Top 10 Best Selling Custom Gaming Desktops in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Custom Gaming Desktops in The Market 2017. These gaming desktops are great for you ones who love gaming on the computer rather than anything else. This will help you in so many ways that you will be ready when you sit down. Be ready to jump on it right after school or work. Tell all your buddies about your upgrades. These look neat and need to be well taken care of. Lots of memory and you will need backup so you do not run out of space. No more having to deal with CD’s or any other types of games. You can download your games and start playing within seconds. If you are looking at this then you probably know what you are doing. If you do not get a friend who does because they can get a little confusing with all the high tech going on.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Custom Gaming Desktops in The Market 2017

10. MSI Vortex G65

msi vortex g65, Top 10 Best Selling Custom Gaming Desktops in The Market 2017

This weird shaped computer is for all you gamers out there. You will love the design and what it does. It has ten different spots for so many different things that you can hook whatever you need up and be ready to to go.Huge and bulky so you need a desk that you will need a big platform to hold it unless you sit it in the floor. Experience gaming in four K resolution. Such an attractive design and compact footprint. You can customize your settings with an app you can download to your phone.

9. Alienware X51


This slim gaming desktop will sit out of sight so no one can see it and you do not have to share. The cool look of it will make you think it is a DVD player and the cool blue lights will be great to show off to your buddies. When you are gaming you get good footage that will have you happy and wanting more. It is very affordable for an entry level quise. You get a sixteen gigabyte hard drive. It is the most powerful gaming rig around.

8. ASUS G11 Series


Looks like a regular computer tower but do not let that fool you of what it has to offer. You can play so many games on here that you will never want to get up. Play with a mic so you can brag to your buddies that you do not see everyday. You get a graphic card with it and a four gigabyte memory so save what you can and get backup. Has cooling so it does not get hot and mess it up. The red lights light up to make it look like a cool looking robot. It comes with plenty of slots for future upgrades.

7. Acer Predator


This is a computer but it is very tiny. It looks like a weird looking tire and has tracks. The name is pretty awesome so that is a plus and all the technology you get with it helps you with your gaming scores. Plenty of things that will need upgraded as you go along. No more worries of not having enough storage or the game crashing. This will sit on the desk for you and be ready when you turn it on. No waiting for it to boot up, it should come straight on and you can start clicking.

6. Lenovo Ideacentre Y900


This is another that looks like a robot with the red lights on it. The Y shaped red light makes it look like some kind of headlight on a alien ship. Just like a computer tower it will hook up in your screen within a few easy steps. No more fighting to get it to connect or having trouble setting it up. It is pretty self explanatory. You get a gaming keyboard and mouse when you buy this so that is a great plus. Having those included saves you money and a lot less time waiting for all of it to get to you.

5. Alienware Area 51


If you want a device that looks weird here it is. Kind looks like a rock and it is silver all over but three blue lights on one side and more on the other. It make look small but it puts a lot of power out and gives you what you are looking for. For the price you will be crossing your fingers that you did not waste your money on something this tiny. Invite your friends over to show of you new device that is going to make you so happy you will hate to leave your room for a few days. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Custom Gaming Desktops in The Market 2017.

4. Maingear Drift


This gold look is really great on this. The small slot for the CD is so tiny you will wonder where it is at. No more dual looking computer. Upgrade to this and look like you just bought gold. It is so shiny that you will have to keep the lights off so it will not reflect on it. Plenty of hardware options to choose from so you can make sure you have the best. Has lifetime support and built in the US for great quality.

3. HP ENVY Phoenix 860 st


The back is everything a computer has, the front is where you see the nice design. It has two red stripes on it to show that it is a gaming computer. The HP is great to have because it is great in itself. No more crashes or freezing.

2. MSI-Gaming-24GE-2QE-4K


This screen will help you in so many ways. It has such great picture and so many upgrades that are great. You will love playing your games on it.

1. Maingear Alpha 34


This set up is so great you will not want to ever get a new one. You can not even get this yet but you can pre order it so you will have it when you are ready. It is so bad they call it a best of a gaming PC. The display is thirty four inches curved.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Custom Gaming Desktops in The Market 2017. These are some of the best computers to have. Get the number on pre ordered before anyone even has it or knows about it. You will be higher than them all. You will love this for a Christmas present.