartphone that has a fingerprint sensor and a configuration which is strong. It is designed in an aesthetic way. Moreover, it has a battery backup and is made of a metal and glass.Furthermore; it comes with a camera which autofocus with an image sensor and digital image stabilization. Many customers have reviewed it and they all say that it has impressive features.

This list of the top 10 selling dual sim Smartphones in 2016-2017 will help you in selecting a dual Smartphone that you have been dreaming of. They all have the greatest performance with the highest flexibility.