Top 10 Best Selling Deck Boxes in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Deck Boxes in The Market 2017. These are great to have on your deck for storage of things that need to stay outside. No longer have the yard so junked up you can not mow or get anything around. Your kids can use them to store their toys in. You can put all your working items in it so they do not get lost. No more muddy boots in the house because they can be put inside this to keep them out of the weather and away from the dogs. The colors will match if you make sure to look for one with the color of the boards of your deck. You can get them with wheels or without depending on what you want to do with the storage you have in them.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Deck Boxes in The Market 2017

10. Suncast DB9750 Extended Deck Box


Storage box/ deck bench with 129-gallon capacity. Storage tray for yard and décor accessories.Easy 5-minute, assembly (no tools required). Stay-dry design; lockable lid. Exterior dimensions: 53 by 29 by 27 ½ (W x D x H) Interior: 52 by 26 by 22 ¾ inches. The tan color is great for decks that are finished in a light color.

9. Suncast DB6300 Patio Storage Box

Suncast DB6300 Patio Storage Box, Top 10 Best Selling Deck Boxes in The Market 2019

The Suncast Patio storage box is ideal for storing outdoor accessories. Built-in handles and rollers for portability. Easy 5-minute assembly; no tools necessary. Stay dry design. Long-lasting resin construction.this one has wheels that you can roll it around on and have no problems lifting it because it is very sturdy. Your kids will love to pull this out and play with their toys in it.

8. Suncast DB8000B Deck Box


With Wheels- 73 Gallon Capacity. Wheels and handles for hassle-free portability. Easy 5-minute, tool-free assembly. Exterior dimensions 46″ x 22″ x 23″. Interior dimensions 42-1/2″ x 19-1/2″ x 21″.This one has handles that will help you carry it around. Make sure two people lift it because it can be heavy after you store your items in it.

7. Suncast DB12000 Deck Box


The Suncast Patio storage box is ideal for storing outdoor accessories. Storage tray for small accessories. Easy 5-minute assembly; no tools necessary. Design looks great in rows or clustered. Long-lasting resin construction.When you buy this you will get an additional seat for your garden and a handy storage tray.

6. Keter Rockwood 17197729 Patio Deck Storage


Durable weather resistant deck box keeps your contents dry and ventilated. Easy to maintain – will not warp, dent, stain or peel. Elegant wood panel appearance – both functional and beautiful. Easy access storage bench with automatic opening mechanism. Ideal outdoor storage for large cushions, garden and pool supplies. The brown color is great so people do not even notice it in the dark and can not steal your stuff. You can put a lock on it and keep everyone out.

5. Suncast DB5000 Deck Box


This is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Deck Boxes in The Market 2017. Deck box for storing gardening tools, athletic equipment, outdoor dining décor and more. With poly-resin construction for durability; resists fading and rust. Rain water flows off of the box with carefully designed lid; lid flips open from sturdy hinges. Holds up to 50 gallons of gear; the USA-made box requires some simple assembly. The cool design will have your friends wondering what it is and then they will want one to. It is so easy to put together you will be using it in no time.

4. Keter Eden 213126 All


Weather Storage Bench Deck Box-70-Gallon Eden Storage Bench is both a spacious outdoor storage solution and a practical, beautiful garden bench. Provides enough seating room to accommodate two adults with a weight capacity of 771 lbs.. Its durable resin construction with built-in ventilation and moisture resistance ensures that your stored items are safe and dry. Lockable lid to ensure extra security & safety. It keeps its good looks in spite of harsh weather, sun exposure and abuse from kids and animals.You can sit on this storage box because it is a bench to. Do not worry it is very sturdy and will withhold a little more weight than you think.

3. Rubbermaid 5E39 Extra


Large Deck Box- Outdoor storage and seating in one durable combination. Comfortable seating for 2 adults. Easy assembly. Great for storing patio accessories, pool supplies, and garden and lawn equipment. Deck box will not rot or rust like metal or wood furniture. Inside Dimensions: 4’8.5″ w x 1’9″ d x 1’10.5″ h. Kinda looks like a door to a cellar and will have your friends trying to open it. The kids will love how they can hide their toys here so they do not have to share with anyone.

2. Lifetime 60012 Extra


Large Deck Box-Extra-large deck box made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Weather-Resistant Steel Hinges. Interior capacity is 130 gallons or 16.4 cubic feet. Inside dimensions are 57 inches long by 20.75 inches wide by 23.75 inches high. Lockable lid with spring hinge for gentle closing. Stylish design in Tan,Black and Brown. Backed by a 10-Year limited manufacturer warranty. The lines on the sides double as handles but be very careful not to drop it on your toes because if you have already stuck things in it then it could hurt your foot.

1. Suncast DBW9200 Mocha Wicker Deck Box


Deck box features a 99-gallon capacity; Assembled dimensions :50″ w X 25.5″ d X 25.5″ h. Ideal for storing cushions and other patio accessories. Easy 5-minute, tool-free assembly. Design includes handles on each end and a stay-dry design. Features a contemporary design; mocha brown exterior.The wicker look of this box will really be great during the summer. If you do not want to use this on your deck then just use it in the house.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Deck Boxes in The Market 2017. All of these are great for everyday use. You will never complain of storage again. If you order these on line then you will have them in no time. Most of them are made of plastic so if they are near a fire they will melt and not save anything in it. Enjoy these for a very long time to come. They will last longer than you will think possible. If you end up getting the inside dirty just take the water hose to it and wash it out really well.