Top 10 Best Selling Cutting Boards in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Cutting Boards in The Market 2017. Having a cutting board is great when you do not have enough room on a plate to cut food. Use these boards pretty much anywhere. You can cut anything on them and you will enjoy how the board will hold up to the knife and how sturdy they are. Some are heavy and are best left in one spot so you do not have to move them every time you need to use them . no more cutting up the counters or not having room. No more cuts on your table from trying to be careful and slice food. Some are made of wood and plastic and are really good and easy to store. Most of them are cheap and very well used. You can cut meat, fruit, or veggies no matter what you are eating that night. You can use both sides of pretty much every one of them.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Cutting Boards in The Market 2017

10. Farberware 3-Piece Poly Board Set

Farberware 3-Piece Poly Board Set, Top 10 Best Selling Cutting Boards in The Market 2017

This three piece set will have you cutting anything you need to with easy access. Dishwasher safe and BPA free. They are odor resistant so you will never have a smell left when you wash them. You can use either side just flip and use. Easy clean up and it is effortless. They are white and plastic. They will get small cuts in them when you use them but this does not change how they cut.

9. Beautiful Extra Large And Thick Bamboo Cutting Board


You can find these anywhere you can shop at. Made of a wood like material that will last a long time. Has a small groove in them so that if the item you are cutting contains water it will not run off and get everywhere. It is made of real bamboo and that will ensure they are really sturdy.

8. Dishwasher Safe Poly Plastic Kitchen Boards


This is a set of two one larger than the other. You can use the small one for fruits and veggies and the big one for bigger meats. After you use them place in the dishwasher and let it get nice and clean. Made of a great plastic that will last for years. It has a handle so you can carry it anywhere. No more having your hands full and not being able to carry it to the counter, or table.

7. Antimicrobial Cutting Board Set


Three different boards that will be easy to store. Three different colors so you can decide which to use. They fold in half with a small slit to keep them that way. Use each one for different things if you are cutting things all in one night to serve so nothing gets contaminated. You can stick these in the microwave to get rid of all germs that can harm you are your little ones.

6. Dishwasher Safe Plastic Cutting Board Set


This set of three will help you in so many ways. You can store them all together and never get them mixed up. Has a cool looking green color around the edges. Has handles so you can just pick up and go with no trouble. The edges help its stay in place when cutting. Hang these with the whole of the handle so you can keep them out of the way.

5. Prepworks By Progressive Cutting Board


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Cutting Boards in The Market 2017. This board is so big you can cut several different things at once and not run out of room. It has groove to keep things from falling off. The handle helps get it to where it needs to go without having to use both hands. The white look makes it easier to find when you need it. It can be thrown in the dishwasher to ensure that it is germ free and safe to use again.

4. New Star Foodservice Flexible Cutting Board


Six different cutting boards of six different colors. You will be able to tell them apart with the small pictures that are on them. The yellow is for chicken so you can keep everything else away from it. The blue is for fish so you do not have to mix the foods if you are trying to eat healthy. Red is for beef so you can pat the burgers out or anything else needed done. Green is for your veggies. White is for cheese so you can make sure it stays clean because you do not always cook cheese to get rid of germs. Brown is for cooked meat that is already done and does not need to touch anything that can make it nasty.

3. CounterArt Flexible Cutting Mat With Food Icons


This is another set that shows small pictures on it so you do not use one that should not be used for certain things. Fish is the blue cutting board so you can keep it all together. Pink is for beef, yellow for chicken, and green for veggies. Do not buy both sets because you will get confused without looking at the pictures.

2. Piece PLastic Cutting Board Set


These are a great set to have when you want to use several at once. You can use all three at the same time. Has grooves to catch any leakage that will spill over onto the clean counter. The plastic that is on the edge keeps it from sliding. Great handle so carry it around.

1. Black Kitchen Cutting Board,Wood Composite, Chefs Quality, Eco Friendly, Dishwasher Safe, USA Made


This cutting board is black and is very easy to clean. Has a small hole so you can hang it on a nail or hook to keep it off the counter and out of the way at all times. Great for anything being cut on it.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Cutting Boards in The Market 2017. Having cutting boards are great to make your kitchen nice and neat without cuts all over the table or counter. No more having to wipe the counters each time you cut something on them. Most are dishwasher safe so you can just throw them in and have them done in no time. Some are sets you can use one for one thing and another for the others things you need cut.