Top 10 Best Selling Dash Cams in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Dash Cams in The World 2017. At the start of the sale of this cams, people always ignored them but with the continuous assistance that has enable many people to live comfortably in their driving life. You will realize that you are able to monitor your environment is a quick and faster manner than having to use a mirror that might be not ready to support all that you require. They are not as expensive as people might think. Some have their inbuilt power providers and others will always work with the guided power from that that is given by the vehicle. All in all, they all work the same.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Dash Cams in The World 2017

10. Black Box Mobius Pro Mini Action

Black Box Mobius Pro Mini Action Top Most Famous Selling Dash Cams 2018

It has been designed with a large field of action and has been loved by many people out there because of its automatic motion detection technology which has been used to make it. It is run by 820mAh battery that will give you a continuous recording time of up to 100 to 140 minutes. You might think that its small size is going to give you a lesser ability to record unlike others but you will have missed a point, it is able to give out stunning ad quality HD recordings that will never be forgotten at all. Other than that, it is able to take still images and also record audio in other three different volume settings.

9. Blacksys CF-100 Dual channel HD Dashcam

Blacksys CF-100 Dual channel HD Dashcam Top Most Popular Selling Dash Cams 2018

When I talk about a dual cam, I mean that this item has the ability of recording 1080P using the front cam and 720P using the rear Cam. Has been designed with a complete in built Mic and speakers for your comfort. There is also a complete GPS module that it has been given and you can also go ahead and connect or even link it with the Google map. For all those that want to vice guide, you will get it at your disposal together with the LED indicator. It uses powerful lenses and with the low light sensor, you are ready to make your best recordings without a problem.

8. Transcend 32GB DrivePro 200


It is one item that is well known for its perfect and ability to offer you with detailed HD videos. To ensure that all this is done perfectly well, you will realize that it has an a 160 degree wide degree of angle view that will make sure that anything that comes along its way is filmed so that you get an ultra-sharp footage. You can further use a 32 GB memory card but when you buy it for the first time, you will be given a 16 GB micro SDHC card for your use. The best part of it is that it turns on and off automatically when you ignite your vehicle.

7. A118-C

A118-C Top 10 Best Selling Dash Cams 2017

Get this product that has been made with a wedge design. You only have to install it on the rear side of your mirror of your car and it is going to ensure that you get your requirements well taken care of. It is powered by the novaltek chipset and with the 170 degrees super patina lens, you will get a super audio-video so that you get the images and videos that you want for a longer time. You don’t have to worry about night or darkness because is able to cut through all that to give you crystal clear images. It is a capacitor-based item and has no internal battery and will operate up to 140 degrees F. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Dash Cams in The World 2017.

6. Falcon Zero Touch

Falcon Zero Touch Top Famous Selling Dash Cams 2019

It comes with a 4 inch touch screen that has proprietary hardwired design so that you are able to get a continuous surveillance all day long. There is a 3MP sensor that has been fitted into the system and that is what is going to be able to ensure that you get the best quality feedback right to where you are sited. You can integrate the data that it has stored with the use of the GPS module and software that supports the GEO data. Uses a battery which is protected by the anti-drain technology. That is why spoilage of the batt is never a simple task.

5. G1W-C

G1W-C Top 10 Best Selling Dash Cams

It is considered to be low priced and as 1080p full HD and it will let you record audio video which is crystal clear. Thanks to its powerful lens which has 120 degrees view angle which is wide enough to capture everything you want. Imagine that this stuff will let you capture clear footage during night time and also day time. It has 2.7” display screen that will give you clear preview and you can use it to playback your recorded footage. This item is also compatible with your microSD card up to 64GB but it is not included and can support loop recording. You will love its G-sensor which will sense unusual movement in vehicle and then set off any incident recording by itself.

4. YI Smart Dash Camera


If you need affordable dash cam but built to last, consider this one. It has shock-proof materials that are ABS and PC that will protect your unit in case of accidental falls. It comes with Li-polymer battery which is long lasting. It uses dual core CPU and installing it is extremely easy. It can capture 1080p full HD footage which is at 60fps. It has noise reduction technology as well as built-in Wi-Fi that will let you share your content to your friends. The wide view angle is another great feature about this stuff and nothing in front of your vehicle can escape without being captured. It can also support iOS operating systems and also Android. You can use external memory card of 64GB.

3. Street Guardian SG9665GC v2


Let this stuff be your companion and you will be happy when you see its minimalistic design. It is tiny but very powerful and you will receive yours with unit with GPS module alongside with Android card reader and 32GB memory card. This unit has seven element glass lenses that has 135-degrees diagonal view, GPS logger, WDR CMOS sensor and TFT LCD screen. This stuff uses super capacitor and you will never find yourself worrying about overheating and leakage which is associated with battery. It will give you full HD and well-focused footage which is of 1080 pixels at 30 fps. You will envy its built-in microphone which can be turned on/off. If you want to do timelapse or even any entertainment types of videos which are ideal for YouTube projects, this item will let you fulfill your dream in very simple manner.

2. A119

A119 Top Best Selling Dash Cams 2017

My friend, A119 is the newest dash cam with modern features that will meet your daily needs. It will give you full high definition video quality and it is great for any forward facing recording. You can attach it to the windshield of the vehicle with adhesive mount and you will enjoy freedom of recording clear high definition video and also audio of different resolution. Its fixed lens can rotate up and down and side to side and this great for flexibility on your lens angle. The built-in G-sensor which enable your unit detect and also record incidents. The wide LCD screen will let you change the camera setting very easily. Grab this item if you are after dash cams.

1. BlackVue DR650GW-2CH

BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Top Most Selling Dash Cams 2019

Blackvue is one of those bestselling item with dual channel dash cameras. What is great is about its built-in Wi-Fi that will give you freedom of sharing your content with your friends and the memory card support design will allow you add external memory card of up to 128GB. This item features slim tubular design making it look great and classy. You will use the front to record full HD videos which are of up to 1080 pixels and you will love them. The rear camera will let you produce up to 720p at 30 fps. The recording ability of this camera is the best in its class and you’ll transfer your dashcam files you’re the Smartphone and you will never have to remove your dash cam to connect to the PC and then download video files.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Dash Cams in The World 2017. With the cams with you, there is no discomfort that is geared to get you on the way. They are perfect products that provide you with total security even at dark hours. Ensure that you are kept guard of who is following you from behind and for how long. With that with you, you will be able to avoid being trailed forever. Make your order today and we are able to make sure that you get everything availed to you when you want it.